1 Oct 2011


I got this wonderful email this week ! Am I happy !

From : Maico Jose Castro De Souza maico.souza@unisul.br

This e-mail is to congratulate you as your email address has won you a cash prize of
One million pounds in UK-National Lottery.

To file your claims, contact; Agent: Barrister Peter Jonathan with the following below:

Serial No: XZPY/22595478234:
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Claims Agent Barrister Peter Jonathan
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NOTE: you are to contact your claims Agent Barrister Peter Jonathan with his information giving to you and keep your winnings Serial No: XZPY/22595478234 confidential.
Do not give anybody your winning detail OR tell anyone to avoid lost of winnings claims.

You don't have to purchase a ticket to enter this lottery. It’s a free email draw.

Maico Jose Castro De Souza. Copyright © 2011 {UK-National Lottery Promo}.

and I had never played in the UK-National Lottery !! I am really a lucky girl !

That's why I answered :

GATTINA gattina.f@gmail.com to Maico Jose Castro De Souza
date 28 September 2011 07:49

Please give the one million £ to the next orphanage in your country or to the poors. I don't need it. I have enough millions !

Which is absolutely true

30 Sept 2011


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1. We finally have summer and after my acqua gym on Monday I took my book and lay in the garden enjoying the sunshine. It was 25°C (77) a real nice temperature. And while I was laying in the garden I washed the dishes of the whole week at the same time i.e. the dishwasher did it for me ! great invention !

2. I needed some plants for the front yard and wanted to go to my usual garden store, but then I had to change my plans because the road was closed completely. While reparing a pipe acid had come out injured 3 workers who had their lungs burnt and even 3 firemen. As I was near Ilona's I stopped there for a chat and we took a sunbath.

3. My book was finished and I went to my bookshop which only sells second hand books and they have a large choice of English and German books because in normal bookshops you only get French books. In the afternoon I went over to Dominique with the fabric I had bought to cover our dining room chairs and she cutted it for me ino 6 square pieces. As there was a pattern, I didn't know how to cut, I am really ignorant when it comes to sewing !

4. With this warm weather the grass grew faster then usual at this time and I had to mow the lawn, and as it was so nice to be outside I also cut the ivy which had invaded our terrace.

part of our hedge is out of ivy, but it loves to grow everwhere where you don't need it. I had as usual a little helper who inspected my work. We have to put the garden waste in paper bags we have to buy in the city hall ! If you have a very big garden it becomes quiet expensive to get rid of all the grass and weeds.

5. After painting class I went with a friend to our Asiatic restaurant which had been completely redecorated and the terrace had been enlarged. It just looks beautiful although it was already nice before the transformation, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. We ate outside of course in the shade under a big tree. It was even more hot today nearly 30° (86 F) !! Not bad for end September !

29 Sept 2011


Jenny Matlock
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When I checked in in the Balliol College in Oxford, where I had booked a student's room I was given a map on which was written that I had to go to staircase XXII. Fortunately I hadn't slept in school when we learned the roman numbers so I knew that I had to go to staircase n° 22 !

X is used for many things. If I sign XXX that doesn't mean that I can't sign but that I send 3 kisses. I noticed that Americans kiss with OXOXO which has nothing to do with the Oxo Stock Cubes, but I never found out what the O means.

When it comes to clothes the X can be rather depressive. If you have size XS then you are rather a big child or a skinny tiny person. If your size is XL it depends the brand. In Italy for example I would have to buy XXL while in other countries it only is XL. Usually it doesn't go further than XXXL, and that's already enormous.

Wikipedia describes XXL as follows : Plus size clothing is a general term given to clothing proportioned specifically for larger sized or overweight people.Full figured is generally for sizes 12 up to size 20 and Plus size refers generally to clothing labelled size 22 and upwards for women.

When I had read this, I got rather depressed ! Why do I have to wear XL ? I jumped on my balance but my weight hadn't changed and then suddenly I understood ! I have to wear XL because of my height and not because of my width ! My cheerful mood of this morning came back immediately !

There are a lot of meanings for X, if you are curious, just read here

28 Sept 2011

26 Sept 2011


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Today I thought I show you some houses of the Waterloo suburbs which I always see on my way back from Acqua Gym.

Here is the house where I go each week for Acqua gym

On the right corner behind the flowers you see the window of the swimming pool.

The whole area is rather green and some gardens are really beautiful

they keep it simple

a little hidden

this front yard was very special with rather exotic plants

These houses were built mostly in the 70th/80th

except this one which is much older.


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Summer came back at least for the weekend ! It was warm and the sun shining, so of course everybody wanted to go out and savour the last summer days. I went with Ilona to a Gospel Festival as we had done last year.

There were a lot of people and also the traditional "Frites Kot" which is a typical Belgian chips stand. Years ago you found them everywhere on all street corners around the station on places etc, but now they disappear more and more a part of the folklore went away with them. This one was quiet huge and modern, but the frites were served in the big traditional paper cones. You can see Ilona enjoying her chips on the picture. We had nice seats just in front of the stage and sitting in the sunshine we listen to the Gospels. It was a real nice afternoon.

On Sunday morning I accompanied Dominique to the Midi Market in Brussels, because she wanted to buy fabric to make curtains for her refurbished living room. Fabric is so cheap on the market it's unbelievable. We paid 5 € for one meter of fabric (6.70 $ /39 inches) she for the curtains and I to cover the chairs of the dining room, which had been in cat Rosie's care to sharpen her claws.

I also bought this beautiful velvet caftan for only 6 €, to wear inside instead of a bath robe. Happy with our shopping we took the train back which was 8 min late and we also had to change the platform. For the moment taking public transport becomes a nightmare !

In the afternoon Dominique's son and DIL arrived with their two children, little Lucie is 4 days older than Toby both now 10 months old. Of course I wanted to see her just to compare.

I made a little collage of the little "couple" Lucy is dark haired and has brown eyes, Toby is bald but the few hairs he has are blond and he has blue eyes. Lucy crawls on hand and knees, Toby leaves his legs stretched out and slides on his hands and ellbows like a soldier. Both are getting their 4th tooth, so both noses are running. It will be fun when they are older and can play together when both are on visit at their grandma's !

In the evening Dominique kept us company to watch Inspector Barnaby in his Midsomer Murders !

25 Sept 2011


Now that fall is moving in I stated that I badly needed shoes. I only buy shoes when I don't have the choice between running around in slippers or in antique shoes in a terrible state. How often did I forget to put on my shoes and nearly went out in slippers.

You can live besides me for a century and I woudn't notice if you wear shoes with high heels, sport shoes, flat shoes, flip flops or boots. The only thing I probably would notice is that you don't wear any shoes.

I have a friend who loves shoes, she is a real shoe addict, she could wear 10 different pairs per day. She has to have to each cloth the fitting shoes, the color, the model the I don't no what and she always is disappointed when she has to draw my attention to the fact that she had bought again a new pair of shoes or boots or whatever because I am shoe blind ! She thinks that everybody looks at shoes and without an elegant shoe you are not an elegant lady. That doesn't bother me at all. I like to be well dressed but I forget my feet. My friend must have over 70 pairs of shoes, she rather would safe money on food than on shoes. My mother was like that too. When she died we counted over 60 pairs of shoes she had never worn and which were still in their original boxes.

Now by curiosity, are you a shoe fan or are you like me rather shoe blind ?

Very comforting for shoe fans !