5 May 2017


Since Tuesday I am on holidays at the Red Sea in Egypt, to escape the cold and grey "spring" weather and all the worries around me and the world !

Here it is the paradise the sun is shining the sky is blue it is very warm 30° or a little more, but with a little wind very nice !

It is the 9th time I am now in this hotel and I have never been here in May, always in November. It's amazing that there are no flowers and nothing is blooming, while end of the year it's a real flower show ! There are mostly English and Germans, very few French and a few Dutch. Everybody goes well together and as usual the atmosphere in this big hotel is rather homely.

When I arrived I was kissed and welcomed "home" by a few employees and in my room was a nice plate of fruits. New is also that there is now Internet everywhere even in the rooms.

I have no time to write, I am so busy with laying on the beach and watching people, or read my book, or I swim ! I am only interrupted for lunch !

In the evenings I am so tired from all this fresh air and swimming that I just watch a movie on the balcony of my room and then fall asleep ! I have to say that the animation team is not so much to my taste, but that's my personal opinion. Anyway I have seen these shows already so many times.

The view of the balcony of my room

Breakfast at the swimming pool or inside ! For everybody even real English breakfast ! I love these croissants and a fruit salad. For the first time I also have little guests on my table, birds ! Never happens in November.

The beach and the sea, there are a lot of activities, here it was beach ball

There are also a few Egyptians in the Hotel, a very friendly lady, only we were dressed differently _

The garden without flowers. There was a special supper for VIP guests. Unfortunately it was a little windy.

Still a few days to go ! Fortunately ! 

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Five on Friday

1 May 2017


Waterloo had a busy time this weekend. At the Mont St.Jean farm,which during the Waterloo battle of 1815 had been used as hospital by Wellington for the British soldiers an old village out of that time had been built there for the "Gordon Celtic Week" although the week was only 3 days long.  I visited the Gordon Market when the stands had just been installed and nobody was there yet !

There were old things to buy from skulls to chess, clothes and fur tails.

Funny wooden little sculptures, hanging plants, etc.

Beer mugs in horn, very original !

a blacksmith, and of course Waterloo beer in the shop, and souvenirs.

You could also buy fashion jewels and flower ribbons for the hair.

While the day before it was very cloudy, the restaurant l'Orangerie du Prince was empty, but it was not at all the case when I returned. The sun was shining, it was warm and the restaurant was full, inside and outside. I sat on this beautiful deck with a view over the fields.

This time I had a view on the  Gordon Celtic Games but there were so many people that I only saw from time to time something swinging through the air.  Nicole joined me and we were sitting there chatting with people and watching ! After 45 min we had waited for the Waiter, I finally had enough and picked up our drinks at the bar. The barman didn't say anything, because the waiters were running around and apparently there were not enough.

Then we walked around and saw this prehistoric monster, which made little kids scream

There were other attractions too, and Pony and horse riding children.  And something very special happened : For the first time in my life I petted a horse on his face !! I had always been so afraid of horses.

From tomorrow on I will be in Egypt at the Red Sea ! 30° and sunshine !!

In Belgium you offer to your friends and family a Lilly of the Valley, happy first of May to you !

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