26 Dec 2009


This is nothing about Christmas yet, because we are celebrating Christmas with out son and we drive home today.

But this happened to me last week.

Mr. G. loves to read, but only in his bed. So he retired at 8 pm to read his new book and I took the opportunity to look for a romantic film or something other than action movies or crime stories.

I don't know how many TV channels we have Belgium but far over 100 certainly and I really was convinced to find something. I had quite some choice as I could watch in german, french, english, and even the dutch/flemish channels as they are mostly subtitled in English. While I ate my apple slices, I started to zap.

First France, a stupid talk show with a guy who took himself for the belly bottom of the world and found himself very charming. I got bored and changed.

I just dropped in the middle of a CSI series where they were busy to find out what the victim had eaten, so they had opened its stomac with tweezers, showing some close ups of the stomac content, a disgusting dark colored mass which looked like vomit.

I looked at my apple slices and changed quickly. Next was a similar movie, where the pathologist was just busy to fumble in raw meat looking for a lost bullet while the blood dropped from the table.

Next was a scene of a couple who kissed themselves with passion and I thought I had found my romantic film, but then, suddenly, behind her back he had a string in his hand and what did he do ? While kissing her he strangled her ! Isn't that romantic ? She dropped slowly to the floor with big astonished looking eyes and died.

This was definitely no romance, I switched to the next chanel. This time it was something very interesting for me, a Golf game ! An old bold big bellied guy stand there like a statue, with his club in one hand and looked concentrated on a hole as if a mouse or a mole would come out. After a while, nobody came out of the hole and I didn't follow this thrilling event further so I zapped again.

Now I got the news. Some arabs with their checkered kitchen towel on their heads and some soldiers in their camouflage uniform, and big guns in their hands were discussing about I don't know what ! Nothing for me, I am a peaceful person.

Slowly I lost patience, still no love story. This time I saw a black dressed person with a mask jumping out of a bush and on a peacefully walking women, a blade was glittering in the moonshine (this was romantic, I mean the moonshine) and ....stabbed her in the chest ! I didn't wait for the blood streaming out, and quickly changed again. It became better. It was a a scientific explanation about spiders, beatles, worms and other disgusting critters, so I switched immediately to another channel, before the long haired spider was crawling over the screen.

After car accidents, floods, fire, bombings, bank attacks and other catastrophies du to global warming, I finally gave up ! there was nothing, but absolutely nothing on TV and I wondered why did we pay for it?

In the hope to find something amongs the new CDs what did I find ? CDs of my son, full of science fiction, action and other stuff of no interest to me. Offended, I switched off the TV and also went reading in my bed ..... a crime story.

25 Dec 2009


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Actually I am not at home and haven't seen my Christmas gifts yet. So this will be for next week.

But I always have some cats to show out of my collection of more than 450 cats (latest cat census of Mr. G, a very busy retired man !)

A cat "piggy" bank and a pebble I transformed myself to cats.

and some wooden cats

to all of you !

24 Dec 2009


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13 Last minute Christmas gift ideas


electronical book, very practical and easy to handle


illuminated tyres to fix your stockings


Alarm clock will wake up even the heaviest of sleepers.When the alarm is triggered part of the alarm will fly and land at some random location in your room. Only when the piece is placed back on the stationary alarm piece will the alarm cease.


metal detecting shoes, make money on the beach


Cat duster, very practical for cat owners and lazy housewives or men


USB keys for bakery lovers


Shower microphone (please provide the rest of the family with ear plugs)


Ecological grass toilet seat. Feel the nature

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Do you want to keep your bottom cool in summer ? Here is an office chair with incorporated ventilator. That should do it. Connectable to USB plug

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is absolutely great ! No stinky odor any more, here is a parfum distributor of course connectable to your USB plug, the only thing you have to do is choosing a perfum you like for your office.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Arriving late in the office ? No problem. Adaptable tray on your keyboard, leaves your hands free for typing and having your breakfast at the same time. No crumps or coffee on your desk !

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

For the moment this rasor model connectable to USB is only available for men. You only have to charge it for 3 hours and then it's ready for a good shave before the meeting starts. Of course women can use it too.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is a mouse cover for the night. You can not miss it, elegant and it fits on almost all usual models. Very nice for night blind people.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

to all of you

23 Dec 2009


My supervisor

since May 2007, today I have written

on this blog !

this indeed makes me wordless ! Can't believe it.

22 Dec 2009


is here Brussels' Christmas market

21 Dec 2009

FUN MONDAY - Christmas mail

Faye has following topic for us :

I've Got Mail--Holiday Mail." I'd like you to share the favorites you've received so far this year: Best All Around Card? Most Meaningful Message? Best Kid Photo? Best Family Newsletter? Most Insincere/Humorous Card? Also, how do you display your cards for all to enjoy?

I don't like mail. The whole year long there are only invoices in the mailbox, nobody of my knowledge writes letters anymore and then suddenly at Christmas time, the bills get company ! Christmas Cards !

When I was in my 30 - 40, I wrote tons of Christmas cards and I got tons too. Even my neighbours sent me one through the post, which was quite ridiculous. With the increasing prices of the stamps, nobody does it anymore, we throw our best wishes verbally over the fence or through the phone, or we just see each other.

I am not a Christmas card keeper, so after Christmas I tried to recuperate some for next year and the others landed in the garbadge. I felt sorry for the cards which probably had cost a fortune, but if I would have kept them all, I would have needed to built another house.

Since a few years I only answer Christmas cards. If I get one, I answer but mostly with a phone call or with a nice self made Christmas card which I send by email when the people have a computer or by mail if not. I think this year I sent 5.

The few I got are displayed on the mantle piece.

and that's what I are wishing you all ! (Cat Rosie was my model)

20 Dec 2009

WEEKLY WINNERS -Waterloo Christmas Market

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The annual Christmas Market in Waterloo takes always place in a tent. Usually because of the rain, but this weekend the weather made an exception and the sun was shining.

The entrance

hot wine, beer or champagne, people are always thirsty.

Waterloo has its own beer

The Lions Club is there too of course

For the first time there was an ice skating ring, not real ice of course

but it had the same effect !

and then it started to snow and this is the view out of my room's window this morning.