28 May 2013


After breakfast early morning, (we are now used to get up at 5.45 each day), we had our daily fight for the seats in the bus ! It's really a shame. There is one Indian guy who sneakes out of the breakfast room, stayes besides the bus and as soon as the driver opens the doors he jumps in and throws clothes and scarfs on several rows of seats, while the others are still at breakfast ! This made me so angry that I followed him and leant against the door so he couldn't go inside and he didn't dare to say a word looking at my face ! All the others laughed and we had a lot of fun.

Finally everybody was happy and we started singing Beatle songs while our driver showed us the Bus stations where the Beatles met and the Pub where they used to write their songs. We also stopped at John Lennon's  home.  We had always thought that he came from a very poor area, but this wasn't the case at all ! All the houses in this street were rather nice.

Meanwhile we know each other and we are a real nice group of 10 nationalities. It's very interesting for all of us because we all have another style of life. Thanks to blogging I knew already quiet a lot about Australia, Malaisia, and Canada.

Before leaving Liverpool we went to the Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool. It had beautiful stained glass windows but what impressed me even more, was that it was the first church I saw in my life which had a souvenir shop and a restaurant IN the church !

After a long drive again, we finally arrived in Stratford on Avon to visit all Shakespear places. Where he had lived, and all the houses of his family and finally the church where he was burried and you had to pay 2 £ to see the grave.

We had seen enough churches and graves and were tired so we rather wanted to sit down and have a coffee in this street where Shakespeare lived. I also was in pursuit of a cat of which I had heard thanks to Barbara from Words, Words, Words.

After having asked in a first souvenir shop I was told the cat would live a little further. I asked in the second shop and the owner smiled, told me the cat's name was Angus and that he always walks up and down the street, and that he thinks that Angus belonged to another shop a little further down the road.
There the people also knew Angus and apparently he goes into all shops and in winter sleeps in the once where the radiator is the warmest.

These are pictures from Barbara's blog, and it is such a pity that Angus didn't show up ! That would have been so funny.

We were very tired when we arrived in Cardiff and after dinner we went immediately into our room to rest and go to bed early.

Tomorrow is the last day of our round trip !


Linens and Royals said...

Your trip is almost over already? I have been enjoying your tour so much I'm sorry to see it end.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. it's a rushed round trip - but you are seeing loads, though I can understand why you're so tired!

Enjoy today .. cheers Hilary

Gracie said...

You may be a little tired but it seems you're having a lot of fun! Too bad it's almost over...


Maribeth said...

Now that went fast! I love England, although I have not been over since my Aunt passed.

Jo said...

I would have LOVED to been with you leaning on that bus door! I never knew that John Lennon came from the same place as Shakespeare. I also thought John Lennon came from humble beginnings and was raised by an aunt. I'm sorry you never saw the cat, Angus. Have you got to know some South Africans? If so, where are they from in SA? You certainly have had a brilliant trip! Hugs Jo

A Lady's Life said...

That seems like a cat who knows his territory and is a survivor. lol

jennyfreckles said...

Such a busy and packed tour. I just hope you don't go home confused, thinking John Lennon's birthplace was Stratford on Avon!

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour Gattina!
Glad that you are enjoying the trip, your pictures are wonderful and what a lovely sunshine!

Sandra Carlier said...

Angus looks so cute and intelligent!!!!!!! Mélissa was in Liverpool already and had so many pics about the places the beatles were used to sing! But she didn't return with Shakspeare informations! Nice to see the place he was living!