6 Aug 2021


My week started badly ! I had to do a blood test and therefore get up early and the worst is I was not allowed to drink a coffee with sugar. I didn't know drank my coffee and walked over to the laboratory to have me test made. It's just the building next door and I had to walk which is criminal for me in such an early hour (it was 9) 

The waiting room was empty so was the laboratory, no doctor in view. After 5 min I called "hallo anybody there" ? and heard a woman's voice telling me that during July and August Mondays and Fridays there are no tests. I was so upset my whole morning was spoiled. 

And finally as it rained I stayed home I made a private lockdown, now that we are set free, more or less. It was my turn to receive the Scrabbelers so I bought a cake and as the hairdressr was just outside the supermarket I was lucky and she could take me right away.

After that I felt better at least I didn't look like a mop anymore. Before we started scrabbeling, I wanted to try to put the vaccination certificate on my smartphone, but for that I needed an identitiy card reader and it turned out my old thing didn't work anymore. We gave up and started Scrabble, it went quite good for me.

In the evening Rosie had a cuddle attack and purred and rubbed her head against my hand. And suddenly she bit and ran away ! I was not very happy of course but it didn't bleed and I thought it was nothing special. I desinfected the little hole put a plaster on it and went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I thought I was wearing a boxing glove . I am not quickly shocked but this seemed rather dangerous to me. I called my doctor who lives next door and could go over immediately. It's an infection and I have to take antibiotics. I thought I could do the blood test as I was already there, and the paper I had forgotten not at home but at the doctor. Unfortunately with this infection I was not allowed to, because the test wouldn't be exact.

Unfortunately it is my right hand and t's difficult to use it it hurts too much. Fortunately I have not too much to do, but even typing hurts. Hope it will better tomorrow.

I also visited Mr. G and  participated in a very funny game, one had to wear a picture on his forehead and find out who or what it was and we gave tips.

Poor Elvis if he would see how his fans look today ! I really had to laugh because all the vintage ladies tried to dance even in their wheelchair. One man couldn't remember the name of the person on his forehead and explained   : First he was black, then he was white and he danced like that ! He got up and tried to show us the moon walk ! We really had a lot of fun and instead of staying one hour I stayed until 5 pm !

So another week went by and now I suffer in silence and don't type anymore !!


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4 Aug 2021


I almost could say it was raining, when I heard a motor noise. Looking out of the kitchen window I saw a lawn mower with a "roof", a strange machine I had never seen. A man was sitting on the seat of the machine and drove up and down the lawn !

 With a machine like that even I could have mowed the lawn ! 

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3 Aug 2021


Blankenberge is a very popular seaside resort at the North Sea. The popularity of Blankenberghe makes it undoubtedly one of the most popular seaside resorts on the coast. It is nicknamed “Bruxelles-sur-Mer”. Different activities are in full swing on the immense beach and on the beach promenade where you find a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants and tea-rooms.There is also a Casino and the biggest Acquarium of the Northern sea. 

On each Monday there is a huge market just in front of the station, where you find nearly everything

Despite  the not so nice weather in the morning the market was fully packed !

I found some nice summer trousers for me and Bermuda shortss for Mr. G

A real funny bin !
A lot of apartments for rent
As everywhere along the Belgian coast the beautiful old houses have been demolished and replaced by high glass boxes with a lot of holiday apartments for rent ! Business before beauty. Fortunately some of them have resisted to the promoters and instead of taking money kept their houses, mostly in the city center. Along the beaches there are only modern ugly hight buildings.

Excellent chocolate and seafood
This must be the main church, because it's in the city center. There were so many !

Old houses in the center

steps to the beach

Different beaches, they are all owned by different people and you have to rent your beach bed and umbrella

The pier

Pink and yellow, why not ...

another bin

here you think you are in a Southern country with (fake) Palm trees

One of the two lions sitting on a column on both sides of the stairs

We took this little train and made a tour around Blankenberge

and then we had shrimp croquets with fries

All new buildings
The market place, now empty except the carroussel

City center
New private houses away from the center

The aquarium

a big old building with nice decorations

The pier

Lots of restaurants or snack stands

I saw this house with the giant babies climbing up on the roof !

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2 Aug 2021






The weekend was like the whole month of July, cool and rainy, all outside activities cancelled not because of our beloved Virus but because of the rain. Since the Corona Virus time started the News or Newspapers are full of statistics. Statistics about the virus of course, statistics of the traffic, statistics of the weather and here they calculated that we had exactly 3 Summer days in July !!

What did I do ? I copied my cat Rosie, with the only exception  that I surfed on Internet and read Blog posts and also watched TV.  I also visited Mr. G. who wasn't so well, so I chatted a bit with everybody, some of these old ladies are plenty of humour ! 

 Rosie's only 24 days interruption was her excursion to the litter box.

If in August which is supposed to be a summer month we will have the same weather, I start to count the raindrops on my balcony and make statistics !