17 May 2013


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1. From warm spring weather we returned to winter again, with rain and cold temperatures around only 10°C (50F). Impossible to continue any garden work. So I stayed inside and only went out to pick up my neighbor at hospital, where she had got her monthly eye shot. The poor woman had gone with her daughter in the morning for a check up and had been diagnosed a tyroid cancer ! But she is very brave and fights and made me laugh the whole way back, describing all the examination with a lot of humor !

2. I started with feeling an oppression in my chest and didn't feel well at all. I felt hot then cold, then both together and finally went to bed with a thick pajama and a jacket and was still feeling cold.
I woke up coughing and it was worse. The whole day I swallowed pills against a cold and took coughing syrup, but it didn't get better.

3. Finally I called our doctor and he came immediately. He knows that if I call it must be something serious. I hadn't seen him for such a long time ! His diagnosis was : Bronchitis ! Now I was really worried because next Tuesday I go on my long planned trip through the UK. But he comforted me and prescribed antibiotics and said that I would be OK to go on my trip ! We know each other since we moved to Waterloo some 38 years ago, when he was a very young doctor and had just started working. Next year he will retire.

4. Mr. G. came back from Italy and looked good, at least he had got some colors although he never lays in the sun. Of course there was a lot to tell and finally despite his reluctance to go to the Garda Lake to visit his sister and some friends, he was now happy about his holidays. And they had very good and warm weather.

5. My son sent me some pictures from the "3 generation" holidays together.

The men still friends since the 50th have changed a little bit ....

But the dining room is still the same even the rifles are still hanging on the wall

It seemed so strange to me to see my little Grandson Toby, playing at the same places and the same games as his father did 37 years ago. It was just feeling like yesterday.

Above left you can see the three generations, besides it's our friend cuddling Toby the same way she once did with his dad. My sister in law and niece also behaved the same way, except that our niece was a young girl then and Daddy didn't play with an Ipad ! Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture showing us as a young family at the same place ! My DIL after a few days joined them for a long weekend, it was too hard for her to be separated from her little son.

Maybe next time I will go with them if we all go and not only the men !

Now I am waiting that I get well again !


Anonymous said...

Cute photos of your grandson!

Kathie said...

Hope that antibiotic works quickly and you feel completely better for your UK trip.

Your grandson is a sweetie - you definitely have to join them the next time!

Get well soon!

Jo said...

Oh, I was sad to hear you're ill so soon before your trip. I know how you're looking forward to it! I hope you're already on the mend! I just LOVE the photo of Mr G at present with his friend and also from all those years back. He looks happy and fit! I love little Toby frolicking in the same place as his dad did all those years ago. Take care, my friend. Have a restful weekend. Jo

Mar said...

Love the pictures from your family album and little Toby having fun! Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

How awesome to have a doctor for such a long time. So glad he was able to help. I am sure you are encouraged by his words that you'll be well enough to travel next week. Be sure to take care of yourself before then, Gattina.

How lovely to have these recent photos of your grandson. You can never have too many photos.

A Lady's Life said...

Maybe its good you stayed home with the bronchial issue.
What a lovely place to play by the water and swans.

Maribeth said...

Sending you get well wishes. I would be so excited to go to England and poke around! What a great trip!

Sandy Carlson said...

Time moves on. How great to have these long-term relationships and connection to a place.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! It's good the doctor thought you'd be well enough for your trip.

It's so fun to reconnect with family and old friends. I think it would be great for the women to go, too, next time!

I'm sorry about your neighbor's cancer diagnosis, but glad she is in good spirits and fighting it. Glad Mr. G's trip went well.

Susanne said...

What sweet pictures and stories of the generations.

Wow, a doctor who still makes house calls. Unheard of here in Canada! Glad he was able to prescribe something that will have you feeling better for your trip.

jennyfreckles said...

I hope you do feel better very soon, so that nothing spoils your holiday. I too was amazed to read of a doctor that still makes house-calls!

Willow said...

Oh dear. I hope you are well soon and able to go on your UK trip.
What sweet photos and wonderful memories!