10 Jun 2016


1. Monday was the first day home, after my holidays in Turkey. As always when I come back, I need some time to adapt to routine life again. It was very sunny and hot, but very humid, everybody was happy after one week of terrible rains and floods. I of course had escaped this week !

2. I left my suitcase unpacked and instead started to sort out the pictures I had taken. Unfortunately I had an appointment with my gynaecologist in the afternoon, for the yearly check up. Mr. G. had filled the fridge so I didn't even have to go shopping.

3. Finally I pulled myself together, unpacked my suitcase tidied up the house a bit and spent then the afternoon outside on our terrace. The gardener came to trim the bushes all around, but he only did half of it, because it was too hot and the poor man was in full Ramadan and not allowed to eat or drink. At 4 pm it started to rain a bit and then we got terrible thunderstorms and rain. I had to go inside although I was sitting under the pergola, but the lightnings approached ! The water was running down our street, like a river I had never seen that in the over 40 years I live in this house !
Of course there were lots of damages, electricity cuts etc. We had nothing fortunately.

These pictures were in our local Newspaper and show the streets around my area. Fortunately hour house sits on the top of a hill !

4.The next day the sun was shining again and the poor people could clean up their flooded houses. It will be a huge bill for the insurance companies !

We had the visit of Mr. G's young friend Chris, whom I always call our adopted son (they have nearly the same age). He came at 2 pm for an hour but at 5.30 pm he was still there, we sat in the garden and watched Oscar the lawn mower robot working, Chris had never seen that and was really captivated, we had to laugh, sitting in the garden and watching a robot ! We chatted a lot and he asked for some advices which only a woman could give him, that's what he said, I did my best.  It was a very nice afternoon.

5. I went to my painting course and it was nice to see the girls again. I started a new pastel painting. As usual we had a lot of fun ! The afternoon I spent sitting in the garden, it was nice and warm, cat Rosie was running behind a butterfly but without success. Instead I found a half eaten mouse in the living room ! I wonder if she wanted to contribute to our supper !

After the mouse meal she had to eat some salad to digest and I had to get rid of the left overs !

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8 Jun 2016


little fishes cleaning your dirty feet.

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7 Jun 2016


During our stay in Marmaris Turkey, we made an excursion to Dalyan in Mu─čla Province located between the well-known districts of Marmaris and Fethiye. Read more here ....

6 Jun 2016


Since yesterday evening I am back home. Saturday was our last full day in the Ideal Prime Beach Hotel in Marmaris.

We tried to enjoy our last day to the fullest

In the morning at the swimming pool

in the afternoon the beach !

Nicole had to wear her slippers because of the pebbles, but she lost them all the time and finally stuck them in her bathing suit !

Our last evening we spent on the roof terrace of the bar lobby checked our mails and had this wonderful view.

On Sunday we sat for a while at the swimming pool and swam for the last time, before we had to pack and leave our room at noon. We stored our luggage at the reception and had a drink in this cute little tea room.

Then we changed into our civilized clothes for the return flight

in this luxury bathroom at the reception. I felt like in 1000 and one night !

The bus came at a quarter past four to take us to the Dalaman airport which took nearly two hours

Of course we made a 15 min stop in this souvenir shop to allow the tourists to spent their last Turkish money !

Just in front of the airport I saw this little village nestled in the mountains. It looked like a bee nest ! I suppose these are all holiday houses.

Out of the stay in this very beautiful hotel, we have learned that we won't never ever go back to such a tourist factory ! We had only booked because we had this gift check of 500 €, which of course we wanted to use.There was nothing to say about the food, which was very good and for everybody, the rooms modern, the lobbies very nicely decorated, it could have been perfect if !!! there hadn't been such a loud music that even a deaf person could hear and we were all worried to become deaf even the young people ! And that the whole day long from 10 am until 11 pm ! Without a break ! The poor babies and toddlers or people who wanted to do a little nap, it was just impossible without earplugs. The worst was, that the disk jockey loved Techno music and Disco, and your body trembled from the booom, booom, booom. The animation team also thought that we were all hard hearing and shouted in the microphone so that you couldn't understand a single word, not in English, not in Dutch, not in Russian or German ! It was awful  ! I slept the window door closed, earplugs and air conditioning otherwise I wouldn't have slept for a whole week ! Nicole hates air condition and couldn't sleep until the music stopped, but unfortunately then she had the music from the hotel opposite to ours. 

The check in was easy (for once) we only were checked twice and had to show our passport 3 times instead of 5, we hadn't seen a single policeman or a soldier during the whole week we were there.

Coming back to Brussels we were greeted by two heavily armed soldiers with machine guns, what a welcome, it was like a cold shower ! Very romantic ! They should wear civil clothes and not scare people like that !

Mr. G. has survived the week without me and had a nice time too, and cat Arthur and Rosie welcomed me at home.

Apparently it had rained very heavily during the whole week and lots of places were flooded and damaged. Fortunately it seems as if we had brought the sunshine with us, because today the weather looks perfect.