7 Nov 2020


As I said in a post before, since we moved into our apartment on the 4th floor I have the impression to watch skies and seasons in a home cinema ! 

Now we go towards winter, and the trees are loosing their leaves, which makes the skies sometimes even more beautiful !


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6 Nov 2020


I am raking my brain to remember what I have done this week ! Since Monday we are  again locked in, and besides food shopping or looking for new medication in the pharmacies, there is not much to do outside as they shut down everything besides these two, no, I forgot the flowershops are open too, they call it essential shops. The flowers are probably essential for the cimetary. 

At home as we are a couple we are allowed to see one person when you live alone two. On Monday I thought I will do all things which I have neglected due to lack of energy, but unfortunately it wasn't better this day. Fortunately the sun was shining although it was quite cold and I took some pictures.

I discovered a new house across the street, which had been hidden because of the trees and 


also that the grass was white and not green anymore it had been cold during night and ground was frozen.

Little Rosie sits on her watch tower and observes what is going on outside. The garden furniture is well wrapped into a plastic and protected for the winter ! I just notice that I have done something !

My stone cats hold the plastic and even when the wind blows hard, it stays.

A friend came visiting me whom I hadn't seen for a long time she wanted to see our new home. She liked it very much. It was beautiful outside the sun flooded the room and it was so warm that I had to open the window. We talked about the different administrations you need when you move. Now you have to do everything by phone and wait for hours push buttons and wait for a human being.

I got 3 phone bills for October, I think they need a new accountant. The afternoon passed very quickly but we could still admire the beautiful sunset


I must say I almost have a home cinema with seasons step by step !  

We, my two friends and I had decided to do exactly the same like we did during the first lockdown. So we met and it was Nicole's turn. Despite her brain tumor she looks as if she enjoys the best health and has more energy than me ! The wig I had bought for her on Internet, suits her very well. M was in a good mood too, despite the Corona sick people in hospitals she had an apointment and got rid of the two tubes in her kidneys. Now she feels like a fish in the water and had already cleaned her swimming pool !

We spent a nice afternoon observed by Isis the cat and left when the sun went down ! Each day earlier ! I wonder where the daylight saving is if it gets dark at 5 pm !

Today we are mostly laughing about Trump who behaves like a 5 year old child, We are waiting for the first pictures of Trump's tantrum when he throws himself on the floor (attention to the old bones) and throws his arms and legs around. He just can't lose the Superman



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4 Nov 2020


1. How do you define peace?

That nobody bothers me with questions and let me in peace doing my things. A part from that, we should not bother about skin colors, languages, religion etc and all live in  peace !

2. November 3rd is Election Day in the US of A, but did you know it's also National Sandwich Day? Let's vote, shall we? egg salad or tuna salad? chicken salad or grilled chicken on a bun? peanut butter and jelly or a bagel with cream cheese? turkey and swiss or ham and cheddar? grilled cheese or pimento cheese? roast beef-corned beef-or make mine veggie? 
Not only I have the chance not to vote because I live in Europe but amongst these typical American food I would like turkey and swiss (cheese) Nobody eats peanut butter here, I think you can only get it in specialized shops.

3. When did you last say (or feel) 'no rest for the weary'?
Can't remember because I feel weary every day ! At my vintage age I am allowed to, I wait until it's over.

4. This time last year, where were you?
at home and it was a horrible day ! My cat Kim passed away, my husband's best friend, passed away and we were there feeling like knocked out. It also was horrible outside windy and rain. A Blog is something real nice when you want to look in the past !

5. Share a favorite song, verse, or quote featuring the word 'peace'. 
"Peace and Love". I don't remember a song or verse right now, but for me it is an expression which was very much in use when I was a Teenager and used as a sign of recognition in the 1960s by the hippies, I wasn't a hippie but in some way I admired them and would have liked to have a T-shirt, which the Hippies wore what is called  the "Woodstock generation" - T-shirts which caused a sensation by their ease of customization and their simplicity of use - to protest against nuclear weapons, against the Vietnam War or to express their desire for a healthy future without pollution. 60 years later we still have the same wishes ! Not much has changed.

Peace sign

6. Insert your own random thought here.
We managed to reach the second lockdown which started this monday. As nearly all European countries are in the same situation I can only blame a bit our government which hasn't taken the necessary action in time, because they were busy to form a new government and selecting the different ministers. Of course politics  first health at the end ! There is nothing to do then protect yourself with a mask and not go out too much when there are many people. You are allowed to receive one visitor in your home (as a couple) but you can travel in a bus or train without any restrictions. Theoretically I could celebrate a birthday party in a train, because I am not allowed to do it at home. I would choose the train because the bus shakes to much for Champagne and cake !





