30 Dec 2022


In Belgium we only have one day off for Christmas and not two as in many other countries. In the UK  it was Boxing day, an expression which I misunderstood for a long time, I couldn't understand why on the second Christmas day the people were boxing each other ! Christmas stands for peace and love and not for boxing. A good soul explained me then the real meaning ! But I am sure I was not the only one who thought that the English are boxing on the second Christmas day. 

I didn't feel very well and as many people have a cold or a flu or a Covid I thought maybe I start one too, and took the miracle pill against all this "Paracetamol" ! the rest of the day I hang on the sofa watched TV and filed my photos for the external hard disk, the Christmas gift from my son. 

The next day I was feeling a bit better and I had slept well. Probably I had been only very tired with all these festivities. I am happy that one is over. 

During the night I heard the wind whistling but didn't pay attention and continued to sleep. The next morning when I opened the window doors to let in fresh air,

I saw this ! Apparently it hadn't been a slightly whistling wind, but rather a storm !! 

When Toby was here with his Dad, they took Toby's best friend with them to Amsterdam, to spend a week of holidays there.

According to several pictures I got, they had a lot of fun ! They have the same age (12) only 5 month differenc and the same size too 1,71m. Their Dads are best friends too, since school !

With this wind and rainy weather I stayed home again ! But the next day I had to go shopping for the New Year. Adeline came with me, as she can't drive. I wonder how it is possible to live without a car especially now that I am a vintage ! We, the (not famous four) decided to start with little snacks and champagne in my apartment and a warm plate in Adeline's (she has a bigger table) and then return to mine  (I have a bigger TV and more space to sit), to spend the rest of the evening here. 

While I was sorting out my photos I also found some very old once which had been in an Album and which Rick had scanned put them on a USB stick and had thrown the Albums away, they took too much space. I agreed. The photo was a bit dark and a bit blur. I corrected it a bit and now it looks like new !

and with this photo of happy times



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29 Dec 2022



1. Did you set any goals for the new year this time last year? Did you meet them or miss the mark? Tell us more if you're comfortable sharing.  

I never make lists or set any goals for a new year, because I won't keep it or forget. Often events happen, you never thought about.  Anyway this year was the worst I ever had in my whole life, as Rick my husband passed away end May, and this changed my whole life, plans etc.

2. What are three words that might describe the kind of person you were this past year or describe in some way how your life looked?  

I was like a Robot, I did what I had to do, the paper work, the invoices, deciding everything for him because he couldn't think anymore by himself and hardly speak. He had Parkinson/Alzheimer. From January on it became worse every day. Sometimes I wonder how I went through all that;

3. What's something new you ate, saw, heard, or experienced in 2022? What did you think ?

I eat now Rice slices instead of bread. Looks like popcorn bread and I love it with cheese and little cherry tomatoes. I didn't hear nothing special, I saw a part of Switzerland and I experienced an incineration. I didn't think anything my head was empty. 

4. Oxford Dictionary has announced it's word of the year for 2022, and it's this-goblin mode. Huh? Have you ever heard this phrase? Used this phrase? It's defined as "a type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations."

The only Gobelin I kow is this one invented by a French family of weavers in the 15th century. There is also a factory in Brugge (Belgium) where mine comes from. I couldn't find the definition you found, I don't see the relation between a tapestry and a behavior. This year they allowed the public to choose amongst three finalists. You can read more about that here. If you were in charge, what word would you declare word of the year for 2022 ?  

None, one word is not enough for a chatterbox

5. Any special plans for an end of year celebration in your house or town? The travel channel says the world's best New Year's Eve celebrations will happen in Copacabana Beach-Rio de Janerio, the Orlando theme parks in Florida, London, Sydney, New York's Time Square, Edinburgh Scotland, and Paris. If you could attend any one of these which would you choose? Tell us why?  

I think I would choose to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, just because I love this town. I have already seen the Military Tattoo  and it was wonderful. Meanwhile I celebrate New Year with 4 of my neighbors. We don't even have to go out.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

What I think ? That life is not anymore as it was before the Covid. First locked down for two years, then  weather catastrophes, it's too hot on one side of the world and too cold on the other. Most of the people worry about living and energy costs, about wars, attacks, fires, earthquakes etc, better to stay in bed with your head under the cover; 

It's also better not to watch News on TV, everywhere you only hear catastrophes, never something positive and I doubt that next year will be better !

