24 Oct 2009


This week I had made a comment on a blog with a question. According to silent Blogger rules, the blogger I had visited should now come to my blog, look at what I have to show and tell, make a comment and at the same time could also answer my question. That's what I usually do when there is no email, but I have an email which I made public for this purpose. That's at least how it was when I started blogging.

Now to my surprise instead of answering my question I get an email telling me that the answer is in the blog comments to which I should go back to read the answer. (why make it simple if you can make it complicated) I thanked for the email and said that I never go back to a blog once I made my comment. How could I, if I don't want to spent 24 h to check out if I got comments on my comments, answer new comments on my blog, prepare quickly a post to be published and start again to see if there are answers on my comments on the new posts.

Only the thought of it makes me dizzy and I need my calculator. Imagine I get 30 comments per day, that means that I have to visit 30 blogs, otherwise it wouldn't be polite. I make my 30 comments on the 30 Blogger's posts. I am not a marathon commenter, and like to read what people write especially when it is interesting. Making appropriate comments takes time. If you copy and paste your comments everywhere it takes of course less time.

And I too have to prepare a new posts.

Since a little while some bloggers created real forums on their blogs and you can spend the whole day there to comment on comments and recomment on comments and rererecomment etc. Instead of making my 30 visits I would have to make 60, I have to go back to all 30 blogs to see if there is any answer or comment on my comment. Meanwhile there are again 30 comments which makes 90 comments and then I have to go back to see if there are comments on my comments which makes 120 comments on comments, and probably I didn't even calculate correctly !

Now the question is how many hours has a day ? When do I have the time to read the new comments if I have to check my old comments to see if there is an answer comment ??

I get lost. I avoid to ask a question and even if I do, I don't go back to see if there is an answer or not. To me this is no blogging anymore. If I want to have written conversations I would subscribe in a Forum.

On top of all this, there is also the time difference. When I get up it's tea time in Australia and the Americans are in bed or at least should be. We are not on our computers at the same time. Maybe I should consider to put an alarm clock to wake me up so that I can see if I got a comment on a comment I made the day before ?

23 Oct 2009


I am the host for Monday

As a lot of Americans are thinking about what to wear at Halloween, but not the rest of the world, I thought it would be nice to see what you are wearing on sundays or days you are not working when you get out of your bed. I not necessarily mean your pyjama, but what you wear before you get dressed. A bathrobe perhaps, or a jogging suit etc.

The question therefore is : What are you wearing when you get out of your bed on a Sunday morning. Of course I want to see a picture of what you wear, with you inside or not.


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A lot of you know that I have a collection of around 450 cats of all kind of materials.

But I also have some cat jewelry.

These are brooches, some of them I can also use as pendant

and here is a macro shot of a tiny little golden earring. I don't remember why I didn't take a picture of the pair. They were a gift of Mr. G at least 35 years ago, and it's a miracle I haven't lost them !

22 Oct 2009


13 Mishappenings this week

1. I put my glasses always in the same place, only the place changes all the time

2. I looked for my glasses on my usual place and found them behind the TV ??

3. I looked for my slippers in the whole house couldn't find them. Mr. G. finally found them in the fridge ??

4. I went downtown shopping and when I got out of the car I realized that I still had my slippers on

5. I arrived in my painting course when somebody told me that I had put my sweater the wrong way. The label hang outside.

6. I washed my teeth, got the wrong tube, it was creme for hands

7. I wanted to put some salt on my plate, when suddenly the knob fell off and the whole salt landed on my food.

8. I couldn't find my car keys in the car, looked for 10 min through the whole car and when I finally got outside I realized that I was sitting on them.

9. I asked a policeman if I could drive on the Busline to turn right, he didn't know.

10. A lady living quite far from our house but in the same street, told me that Arthur had spent the whole night in her bed ! Arthur is my cat.

11. I found a dead mouse in the cat's water bowl

12. I had lunch with a friend, stood up, turned around and my purse knocked down the wine bottle of the neighbour table, and wine spilled all over the place.

13. When I started to drive the alarm bell rang without any reason, that's at least what I thought, but my handbreaks weren't properly set.

All is well that ends well

Arthur loves beds

21 Oct 2009


A typical Brussels' stand with grilled sweet chestnuts and hot snails. You can see them on markets or on street corners in Brussels. It is part of the folklore when it is cold.

19 Oct 2009

FUN MONDAY - Hair stories

Sandy our host today, would like to hear about all the terrible, horrible, ill-conceived hair stories.

My hairs are a horror story itself, since I always had fine thin baby hairs and not a lot of choice with hairdos. So I wore more or less always the same, sometimes a little longer even once nearly til my shoulder but that never lasted and I got back to the hairdo I have today.

In the 70th it was very fashionable to have different wigs and to wear them of course. We had been told that if you wash your hair too often it's very bad they would fall out. My generation had already done a progress and I washed my hair all 10 days instead of once a months what quite a lot of my mother's generation still did. The wig fashion was ideal for me ! When it came close to the sacred hair washing day, my hairs were hanging around my head and I could have easily posed for a Halloween witch picture. Therefore I wore one of my wigs. I had 3, all the same hair color of course, but one with a little longer hair, one short and with curls and one like my own hair.

I always remember the day when I went shopping with my 8 months old son. I took him out of the car and while I did this he grapped my wig and pulled it down my face. It was suddenly dark around me. I stood up, with my wig over my nose the baby in my arms and tried to pull it back. But my little son found his mother very nice with these movable hairs, so that he took my wig off and waved it around. People were starring at us and laughed of course, and immediately there was a little group around us. I had to laugh myself so I pulled the stroller out, put little son in, took my wig back, put it on my head made a big smile to everybody and proudly walked away.

Unfortunately nobody had mobiles with video cameras at that time, I certainly would have been on "You Tube" today.

Please note that I will be your host next monday Oct. 26. I will let you know on wednesday with what I will come up !

18 Oct 2009


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When I was in the Ardennes, we also visited a museum of old cars and racing cars which had been used on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Formula One Belgian Grand Prix and the Spa 24 Hours endurance race. It is also home to the all Volkswagen club event, 25 Hours of Spa, run by the Uniroyal Fun Cup. It is considered to be one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, mainly due to its fast, hilly and twisty nature. Spa is a favourite circuit of many racing drivers and fans.

the circuit of Francorchamps

I used to have one 2 CV in the 80th

I am not a fan of cars, but these oldtimers are quite interesting !