24 Nov 2018


As I am an only child I inherited all the jewelry of my mother. Some of them were of great value, but in my eyes so ugly and outdated, that I didn't want to wear them, I thought I would look like a overdecorated Christmas tree.

When I checked the jewelry with my father, there was a golden necklace missing. We looked through the whole house and my father swore that he hadn't taken it ! My mother had told me to watch that everything was there. She had learned not to trust her husband, she was afraid he would offer something to another woman and of course he was annoyed that I could say that to his friends. At that time they knew him better then I did, that came later. 

Finally I found a chain hidden behind the Television, which looked like a dog collar ! I took it and wondered why it was behind the TV, I was convinced that it was a fake fashion necklace which had no value at all !

Holding it in my hand and looking at it, my mother's caretaker pushed a loud scream and pointed on the chain .... "You found it, you found it" she screamed ! What ? I said, I thought it was a fake necklace or a dog collar ! No she exclaimed this necklace has a lot of value it's all in real gold !

Fortunately I hadn't put it in the basement for eventual repairing something or just thrown it away ! Instead I sold it and we had new tiles put in the kitchen and living room !

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23 Nov 2018


Only too quick the weekend was over ! On Monday Toby went to school and the parents to work. I kept the house, I wanted to go window shopping nearby, but it was so cold and windy that I preferred to stay home and worked a bit on my little travel computer and got angry because different things didn't work and I have absolutely  to have that arranged before I fly to Egypt end of the month.

At 3.30 pm I picked up Toby from the day care. He told me that his school was too far for me to walk but his day care very close to the house. Very cute of him. He goes by bike, but one of the parents always go with him. Driving your child to school I thought it was by car, but no ever since he bikes, its per bike. The parents go to work by bike too ! Everybody in this area does so.

Punctually I was at the day care which was very nice and had a big football (soccer) ground in front. The door was open and nobody there, so I had time to look around and see the very well furnished rooms with modern games. Finally I saw a girl who was cleaning up plates and she came out with me to call Toby who was busy with his football game ! This area is so secure that there is no danger to let the kids play outside alone. Only I could have stolen some nice games inside .... nobody saw me and I saw nobody. Strange.

Then we walked home. The way is very nice across the canals and there is only one big main street which is dangerous. Once this street crossed, I gave Toby the keys and told him to ride home as old grandma was so slow. He was very kind looked always behind to see if I follow and then when he arrived he opened the door put the alarm off and I saw his head stretching out to look for me. I was really touched that he took so much care of me, finally it was as if he was babysitting me and not the other way around.

We spent the rest of the day choosing something to ask Father Christmas and watched a bit TV then the parents arrived.

The next day I had to get up very early because I had to take the Bus to Brussels and I had to be at the bus station at 8 am.

The bus arrived punctual I said good bye to the canals and watched the cars, all people going to work.

I left behind my nightmare !

Mr. G. picked me up at the Waterloo station and then went playing cards and I went to Nicole to play Scrabble. We made one game, ate two cakes and I told them my weekend in Amsterdam.

In my painting class I tried again a "Pouring" painting and when I saw the result I was very satisfied ! I was the first one to be surprised ! You never know what is coming out.

After painting class we went to the Lunch Garden and had lunch there. Then we went home to do our shopping or household scores.

In the evening I went with Monique to the cinema, she wanted to see "The wife". I was a bit hesitating because women who give up everything they love only because they marry, I just can't understand.

But it turned out that it was a beautiful film very well performed and I can only recommend it.

I had seen an advertising on internet for glasses to wear when it is dark. As I am blind like a mole when I drive and are blinded by headlights, I ordered them just to see how it worked ! And I am delighted ! I can see now so clearly it's amazing. Even the strongest headlight doesn't bother me anymore and I can see people and side streets which I couldn't see before ! I always avoided to drive in the dark. But now in winter I have too so I am happy to see like an eagle, and don't see trees where there are none !

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20 Nov 2018


They love cats in Latvia !

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19 Nov 2018


This weekend I spent in Amsterdam, to celebrate my grandson's 8th birthday !

The living room was nicely decorated and the preparation for the buffet started. The house in Amsterdam is a bit strange, because you can look from the living into the kitchen, which is very practical because you also can see into the pots !

First thing on Saturday morning (very early) he unpacked his gifts ! The tip of the top was a Nitendo football (soccer) game for which he had saved money for a long time and the amount missing was added by his parents. So the other gifts had to wait a bit to get his attention !

The happy birthday boy with his favorite gift !

In the afternoon the family and my DIL's best friends arrived with their children.  Toby tries to blow out the candle and his two cousins are watching. It was very difficult ! We had a nice afternoon, it had been a long time I hadn't seen my DIL's family so we had quite a lot to chat ! Too quick the afternoon was over and they all left around 6.30 pm. Of course I was full with all the good things I had eaten and nobody was hungry for supper !

On Sunday morning the weather was sunny and cold so we didn't do anything special in the morning.
After lunch, Toby was invited to another birthday. My DIL had some work to do for her office so my son took me to the cinema !

First I had a little lunch and ate these delicious little fishes just like you eat chips ! Unfortunately I couldn't find out yet how they are called. We were in a cute little town Hilversum, and did also a little window shopping, I even found a nice pullover in black with "diamonds" and three cats for New Year !

Then we saw this movie, I had always wished to see ever since it came out, but nobody of my friends were interested to see this film. So I was very happy that my son did and after he had bought a huge bag of popcorn and 2 bottles of water, we settled down in our seats. Unfortunately we were in the 3rd or 4th row, so I had first to get used to it, I had the impression to nearly be amongst the actors.

I liked the film very much ! I didn't know that Freddy loved cats so much that each cat had her own room ! Now I appreciate him even more. He had not an easy life at that time being homosexual. I really felt sad for him.

The trouble for me was, I didn't like the actor who played Freddy. First he didn't look like him at all and certainly not so handsome. I don't talk about his interpretation but physically they could have found a more twin like one ! The whole movie long I was afraid that his false teeth would fall out, but it probably was because I was sitting so close to the screen.

Anyway the film was great, I enjoyed it very much ! When we came home Toby was back from his birthday too. We spent the evening together and then he had to go to bed because there is school on Monday !