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28 Dec 2022


Pookie added herself as Queen to the Kings

Arthur keeps the angels warm

Rosie is not sure to greet the angel

 All my cats during 18 - 20 years.

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Now I have the Christmas buzzle behind me, I was scared, it was the first Christmas without Rick and I really didn't feel like celebrating. Luckily I told my son not to celebrate Christmas here together with me, because when we called each other via Whatsapp on Christmas Eve, it was good that they hadn't come, because Toby was ill, my DIL didn't feel well either, she still suffers from the long Covid. 
I watched a movie, then ate my duck leg and did some TV zapping before going to bed. 
By coincidence suddenly I saw a documentary that showed Rick's town and the Garda Lake, where we had spent so many happy moments ! That was incredible. I could even see our friends house and the streets of Rovereto. How strange . When  it was over, I went to bed and was satisfied with my Christmas Eve.
On Christmas day Dominique came to celebrate with me. 
On the TV screen our King Philip doing his Christmas speech

She had been my neighbor for many years and then had moved away, but we always kept contact. We also did a lot of travels together. She came at 4 pm and we spent the evening together.  While we watched the movie "Indian Palace" which we had seen years ago, but we wanted to see it again, we enjoyed all kind of gourmet food, shrimps, Sushi,  St Jacques shells in Champagne sauce and to finish a strawberry mousse. By the time we had eaten up everything, we were both tired and went to bed. She slept in Rick's room which is now my guest room, because she didn't want to drive in the dark. Dominique has also Parkinson, but already a long time and the doctors could slow down the progress of the disease. We had a real nice time together,
On Boxing day (that's how the Brits call the second Christmas day) my son came with Toby, loaded with gifts for me. 
I got an external hard disk with a high storage capacity, a wonderful warm long scarf, and some other little things. I was really spoiled. When I had unwrapped my gifts, we went to the Italian restaurant where we often go, and as usual it was very good. Then we returned home and chatted a bit, before they had to leave and pick up Toby's best friend Benjy and return to Amsterdam. 
Now I am happy that my first Christmas without my better half, went quite well. 

26 Dec 2022



Rosie celebrates Christmas

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23 Dec 2022


The week started for me very badly I had terrible breathing problems which seemed to continue and I was feeling real bad and anxious. When I thought of Christmas Eve I panicked, I saw a huge mountain of problems arriving and finally decided that I couldn't celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. I  am not at all in the mood to celebrate Christmas. I would be a bad company too. 

The cold weather had warmed up and it was raining when I had to go to the city hall to pick up our tickets for the Gospel concert. The Christmas market which I hadn't seen although it was just around the corner, because it was too cold, was already dismantled ! It had been open for two weekends and nothing in the middle. Don't know why.  

Anyway it was small and nothing special. Energy crisis ? But when I see people coming out of the shops with overloaded caddies, I wonder where the economic crisis is.

The city had organized a Gospel concert for the Seniors and my three neighbors dragged me with them, I thought maybe it does me good and anyway they needed a driver because two never learned driving a car and one doesn't dare anymore.

The concert was nice, but a white men choir didn't have the special voice for Gospel songs. Fortunately a black lady with a wonderful voice saved the show ! In my opinion only black people can sing Gospels there is something special in their voices. The men stood there like clothes racks and didn't move at all  while the black lady had the rhythm in her blood and moved ! Of course I had seen other Gospel groups and could compare, but for most of the oldies it was the first time. After the concert we were offered Champagne and cookies. The other years we also got little  sandwiches. They probably have to raise the city taxes.
The rest of the week I spent with shopping and filling in my freezer which I had emptied and cleaned. I also made Christmas cards and emailed them. 
At the end of our street they demolished a few houses with such enthusiasm, that the wall of the house next door collapsed. That looked quite weird because we could all see the bathroom and living room. The people had to be evacuated and those in the other houses too. This caused a huge traffic jam on our otherwise so quiet boulevard.
And with this "adventure" my week ended. 
To all of you 


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21 Dec 2022


When my husband lived in Italy until 1968 he didn't know Christmas trees and of course in his home town Rovereto near the Lake of Garda, no Christmas decoration or Christmas markets existed. Italy was known for handmade Christmas cribs.

I asked his best friend's wife in Rovereto to send me a few pictures of the city today and here they are. I was very much surprised and regretted that I haven't asked this before before he passed away.

in front of the church

The City hall

The main place

 in town

and a Christmas market 

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19 Dec 2022


Rosie is in Christmas mood









This cold weather (-9°C) doesn't suit me at all with my chronic lung disease, I got terrible asthma attacks when I did a little effort. My mood was appropriate. Then I heard in the news that people with breathing difficulties should stay at home! So I stayed at home. 