When I was still allowed to buy other things then food, drinks and medication, I went to a store which sold garden decorations, fake flowers and plants but also realy once. Usually they also have a very beautiful decoration for Easter or Christmas. As we are in our second lockdown I wonder if we will be able to celebrate Christmas, together with people in flesh and blood and not on a screen !

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3 Nov 2020


When my father retired from the Commun Market (today EU) they left Brussels and returned to Germany in the Region between Bonn and Coblenz in a little town called Bad Breisig at the Rhine. Meanwhile they both passed away and other people live in their house, but I wanted to see the little village and the beautiful surroundings once again and that was in 2015 ! All old houses in this area are half timbered and very well maintained.

The Rhine. When I was a child it was so clean that we could swim in the Rhine, then it became very dirty and now everything had been done to get it clean again. But I wouldn't swim in there today !

The church of Bad Breisig

And all along the Rhine promenade these half timbered houses.

Each year the Rhine needs to stretch out and does more or less big floods ! It can happen that half of the little town is under water. Our favorite cafe was this one, which had signs outside on the wall which showed how high the water was. People are so used to floods that in very short time all is cleaned up and it looks as if nothing had ever happened.


In most of these houses are restaurants with a beautiful view on the Rhine and the heavy traffic on it

This cute pink house was our Bed & Breakfast.

The food was very good too !

2 Nov 2020






What we all feared has happened. Our prime Minister (again a new one) announced on Friday the second lockdown in Belgium. It's not so hard than the first one in March, because schools and public Transport remain open. The poor boutique owners have to close and only  food stores and pharmacies remain open. You also are allowed to go out and travel, but it is not recommended !

You can take public transports which are packed with people, but only receive one person in your household. 

There is a mess in the rules that a lot  of people don't understand and they are contradictory, I wonder if this is  due to the fact that there are only men with the prime minister and not like the last time when we had a woman as prime minister. Women are better in organizing, that's why men need a secretary ! I liked her far more at least what she said was clear ! 

Of course nothing special happened during the weekend, Nicole and I started our lookdown round like in March and started with Myriam.

Now we can't sit ouside in front of her swimming pool and enjoy the sunshine, the trees have lost their leaves and it is cool. I found the tree at the entrance so funny, It looks like a modern hair cut !

When I woke up on Sunday morning, Miss Rosie pretended that she was still in deep sleep and indeed she only got up at noon. When I had opened the curtains and looked outside I returned to bed ! It was foggy and wet and it rained a bit. Myriam and I had the intention to go to the market but with this awful weather we decided not to go. 

Exceptionally the shops were all open on  Sunday because of the lockdown on Monday, usually on Sundays everything is closed in whole Belgium. Therefore people behaved as if on Monday the third worldwar would break out ! They hamstered again toilet paper and suddenly all needed clothes ! When I saw them on TV I thought now we will get even more Coronavirus infected people ! People are crazy ! They don't want to get it but they do everything to get it ! 

I stayed in my warm home and watched the trees and people walking in the park on the other side of the road. The rain had stopped in the afternoon.

Looking down from our balcony and seeing all the leaves laying on the grass, I was so happy that I didn't have to pick up or sweep up a single leave like last year when we still had our garden  !! My neighbor has two men coming twice a week to clean their huge garden which is full of leaves even on the cover of the swimming pool.

Somebody told me that when all leaves are gone I could see the Lion's Hill. I don't think so, it seems too far away.

When I looked out of the window in my room, across the street I discovered another building which was hidden behind the trees ! Apparently a classmate from my painting school lives there.

I also see a lot of people walking in the park on the other side of the street, and there are also kids and dogs playing.

When I sit on our sofa and look outside, I see our "garden" furniture packed in a plastic cover which my cats which usually sit on the balcony all around hold down because sometimes we have strong winds.

Mr. G. has assembled two shelves which I have put on the bathtub already covered with a wooden plank, where I put our bedlinen and blankets. It looks very neat and nobody sees it because there is a curtain hiding the bathtub. We don't need it we use the shower at our age it's too dangerous to climb in and out the tub. 

Today starts our half lockdown, the mask is ready if ever I go out, in the meanwhile I wished I could travel somewhere in this romantic train. I don't remember where the photo was taken it was in the Ardennes in a station where old trains were exposed.

Bon voyage !


second lockdown