15 Apr 2016


 1. Maybe you know, but I have spent the last 10 days in my friend's Claudie's home in Ollioules South of France. I wrote a little diary everyday to remember what we had seen or done. So if you are interested just scroll down.

2. On Monday we wanted to return to the Toulon habor, but it was so windy that we changed our mind and went instead to the little habour close to home and had delicious galettes (stuffed salty crêpes)

I watched how they prepared mine and enjoyed the sunshine behind a windscreen, before we returned home and spent the rest of the day on the terrace or inside when it got too cold. Pierre was busy with his vegetable garden and Claudie exercised for her piano lessons.

3. Together with Claudie's sister, husband daughter and her niece with two little girls we went visiting Marseille.

The 7 year old Lea wanted to have a picture with me so Claudie took one just before our departure.

Marseille is a very beautiful town, they had renovated a lot in the last years and we didn't regret at all having taken the sightseeing bus and made a big tour through Marseille. I took a lot of pictures and will write about it in a special post.


The last day I spent on my beachbed and soaked in the warm sun, before I returned into the cold and rain. This was my home for 10 days. When I arrived the leaves were not yet out or just started and now it's all blooming and green.

5. In the afternoon Claudie drove me to the airport and I was far too early. The security check was good but not so slow as when I arrived. So I was quickly inside. Fortunately there was free WiFi so I watched a little movie waiting for my plane. The flight back was smooth and without problems and also in Brussels' South airport I could get out without any problems or controls. There were a few heavily armed soldiers chatting with the people. Mr. G. was waiting for me and ..... it rained ! I was home !

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14 Apr 2016


This evening I am flying home. The 10 days went by so fast ! Yesterday we have been in Marseille and made a sightseeing tour, to see a maximum in a minimum of time. The city is really very beautiful.

Now I will enjoy the last rays of the sun

and then I am off to the airport, I only hope that the check in will not last for hours until they have studied all passports one by one and checked the suitcases and in Brussels South it will be the same as if somebody has entered the plane while we were flying !

Apparently the two countries don't trust each other !

12 Apr 2016


It was very windy yesterday and we first hesitated to go to the sea, but then it calmed down and we went to the Sanary habour.

I love this place it's always very animated and the habour is so beautiful with all these colorful boats.

We went into a restaurant specialized in making "galettes" which are crepes filled with meat or vegetables whatever you want, I watched how they made mine with an egg. It was delicious.

In the afternoon the wind started again, so we lay lazily on the terrace and Claudie from time to time pulled out some weeds. Of course she woke up an ant army in their ford and we had an ant invasion.

While I was reading Claudie exercised for her piano lessons

The veggies are growing quite quickly, when I arrived there was nothing in the pots.

and of course as it doesn't rain or not enough, Pierre had to water the veggie pad.

My holidays are coming to an end still two days left and I will return into the rain !

11 Apr 2016


Again a beautiful day and we went to the habour of Toulon to visit an old sailing ship from 1923.

We walked along the habor and admired all the beautiful yachts and boats. (the picture above shows Claudie's daughter Anna with me)

There were lots of people who enjoyed the warm sun too and sat on the various terraces having an ice cream or drink and watching people going by.

The sailing boat's name was Marité and once inside, I thought I was walking on a moving ground. Anna pregnant, had to sit down, so we didn't really look at everything because on top the air was bad.

Then we sat on a terrace and watched Brazilian dancers. They had a lot of success !

On our way home, as it was still quite early we stopped at the Beach ! There were also many people as there were Spring holidays and some of them even swam in the sea !

Anna was happy to be outside, she is really in the last days of her giving birth to a little girl. I had ordered a beer without alcohol (NA) as I don't like sodas or sweet drinks and they served me a Tourtel beer, which usually is very good, but in this one which unfortunately was a new invention they had added lemon ! So it was like a lemon soda, disgusting !

Happy with our day we returned home where Pierre, Claudie's husband had prepared us a delicious supper, a roasted porc with veggies and little potatoes, called "grenailles". 

10 Apr 2016


The nicest thing when you spend holidays with friends, is that you participate at their daily life and you don't feel like a tourist.

So yesterday Claudie's daughter had organized a "Tupperwear" party ! I don't remember ever having participated in one, so it was the first time and in Belgium it doesn't exist anymore, Tupperwear is now sold in shops. All the items which were displayed I had already not necessarily in Tupperwear, but the same stuff. So I had nothing to buy anyway I had no room in my suitcase.

But it was so much fun to see everybody preparing a "Risotto" together in Tupperwear pots. The old lady in the picture above is 90 years old and is the owner of the house where Claudie's daughter has her appartment.

In the evening we were 11 at table, the others had left but there were only 10 chairs and Claudie sat on a small table. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot ! At 11 pm we finally returned home and fell in our beds, at least I did.