11 Jun 2021


Du ring the weekend I had decided to rest and forget all my problems, but despite all efforts it remained in the back of my mind. I felt so exhausted and Monday hadn't even started. 

To spend my time I thought I will disturb a little the sleep of the employees of the Health Insurance and also the administration of the Hospital. It worked ! I only wanted to fix an appointment with the health insurance once again, and also the pin and puk of Mr. G. account, and while I listened to the female voice who during 10 min explained on which button I had to push for this and that, I tidied up my kitchen, made my bed and poured a second cup of coffee before I finally had a living human on the phone. Then I started with my problems always being sorry with the poor girl who must be overloaded with work and near a burn out, with the result that she made roll overs to note everything I wanted and I got already the pin and puk when I came home ! Employees like if you pity them because of their huge amount of work ! Which is not always the case but more and more we have to do everything ourselves on internet. And there is a lack of employees, but too many without work ! It's hard to understand like the rules of the COVID lockdown.

The same happened in the afternoon, this time with the hospital she linked me to the pediatrics instead of geriatrics. I had to laugh despite everything, and asked the lady on the phone to connect me with the 80 year old baby. There was a silence and she said that I am in the wrong service, yes I answered I suppose because I have asked for the geartrics. And then we had both to laugh. That's better than being angry, it's all the administration's fault. In the evening I had the impression to have done nothing and fell in my bed. 

Scrabble day was nice again but instead of scrabbeling we were bubbling, as it was so warm and we all felt so lazy. Besides that Nicole had again started a Chimeo and was a bit tired ! It's amazing, she never complains and really looks good. 

My worst fear the tax declarion, resolved by itself ! After having worried and probably slept badly because I had no access to Mr. G's documents, my former neighbor who had listened to my problems, told me that she had an appointment with her accountant in the afternoon and that she would take my papers with her. In the evening she came back with all my documents in double, filled in and the only thing is to sign ! I was so relieved and happy ! One worry less ! How wonderful it is to have good friends.

Our Restaurants are open now inside and outside ! So we absolutely wanted to go to the restaurant where we had been the last time before the lockdown and now that it is open again we started with the same with the appropriate name "LA DOLCE VITA" (Sweet life)

We only had Spaghettis because they were not ready yet for full service after having been nearly a year without any work it was a big joy for everybody to meet again. The cook recognized me immediately and greeted me in Italian. It was really nice ! There are still some hystericals who didn't dare to go to the restaurant the first day. Corona virus is very intelligent, he comes the first day but not the second !

The restaurant

After lunch

and the new decoration

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10 Jun 2021


1. Something you've seen recently that's 'cuter than a June bug'? 

A lady bug is cute, but you can't pet it and I  prefer fury pets ! Here is my little Rosie as a baby with her mum and then as an adult in her tent.

2. Tell us something about where you were and what you were doing in June of 1988? If you weren't born yet, June of 1998. Or if that doesn't work, June of 2008. 

Thanks to my blog I checked what I did at this date and saw that I was watching Scottish soldiers who fought in the Waterloo battle (perhaps their great, great, great Grandfathers) on the site of the Waterloo Lion's battle field.

3. A place in your home or outdoor space where you feel 'snug as a bug in a rug'? 

On my balcony with this beautiful view I almost feel on  holidays !  

4. June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Month. Do you normally get your 4-5 servings each day? What's a favorite summer dish you make/serve/like to be served-ha! made with one of your favorite summer fruits. A favorite summer dish made with a favorite summer veg? How do you feel about cooking in the summer months? 

All kind of salads, from all countries, and fruit salads.  I used to do these myself, but since I am retired I cooked less and less and now I don't cook anymore at all. There are so many possibilities for seniors to get excellent food delivered at home, that it would be more expensive for the two of us if I cooked myself.

5. Do you have a summer reading list? If so share a title or two we can add to our own. 

I use to read interesting blog posts from other countries I like to know how people live and also look at beautiful landscapes. Books I have read enough in my life I was a real  bookworm !

 6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Honestly my head is empty I can't make any projects until Mr. G. gets out of the hospital and we can plan the future. Now that all the paperwork is behind me I just try to recover. Now the restaurants are open since today and I well intend and my friends too to celebrate the end of the lockdown, still with some restrictions ! I don't believe that it will never end it will come back all the time and instead of hiding us in our homes, we have to learn to live with it a normal life ! Aids is still there but we have learned to live with it.



9 Jun 2021



I have got a basket ! I am so happy !

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8 Jun 2021


The market had been an abattoir from 1890 until in 1983 until the Anderlech municipality decided to use this enormous space as a market. First they wanted to demolish it but with the whole history it contains, they fortunately decided to keep everything. This market is full of character , sometimes even too much but again it is the perfect place to shop cheaply in this city, prices are generally 30/40 % cheaper than local supermarkets and you get a wide selection of product from all over the world . There is also a part of the market dedicated to clothes, things for the house. In short you find everything you want !

At the entrance is a bull on each side to remind you that this place used to be a slaughterhouse

Of course you find the famous Belgian fries here and different little restaurants

You can buy the most beautiful clothes for 10 or 15 €, also shoes and handbags, jewelery etc

and of course vegetables and fruits

There are quite a lot of Morrocan shops here too

One part of the market is covered with a roof, which is nice when it rains !

We like to go to this market. It has such an international atmosphere and is something special

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7 Jun 2021






Saturday the summer weather had changed into a misty cool day from 26° we suddenly had 12°, and had to return to autumn clothes ! I felt like the bad weather I was tired and a little dizzy. 

In the afternoon I did some shopping bought a new basket for Miss Rosie and then went to see Mr. G. He had been returned to our hospital to stay there for a few days because they had to do  a scan again and found a slight bleeding. Now a second has to be done to see if the bleeding has stopped. I don't know how many days he has to stay here. After spending hours on the phone to get his doctor on the phone, I was completely exhausted in the evening. Fortunately I found him looking as if he was in best health and he spoke also clearly. What a vicious disease this Parkinson ! 

 Rosie makes pasta in her new basket and is happy ! At least one in the family !

Sunday morning the sun was there again but it was not very hot, as the weatherman had foreseen. 

Fortunately he was wrong and it became so warm that Myriam and I decided to have an ice cream on the now even more beautiful terrace of the Mont St. Jean farm. Nicole and her daughter joined us and we stayed there enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful view and of course the delicious ice cream. Nicole  and her daughter sit under the new parasols.

I had to leave a little earlier because I wanted to see Mr. G before his scan tomorrow. I was allowed to visit him over the weekend for two hours. Unfortunately it was a bad day for him  so I stayed not too long but long enough to put some things right with the nurses. I can understand that it is the weekend and they were only two but still they have to  give priority to people who can't handle things alone. 

Now I have to wait for the verdict on Tuesday or Wednesday.

6 Jun 2021


A painting palett