11 Nov 2023


The whole week was awful, besides the fact that I am still not OK, and had again to ask on Facebook to do the shopping for me, as the official institution had not enough personal ! A real mess when you have to move, you are all alone and 80 years old. I don't know how I managed, but I did. 

The Facebook People were so friendly and I got more answers than I needed. Today it's over, the worst is done. I was sitting on a sofa and told 3 men and Maria what to do and where to put everything. 

every shelf is empty and in the boxes are my cats !

Then came the movers and took the furniture through the window on an elevator

From the 3rd floor until the ground. 

Then they drove to my "Castle" and Momo the boss put the furniture where he thought they would be nice. Then he sent me photos and a video. When I saw them I thought they had just taken my living room and put it in the room of the retirement home. It looked the same ! Unbelievable, was I happy

 Now we have to decorate and hang up the paintings.
But first I rest ! I will sleep for days, to recuperate all these months where I worried so much.  And now I feel like a horse that has reached its goal.

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9 Nov 2023


 1. Are you too hard on yourself or not hard enough? Elaborate. 

Difficult to answer hard to myself ? It all depends. If you ask me to jump into ice cold water in winter I wouldn't be hard to myself.

2. What's the role of gratitude in your life? 

Important !  Studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, mood and immunity. Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain and risk of disease. If a pill that could do this, everyone would be taking it.

3. Where do you get your news these days? How much attention are you giving it currently? 

As I am born in 1943, the less as possible. For me it's all "déjà" vu. Same speeches, same violence, same ruins, same cruelty all seen already life. People have learned nothing . And if I see the pictures of the ruins and poor people it's just like in my childhood.

4. Do you like potatoes? Last time you prepared potatoes in some way? Which of the following is your favorite...baked potato, mashed potato, french fried potato, sweet potato, hash brown potatoes, roasted potatoes, or potato salad? 

Yes I love potatoes ! my favorite is a baked potato, hash browns and roasted potatoes

5. Are you a veteran? Are there any veterans in your family? Will you do anything special to honor them on Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day this year? 

In a German families there are no veterans and they are certainly not honored. I don't even know if there is a graveyard for German soldiers. They became outsiders and are not very well liked. No family is happy to have soldier as member. There is no German army either. Only for helping.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I panic a little because my move to the retirement home approaches and I have got a terrible cold and feel lousy. Fortunately today and the following days I have people who will help me. 

As the official services had no personal I had the idea to ask on the Waterloo Facebook page, to help me filling in the boxes with my cat collection. And no time I got answers 12 in all, so kind. And then came a woman and helped me and in 1 1/2 h it was done. She was in her middle age and very friendly.

At least I thought, there are still helpful and nice people on the earth !


The cartons come with me and the plastic boxes are stored until spring or summer at a friend's basement for a "cat sale" !



8 Nov 2023


 Rehearsal of the Waterloo battle

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6 Nov 2023

AWWWW MONDAY - Weekend Nov 4

After my first basket which had been a bread basket I got a bigger second one, but I preferred my first one only it had shrunk. I had to return to the second. And here is the last one where I spent 21 h per day

Undoubtedly thought I was a racing bar because I often woke up briefly because she had jumped on my stomach. But that probably didn't bother me because she's still alive. She also wanted me to get up and give her something to eat, even though she doesn't eat anything during the day anyway. 


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I'm still sick and it's hard for me to walk. I fell again, for no reason, I turned around and suddenly I was on the ground. I tried with all mean to get up but even my yoga didn't help. I couldn't ask my neighbors because they were too weak and old. I had canceled my telehelp, because I had not needed it for 3 years and now I was lying there wondering what I should do. 

3 friends who came into question were on vacation and one lived too far. Finally I called my always helping Isabel and she was there in 10 minutes. Unfortunately she couldn't get into the building because she only had the keys to my apartment. 

So she rang the bell of all residents but no one answered. While she was wondering what to do, an elder man arrived and opened the door for her. He is very friendly, he lives directly above me and we often met in the garage. The two of them then lifted me up and sat me on the sofa. I thanked them and went straight to bed, it was 7 pm. I took my medication and due to the shock fell asleep immediately. At midnight I finally undressed brushed my teeth and crawled in my bed again. 

Darling Rosie undoubtedly thought I was a race course because I often woke up briefly she had jumped on my stomach. But that probably didn't bother me because she is still alive. She also wanted me to get up and give her something to eat, even though she doesn't eat anything during the day anyway. 

My son instead of Sunday arrived already on Saturday noon and I was really happy to have him with me and not to be alone. He did all my shopping and had brought me a big bag of medication because in the Netherlands they are far cheaper. We chatted a bit and for supper he bought us a pizza, for me one for him 2 (!) which disappeared in no time. I went early to bed I was so tired. He went to a friend. 

On Sunday when I got up at 9, he was already back from "Chez Paul" where they serve real Espresso not what you usually get in all countries if not pointed out twice ! But I had to eat something to take my medication I made breakfast with trembling leg but less then the day before. Then we discussed the paper things and what didn't work on my tablet and PC but that was done quickly. I had already thought that he could return home instead of sitting here, everything I needed he had done for what I was very thankful. He had thought the same so he left before lunch, he was also a bit worried because of the traffic the Belgian school holidays


had ended and there was a lot of traffic on the streets.

I will watch TV a bit, because I often fall asleep and I am tired.