I occupied myself with my photos, made Christmas cards and was sometimes interrupted by telephone calls. Otherwise there was also television showing the drama between Harry and Meghan and the English Royals, and suddenly the day was over.

During Sunday night I woke up twice from my own breathing noise, and had to use my puff. I thought maybe I should go to the doctor, but as so often it also disappears and I am OK again. Hopefully for Christmas when my mini family comes, I have no attack.

The Christmas decoration is finished by now, only the garlands with lights are missing. It's not so easy to put them around the plants alone, but Adeline, my neighbor came over to help me and we could just hang up one garland, for the others I had no plugs they were hidden somewhere.   I also had enough decorating for Christmas.

I had put a little Christmas tree besides Rick's photo and told him that this will be the last time that I celebrate Christmas here. I only hope that I will not sit in a corner and cry. I do it for Toby who is only 12, next year he probably doesn't care so much about Christmas celebrations, because in the Netherlands it only moved in 15 years ago or so, they didn't even have a Christmas tree in front of the City hall and no Christmas market in Amsterdam ! Now it becomes more and more fashionable; there is a Christmas tree and also a market !

I've never seen the Christmassy Amsterdam as we haven't been there for at least 5 years. Rick ill, then two years of Covid, we always spent Christmas in Waterloo.

Another weekend before Christmas, I think there won't be many participants next week and therefore I sent to all of you my Christmas card of this year.

17 Dec 2022


I like Freddy Mercury and the Queens. My favorite song was "Love of my Life".

But this song is adorable, even better as the human song ! The one who had written the text must know cats very, very well !



Now Rosie watches the birds from her personal armchair with her basket on it and even I am not allowed to touch her basket when she is around ! She is exactly like the cat in the song !!







16 Dec 2022


On Monday I gathered all my energy and went down to the basement to get the two plastic boxes in which I had packed the Christmas decorations from last year. 

Unfortunately, my son had stored a few things in the basement that he wanted to take with him to Holland, but they were still here. He had put my Christmas decorations on the highest board of the shelf so that I couldn't get to it. As usual, he thinks everyone is a giant like him. At least I managed to get the box down without landing on my head, but in my arms. I was breathless and panting like a steam engine ! I returned to the apartment with the two boxes, fell on the sofa and didn't move anymore, only my fingers on the keyboard of my computer. 

The weather became cooler and then really cold ! The temperature went down to 8 °C and I couldn't go out, for a little walk the air was too cold and my lungs hurt. I had bought all Christmas gifts online and one parcel was missing. It took me a whole morning to find the right service for complaints ! No telephone no email address, and that was Amazon. The delivery service had pretended that it had been delivered, but that wasn't true, I was home all day and my neighbor too. After two days the mistery was solved , the parcel arrived and was in my letter box. The following days I got phone calls and messages from all kind of Amazon's customer service, despite the fact that I had told them that I had got the parcel ! I guess they have a lot to do just before Christmas. 

For the first time since Nicole is in her retirement home, I asked her daughter to bring her over to me to see my Christmas decoration, which I had finally started. 

I was a bit scared that she would fall or something would happen but everything went smooth. Her head works perfect, but she has difficulties to walk without help and also to write. My apartment is ideal for handicapped people. When I drove her "home" she had no steps to do or even go out on the street, she could get in my car in the garage. She was very happy to be with me here,  just as if everything was normal again like in the old days. My neighbor joined us and we had a nice afternoon. 

When I had finally finished the decoration it took me 3 days, because I decorated a little bit and then was fed up and stopped. Now the light garlands are still missing. Maybe today ! 

I finally managed to do my shopping in this cold, but it hasn't been too bad, as my car was in the garage and I found a parking space just at the entrance of the store. 

My three neighbors had asked me to show them the pictures I had taken in Switzerland, so when my living was decorated I asked them to come and we spent a nice afternoon together and emptied a bottle of alcohol free "champagne" ! 


Miss Rosie after having meowed a hello, returned into her basket and slept (or listened to the conversation) Ever since she lives in an apartment she loves visitors. 

I also have created my Christmas cards for this year, first I didn't want to send any, but then I thought it keeps me busy and when I have to concentrated on something I don't think.


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