1 Oct 2021


Mr. G had to go to the optician qnd before he could find an excuse I fixed Monday. When I wanted to pick him up he was not at the entrance hall as usual. 

I thought if I go in his room he will find an excuse not to come with me. So I asked a staff member to get him. Which she did. He couldn't escape me now. 

Getting in and out of the car went quite well and also walking slowly with small steps, but we got there. The optician found out that he had already received new glasses in January and that his eyes had not changed. He just always put on the wrong glasses! Now I have written "for reading" and "for TV" on the cases. 

We even went to Nicole's house for a coffee and then I brought him back. It's strange when he was in good health, he never wanted to go out and now that he is sick he likes to go!

The next day we had our Scrabble. 

Our friend Kadhija had come back from holidays in Morocco after 6 weeks, she has her family there, but she said the life there was so  strange, everybody was locked in its home, the huzzle and buzzle was gone and the streets empty, people were so afraid of the Covid. The whole atmosphère was heavy and full of fear. 
She was happy to stay in her house and take care of her garden and enjoyed a not too hot weather, but she was content too to be back again. She had brought us delicious Marrocan bisquits home made by a cousin and not too sweet. Our coffee table looked so cheerful which was good because outside it rained and it was windy.

As my cleaning lady came early morning a  quarter to 8, I had  the opportunity to assist for once to a sunrise and not a sunset !

I took this picture from our terrace on the 3rd floor the sky was really very beautiful ! 

For lunch we all met in an Asian restaurant and the food was delicious.
We had a lot to discuss, first about Morocco and what Kadhija had to tell, then the misfortune of Myriams gardener who had cut her trees not in round balls but like an apple with a bite in it. She was very unhappy about it, and I was happy that I don't have a garden anymore. 

The rest of the day I spent on my computer and watched a movie on TV.  And as usual I woke up at the end of the film. 

Miss Rosie feels like me but she can stay 23 h in her basket while I have to take care of the laundry, fill in tons of paper for health insurance and now taxes. It's really a pity that we can't change roles !

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30 Sept 2021


 Another invoice !!!


 Looks like if I have a burn out !

29 Sept 2021



A big decision to take !! Where should I sleep ? chair ou in the tent ????

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28 Sept 2021


For 10 years end November I have been staying for two weeks in this beautiful place just to get my energy  back which I would need for the winter. 

Now it's the third year I haven't been there and I really miss it. 3 years ago there  were travel agencies who went bankrupt and all flights to Egypt were cancelled, and the two last year it was impossible because we were all in lockdown. Maybe this year I could if there would be flights from Brussels, but everything is so unsure that I prefer to stay home. Can't go so far with a sick man at home. But I have my memories and so I just make a virtual holidays !

The hotel is quite big, but you don't have that feeling, it's cosy with many little corners to sit down in little groups and relax before supper

The highlight of this hotel is that it has a little bay which a bridge separates from the sea, ideal for people who can't swim, for children to play in the water and for handicapped people to sit down and push themselves in the seawater

it looks like a swimming pool but isn't and you can observe little colorful fishes swimming around and also those who clean your feet !

It's mostly very hot end November and the days start very early ! At 8 am the beach is already occupied because at 4 am it becomes dark and you have to leave.

and here we start our dailly "work"

The sand is soft and can get very hot

from far I can see Hurghada

Beautiful flowers everywhere which is amazing because it almost never rains, but the plants take the water they need from the ground

This was a welcome speach in a for me new restaurant on the beach

Each evening I found my bath towels folded into an animal or flower or funny human with my sun glasses and hat !

Each Wednesday was a fruit festival this time everything was in strawberries ! Delicious !

With drums and trompets the huge plates were carried over the bridge

A street in Hurghada

The mosque you could visit at certain hours

I discovered a new statue ! Hurghada has changed a lot in these 10 years ! from a little village with a few hotels it has become a diver's paradise and has extended more and more !

Here you get real organic vegetables which grow on the field of small farms.

I didn't know that area when we were on the way to the coptic church

and here it is,

after the visit of the church where women and men chatted together and  young couples were holding hands, we took our taxi back.

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27 Sept 2021


Flower carpet on the grand'Place in Brussels








For the first time since at least a year or even more I managed to convince Mr. G to invite his friend for her birthday into a restaurant ! Of course it had to be an Italian restaurant and I suggested "our" Dolce Vita where I often go with my  friends. 

Fortunately it was a day where he felt good. Our friend picked him up from the retirement home and said he wasn't there for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him, he was even dressed up. The black jeans I had bought him fit like a glove and he couldn't tell anymore they were too tight! 

Of course, walking around in training pants for more than a year makes all pants feel tight. He was finally able to eat his favorite food "The penne al Arabbiata"  a plate too spicy for me but he had a very good appetite. After an ice cream, we drove to cat Rosie, when I say home he always thinks of his new one. Rosie's house is just the old home. 


Fortunately, Rosie came to greet him quite quickly as all cats she had first to think it over, we had a  coffee and at 5 he wanted to go home.

It was a really nice afternoon, but in the evening I was exhausted. I was so stressed that everything could go wrong ! But it did not !

During the week  I had done my shopping at Aldi's and got two of these little smilies. Just for fun I had brought them to Mr. G. who found them so cute that he wanted more ! I told my friends ..... 

It was like  a tam tam through the bush, I got a box with smilies from Myriam, don't know how many are in there and all the others try to find  more smilies. It was really touching.

I brought him the first load and told him he can make a battle of Waterloo with smilies. I don't know if he had it done yet, because we sat with the others in the garden in the warm sunshine and everybody seemed to be happy. Except me I had forgotten my phone and couldn't take pictures !!

When I returned home I was again very tired went to bed at 9 pm read a bit and the fell asleep  shortly and woke up at 8 am !

Today (Monday) I have to go with him for new glasses, I realized that he doesn't see very well anymore. I hope that it will work well  ! You never know if he is able to walk, if he is dizzy, or if he is not feeling well.  I just have to wait and see !