10 Oct 2009


Some days you better stay in bed and wait until the day is over. Yesterday was such a day for me, at least in the morning. Afternoon I didn't move to avoid other troubles.

It was the day of my painting course, so in a joyful mood I got in my car and when I was just at the corner, I wasn't sure if I had closed the garage door, I couldn't get this idea out of my head so I made a U-turn went back to the house and found the garage door closed. Reassured I drove to my course. During the short trip I heard my horoscope on the radio and it promised me a lucky and happy day.

When I arrived I wanted to take my painting stuff and realized that I had forgotten it while I had put on my shoes in the basement. I pronounced a word of 5 letters in french and 4 in English starting whith sh... got in my car and looked for my mobile, just to call my teacher and tell what happened and that I would be a little late.

I turned my purse upside down, which wasn't that easy my purse has 5 zips and compartments. Result : no mobile. Again the word with 5 or 4 letters and I hurried home as quick as traffic and speed limit allowed.

First I looked for my mobile and did thorough searching like the police in a crime story but couldn't find it. Finally I called myself on the mobile and heard it ringing in the pocked of my parka ! I sighed picked up my painting stuff, got into the car, closed the garage door with the remote control and tried to get back to my course as quick as possible. I took little side streets instead of the fully packed main street, but when I arrived at the church, there was just a funeral cortage coming out with many many cars which also wanted to avoid the main street !

I had no choice I had to stop and let the cars go by one by one, with crying people inside. And this early morning, an idal start in the day. I followed the cortege at 20 km/h (12 miles) and my blood pressure went up to 180 ! As soon as I could get out of the cortege I took a little street, got completely lost and had to put my GPS on to guide me safely to my painting course, where I finally arrived 45 min late ! Everybody asked me where I had been, because some had seen me when I first arrived and then drove back, except the one who kept the account for our membership fees, she asked me if I had thought about the money. And of course I hadn't thought of it at all !

Moral of the story, never believe in horoscopes !

9 Oct 2009


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This time I have something special to show you.

I was looking for a photo and stumbled over this album. It belonged to my parents and I had taken it with me when I had to empty their house, but had never really had a look into it ever since.

It is an album showing my parents in 1940 when they were not yet married but apparently spend there holidays together (what a scandal !)

I knew that my mother made little drawings from time to time when she wrote a letter to me, but I never knew that she was quite talented and made already kind of scrap booking more then 65 years ago ! So the so said new scrap booking existed already in my mothers generation, only it had no name.

Here she is 22 and feeds a little deer. The trouble is, I can't read at all what she has written because she wrote in the old German writing, the gothic.

The only thing I can really read are the dates. I wasn't born yet

I think she must have given up drawing when the war ended and the struggle of surviving and getting food kept her more then busy. Even later, I never saw my mother drawing again and she never talked about it either.But I must have inherited some genes otherwise I couldn't paint or draw.

8 Oct 2009


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13 of the most horrible Halloween decorations
(not for sensible readers !)

a skeleton for your front garden

The coffin of uncle Jo in your entrance

Your husband just lost his head

and this hangs on the ceiling of your living room, to make it cosy

In the bathroom hangs one of your guests

Don't go to the basement you may meet this bat

Don't go in the bedroom either there is a cescarian section going on

eyes and ears are on the plate

eyes in a bowl

you can also have some cut off fingers

or a whole hand

a sweet baby is crawling around

and please also meet the Vampire's bride

7 Oct 2009


I always feel observed when I am blogging ...

6 Oct 2009


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5 Oct 2009


Hoosier Girl wants that we show or tell what we love about fall - images, smells, sights, activities

The answer is I don't love anything in fall ! I hate this cold, humid smell in the mornings, the trees which start to striptease and the sidewalks and gardens full of brown and yellow leaves.

From my teenage years on since my early 50th I always suffered from automn depressions, without knowing it. At that time depressions were not well known. So I only have bad souvenirs of all falls in my life. I just would have liked to fall asleep in September and wake up in March, like the bears. Now since around 10 years these seasonal depressions have disappeared, but I still don't like automn although I move around and am active now. I can even appreciate the colors of the trees in a park or wood, before they rot.

I wished that after summer we could have winter immediately or summer and spring the whole year. I am probably born on the wrong side of the world !

Therefore I don't have any fall pictures to show. Besides the fact that this year all trees are still green, which is quite exceptional I don't have any from last year either. Fall just doesn't inspire me !

my cat Arthur apparently doesn't like it either, I wanted to take a "fall" picture of him and you see he fell.

But I saw this nicely decorated house yesterday when I visited my friend Ilona.

4 Oct 2009


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Last time I was in Brussels, I was walking through the Galerie de La Reine (Queen's gallery) in the center. In there are lots of boutiques and expensive shops, a Theatre, a night club and a few restaurants.

But there was one shop which draw my attention, in their window they had displayed these cute plaster figurines.

at the dentist

They looked so lifely !

This proud cat mamma walking her kittens in a pram, made me think of a suitable christmas gift for me !

and this nurse would certainly please some men

the cook didn't look very satisfied

unfortunately the fireman came out a little blur because of the window

I wonder what cat mom is sewing there ....