25 Jan 2020


I like to change my clothes often, not because they are dirty but because I like new once. This would be a very expensive hobby if ..... we hadn't discovered a street in Brussels where you can get the most beautiful clothes, Jeans, trousers, dresses, pullovers, coats etc, but also bedlinen, table clothes, furniture, in short ... everything to unbelievable prices.

After all it's easy to dress chic and expensive but not so easy to dress cheap and chic ! 

Last time I bought 3 winter trousers nice and warm, two pullovers, a bathrobe, a little carpet for the bathroom and a blouse, at 5 € for the trousers and pullovers, 10 for the bathrobe, 7 for the blouse and 3 for the carpet ! Which doesn't make even 50 € (55 $) At these prices I can change my clothes once a month or even more often.

What I don't like anymore I put in a bag and give it to an organization for battered women. All my friends do so  and the other women who still look after brands, and can't believe that we are dressed so modern and so cheap and that we change so often. We just let her spend their money after all it's not ours. For one pullover she would pay more then what we had spent for all our things.

This street exists since ages and the shops are mostly owned by Moroccans. Now there are people from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg coming, I even heard some Italian, which is quite far away.

Therefore once a month we go there,  have a nice lunch and then do window shopping or just enjoy the cheerful ambiance of the crowded street. In summer we can sit outside a cafĂ© and have a drink and look at the people walking by ! It is so colorful and a day here changes us into holiday mood !

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  1. Great Header!
    Cheap and chic - that's the way to go.

  2. I very rarely buy expensive clothes either.

  3. Sometimes it isn’t the clothes themselves but how they are worn and the attitude of the wearer that creates that effortlessly chic air. The recycling idea is great, Gattina, as too many clothes are tossed into the world’s landfills.

  4. You always look good especially the way you accessorize.

  5. That sounds like you're having fun.

  6. What could be better! New clothes, great prices, and a nice day out with friends. Perfect!


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