10 Apr 2016


The nicest thing when you spend holidays with friends, is that you participate at their daily life and you don't feel like a tourist.

So yesterday Claudie's daughter had organized a "Tupperwear" party ! I don't remember ever having participated in one, so it was the first time and in Belgium it doesn't exist anymore, Tupperwear is now sold in shops. All the items which were displayed I had already not necessarily in Tupperwear, but the same stuff. So I had nothing to buy anyway I had no room in my suitcase.

But it was so much fun to see everybody preparing a "Risotto" together in Tupperwear pots. The old lady in the picture above is 90 years old and is the owner of the house where Claudie's daughter has her appartment.

In the evening we were 11 at table, the others had left but there were only 10 chairs and Claudie sat on a small table. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot ! At 11 pm we finally returned home and fell in our beds, at least I did.


Andrew said...

I think you can only buy Tupperwear here at parties. It is not sold in shops. It is expensive but of very high quality. What fun you must have had.

Tamago said...

Sounds fun! I'm guessing tupperwear party is like potluck party? Looks like everyone had a wonderful time together :-)

Loree said...

She looks really good for being 90 years old!

Linens and Royals said...

It's years since I went to a Tupperware party but they were always fun and I always felt obliged to buy something. I still have a special Tupperware container for keeping asparagus in. Never used but it is now vintage. French food always looks so delicious and your holiday very busy.