6 May 2023


As Monday was the 1st of May which is labor day here, Dominique came on Monday and stayed until Tuesday evening. It was really nice, she is such a warm and caring person.We mostly talked about our Danube cruise and what clothes we should take along, as it can be very warm but also cold. I took my luggage list we checked to see if something was missing but all was OK.This is easy because you just have to follow the list and put the things in the suitcase.

I am still not feeling normal and am very distracted. I've been looking for something every day. But the worst thing is, that I think I did something and actually forgot. 

That happened to me with the bill for our cruise. I was firmly convinced that I had paid, but I had not ! Luckily they sent me an email and reminded me. My car paper history is also not settled yet. If I had known that you have to do so much paperwork to inherit your husband's car so that it was on my name, I should have said nothing at all and just keep on driving. 

I had to go to the doctor because I was still not walking normally  and she wanted to do a scan of my spine. The result was that I actually had nothing at all. I'm also beginning to believe that all of this isn't physical, it's psychological, I have a burn out, due to all I had to go through the last years, I have no more reserves. That's what my female doctor said. She prescribed me something which should help me.

Like every week, I visited Nicole again, she is still in the infirmary of the home. Until now she has only had physical ailments, but this time I have noticed that her brain is now on the wane. She told me things that were impossible or have happened for a long time. This lays also hard on my heart. 

Fortunately there are also cheerful things in my life, my son sent me pictures of his new puppy, 

Little Leia is a mixture of a Golden Retriever and another breed. She was really lucky to have found such a good home. The family adopted her from an animal shelter.

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4 May 2023


1. What's something you 'may' do this month? 

I will do a cruise on the Danube and am really looking forward to be on the ship and admire the landscapes !

2. "All things seem possible in May"~Edwin Way Teale. Do you agree? Elaborate. If not May, then in which month if any would you say all things seem possible? 

I have no idea, I am expecting nothing except to learn to walk on one leg and feel better.The month I don't care, as soon as possible for sure.

3. April showers bring May flowers...is this true where you live? What's your favorite color of the rainbow? Your favorite May bloom? Do you enjoy visiting gardens? What's a 'famous' garden you'd like to visit? 

Yes the rainy April brought a lot of flowers everywhere. I love rainbows in its whole, but my favorite color is red/orange.


My favorite May flower is the Lilly of the Valley. It is the use in Belgium and France to offer on first of May which is "labor" day here. a little bouquet of them or a virtual card. 

There are so many parks in Belgium they are all beautiful. I have no preference. Brussels is one of the greenest cities in Europe.  This one is the closest to my building.

4. Are you a fan of the Star Wars series of films? If so how many have you seen? (I think there are 12) Are you a fan of the sci-fi genre in general, in either books or movies? What's your favorite sci-fi book or movie? 

I don't like sci-fi movies in general and have never seen or looked at Star Wars. I am completely ignorant.

5. Cinco de Mayo lands on Friday of this week...do you enjoy Mexican food? How often? Do you eat out or make your own? Your favorite thing to order in a Mexican restaurant? Have you ever been to Mexico? 

Cinco de Mayo is not known in Belgium. I had to check what it was and learned "commemorates Mexico's unexpected victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862."  

I know Mexican food, and like it !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am thinking of my cruise and prepare everything which has to be done here at home, like feeding little Rosie and watering flowers, pay invoices and try not to forget something. For the suitcase I have a list and only have to pack it.



3 May 2023


Each year (normally) there is a farmer's market in the little neighbor town. 3 years it hadn't happened because of what everybody knows ..... the Covid.



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1 May 2023



This is Lea two month old and just adopted by my whole Amsterdam family ! Now I am also grandma of a little puppy, I forgot the name of the parents breed which is not the same, but I know that she will have the size of a Golden Retriever.





Dominique should spent the weekend with me, and arrive on Saturday afternoon. Instead I got a phone call, and she told me with a very little voice, that she had to stop her car because suddenly she had a Parkinson attack and trembled over her whole body what she never had. She was waiting for her son to pick her up, as he lived nearer to where she was than me. He drove her to the Hospital and there they stated that this unusual attack was caused by a big truck on the highway who had doubled her so close that she thought he would touch her side. Dominique is a very good driver and not an old grandma who sticks with her nose in the windshield.  Of course that changed all my plans, 

I decided to rest, and as I had recorded the whole story of King Charles childhood and life, then the feud between Harry and William. Three films in one row to introduce the UK to the Belgians and their way of life. It was quite interesting and well done. Several phone calls interrupted my film session, and then the day was over. It was also the 9th month that Rick passed away and instead of getting better I feel worse. Apparently this is normal say all psychologists of the world, but that doesn't help me. 

Sunday we had wonderful weather the sun was shining and it was quite warm 18°. You could sit outside in the sun. I stayed inside with the window open, as since two month I became so fragile like a Chinese porcelain doll. Apparently it is due to the shock I had and all the stress which followed with the papers. Yesterday I got again a document to fill in this time to inherit my own car ! I had only asked to register it on my name, if I would have known what paperwork and time this involved, I would have continued as if nothing had happened. The insurance anyway is on my name.

As Monday is a day off, the 1st of May is labor day, the city is rather empty people went to the sea mostly and there are also school holidays. 

Rosie sits now on her cat tower. It took her two years to discover that it was a thing to climb on observe the life outside and sleep !