27 May 2013


The sun was again shining the whole way til Liverpool. It was a very long ride with two stops. We arrived in Liverpool at 3 pm and could visit the town afterwards. Our hotel was again an Ibis hotel and the Internet rates expensive. I really don't understand why in most of the caf├ęs, pubs and restaurants WiFi is free and in Hotels you pay a fortune. Even Skype is expensive.

There was a WW 2 celebration for marines taking place in Liverpool and the city was crowded with marines, war ships etc. We went along the habour and walked a little through the city center. Liverpool is not a very beautiful town it's very industrial and was rather poor and you still can see that. Fortunately the Beatles brought masses of tourists to the city !

And wherever you go you see the Beatles !  On the way to the habour was the Beatle shop and the Beatle museum. We made a tour in the shop, it was interesting to see,  the Beatles on cups, plates, T-shirts as dolls, in short on everthing possible.

After supper some of us went with our guide to the place where the Beatles had started their career. The place was a basement called "The Cavern".  Just besides  "The Cavern" was a restaurant or hotel I don't know exactly what,  with Beatle sculptures on the front side.

We then went inside ! We went down 3 floors to the cave and there was a group playing but so loud that I hardly could hear what they were playing.  I thought when I was going dancing at least you could hear the music. It was so full that I didn't stay long, just the time to take some pictures and then I went outside, while Ilona stayed inside for a while and danced with all the others ! It was fun ! I observed the people who came out, one girl was so drunken that she could hardly walk on her high heels ! It was really interesting. Then we walked slowly back to our hotel.

Tomorrow we are off to a more intellectual visit ... Shakespeare in Stratford on Avon. I should also meet a cat there which a blogfriend had photographed and written about ! Would be too funny if I would see the cat too ! 


Andrew said...

I used to read a person from Melbourne's blog who moved with his partner to Liverpool and there are some really nice parts to Liverpool, but perhaps off the tourist trail.

Maribeth said...

I don't like crowded places or places with no windows. I also am not a fan of loud music. So visiting the Cavern Club would have made me miserable! I would have gotten a bunch of Beatles T shorts because they were my favorite group!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I've never been to Liverpool ... but there's an excellent museum and I'm sure there are some very memorable places - as you've mentioned.

They had a large commemorative event to do with the Atlantic convoys .. so you co-incided ..

Glad you had a chance to wander round a little and see the Cavern - cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Sounds like you are having a great time.
Wifi is free in most hotels around here.We even have wifi free zones in rest areas on highways.

Fun60 said...

I am with you about the cost of wi-fi in some hotels. In New York they wanted a ridiculous amount of money. Why when it is free in all the restaurants and coffee shops? Makes no sense at all. I haven't been to the Cavern but would be interested to see it. Have emailed you about Wed.

Loree said...

You will enjoy Stratford. It's very pretty.

Sandra Carlier said...

Increduble! So Angus was the cat a blofg friend of you wrote about!!!! The world is small on the blogsphere!