1 Oct 2011


I got this wonderful email this week ! Am I happy !

From : Maico Jose Castro De Souza maico.souza@unisul.br

This e-mail is to congratulate you as your email address has won you a cash prize of
One million pounds in UK-National Lottery.

To file your claims, contact; Agent: Barrister Peter Jonathan with the following below:

Serial No: XZPY/22595478234:
Full Name:
Contact Address: Tel/Age:
Claims Agent Barrister Peter Jonathan
Name: Barrister Peter Jonathan E-mail: agent.chamber@email.ch

NOTE: you are to contact your claims Agent Barrister Peter Jonathan with his information giving to you and keep your winnings Serial No: XZPY/22595478234 confidential.
Do not give anybody your winning detail OR tell anyone to avoid lost of winnings claims.

You don't have to purchase a ticket to enter this lottery. It’s a free email draw.

Maico Jose Castro De Souza. Copyright © 2011 {UK-National Lottery Promo}.

and I had never played in the UK-National Lottery !! I am really a lucky girl !

That's why I answered :

GATTINA gattina.f@gmail.com to Maico Jose Castro De Souza
date 28 September 2011 07:49

Please give the one million £ to the next orphanage in your country or to the poors. I don't need it. I have enough millions !

Which is absolutely true


Kay L. Davies said...

Excellent reply to that scammer, my friend. You told him what you think of his scam and you didn't even have to swear.
Luv, K

Linens and Royals said...

I love those emails, I always dream for a few hours of what I would do with all that money....
Then I press delete and pull myself together.

Jo said...

Very, very clever reply, Gattina. I've always just deleted them! Good on you! Have a great weekend. Jo

A Lady's Life said...

so funny
I don't know why they don;t catch these guys who do these email lotteries.So annoying.