9 Apr 2016


In the morning while I was preparing my post, I observed Claudie's husband digging over the earth for his veggies !

With all this love and care they will certainly be excellent !

Claudie had some appointments and afterwards we returned to Sanary for our coffee at the habour.

I had a delicious crepe and she an ice cream with our coffee.

The little bar was very cute and the terrace well protected against the wind.

The sky was blue and I got the impression that each day the trees became more green !

The kids still had a lot of fun with these fancy bicycles. I almost felt as if I would be in Amsterdam, except that the bikers were only concentrated on this place and not in the whole city.

The evening we for once were the three of us, Pierre had cooked us a wonderful meal as usual. It was fish, one baked potato, little carrots, an artichoke, and pieces of cauliflowers the whole served with an aioli sauce.Very healthy and tasteful !

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  1. Ooh, crêpes. I might make pancakes for tonight! Yum


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