12 Dec 2009


Each time I attend a very sad event I try to be strong and help, but when it is over I feel very empty and tired. Then I try to get out of this depressive mood and usually look for something to buy just to cheer me up. No clothes, no shoes, no bags or something like that, no, I need something funny which makes me laugh and when I look at it I still can think that life is good.

That's what I did this day too, when I had to comfort my friend whose cat had died in the morning. On my way back I looked for a shop to buy something, but there only were stores for food or vegetables, which certainly wouldn't help me. But there was one store a kind of "Flea market", where I often go for photo hunting because they have so funny things for sale. I thought about a little cat.

I went in the store and saw all kind of things, african masks, elephant figurines, crosses, stuffed deer heads etc. but no cats. Suddenly a thing catched my attention. It was a fat porcellain buddha with kids climbing all over him. He was so fat and had such a big and happy smile that I had to smile too. That was the (useless) thing I needed, although I would have prefered that he was covered with cats and not with kids, but at the end I found this very nice too. I asked the guy for the price. He took the buddha in his hands, looked doubtfully at me and said : "You will by this ??" I said, yes, how much is it ?
"I give it to you for 5 € (7.30 $), I am happy to get rid of it !" I laughed, took my buddha and went home.

I smuggled him in my room, (although Mr. G. is used to my strange buying attacks) sat him under my sunflowers and smiled and felt much better. (Mr. G. even after 2 weeks hasn't noticed his presence yet !)

But then I wanted to know what kind of Buddha I had bought and his signification so I looked it up in Internet.

I had bought the Buddha of "Fulfillment" !! and its signification is :

Buddha with Children is a special item traditionally used by couples who want to have a child, or who want children chi in their lives. Place it in the Creativity Kua of your bedroom with other items that can welcome a child into your life.

Fortunately I don't have a "Creativity Kua" in my room or at least I think so, because I don't even know what it is, but, I thought, even if I am a little old for having children, I am still young enough to become a grandma !

and here he is my Buddha !

at his final place

11 Dec 2009

SHOW & TELL - Wedding Anniversary

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40 years ago on December 6, somebody took this picture when we came out of the church.

We married twice, that's why probably it still last, on October 11 the civil marriage and then the big thing in December. We had to find a date where everybody could come.

for this event I got this cat series

As love is going through the stomac, I offered a Christmas Pudding and a Ferrari key holder

Our son and DIL, living in Amsterdam, sent us this wonderful bouquet

and here is a picture of how everything looks at his final place

10 Dec 2009


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13 thoughts about singing living in the rain

1. Since I am back from Egypt's blue sky and sunshine, it has rained in Belgium every single day

2. I know that water is precious, but if you risk to be drowned it's rather unhealthy

3. My cats use the litter boxes now, because they don't like wet botties

4. Therefore I spend my time by cleaning litter boxes

5. I only go out if I have to and feel like sitting in Alcatraz, surrounded by water, although I have no lake or river around.

6. Every day I look out of the window with the hope that the weatherman was wrong, but unfortunately for once he is always right !

7. I couldn't do my outside Christmas decoration because of the rain, my neighbours neither so our street looks dull and naked.

8. My car should look clean with all this water, but it looks now as if I had recuperated it from the car cimetary

9. My garage is full of ombrellas which people have forgotten. I think I should sell them on the flee market (a day when it doesn't rain)

10. The only one quite happy with rain is cat Arthur. He comes home with a soaked fur, and jumps on my bed to dry himself, if I don't manage to dry him before.

11. Fortunately I can see some blue sky and sunshine on TV or blogs, otherwise I would forget how it looks like

12. It's also dramatic for my photo hunting ! Where should I hunt if everything is wet and grey ? It is the perfect weather for those who love black and white pictures !

13. Each evening during the news I watch my feet, but so far I haven't seen any signs of growing flippers.

The daily view out of my room ....

Do you think that the Copenhagen wizzards will help ?

9 Dec 2009


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Seen in Namur, Belgium

8 Dec 2009


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Since 3 weeks I am back into my world in Brussels and since 3 weeks it had rained every day. What an enormous difference when you come back from a warm and sunny country like Egypt.

For the first time it didn't rain yesterday and although the sun was not really shining, it looked a little less grey then the other days.

I went with my friend for a walk in one of the many woods and parcs which are part of Brussels.

at the border of the wood was a sanatorium, not really made to put you in a good mood, because there are only incurable patients in there.

According to my friend the wood is very beautiful but at this time of the year I found it rather sad. With green leaves in spring and a good smell in summer it's certainly nice to walk in there.

At least I found a little bit of green

but a lot of grey

and the trees looked so naked and the dead leaves covered the ground.

It even became a little scary because we found this abandonned barn or hut

and this house which looked like the house of the witch of Hansel and Gretel

at the end of the wood was the other half of the Sanatorium, but it had been transformed into luxurious appartments. But still I don't want to live in there.

7 Dec 2009


Cynical Girl wants to know :

What Christmas (or other holiday) song would you prefer never to hear again, and why? It could be one song in particular, or songs by a certain singer, or a version of a song you usually enjoy that grates on your nerves. We promise not to judge. It’s your chance to vent.

A few years ago I heard Christmas songs everywhere. I knew it was Christmas songs because I understand English. The Belgian people thought it was just a nice music. Gingle Bell etc is known now, but as it is only played in December people relate it to Christmas now, that's the same with all other English Christmas songs, except of cause the classical once, like "Silent Night" and "Oh Christmas tree" etc which also exists in French.

By the time it was Christmas I couldn't hear a Christmas song anymore, neither in English nor in French. But the last two years I think the shops start later or I am becoming deaf, anyway so far I haven't heard a single Christmas song in a mall, store or shops. But I haven't been shopping very much either.

So I don't really have a song that I don't like to hear, but I have two, a little special songs for you.

Silent night in meauw

and the most famous French Christmas song which everybody can sing. Tino Rossi sang "Petit Papa Noël" (little Father Christmas) for the first time in 1946, it was sold more than thirty million copies worldwide ! and it's still the favourite, although other singers sang it, like Celine Dion.

6 Dec 2009


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This time I want to take you through the two shopping Galeries we have in Waterloo, called originally "the new and the old gallery" !

Here is the entrance of the "old" one, all in red. In these Galleries are the most expensive boutiques and you need a very, very well furnished bank account.

A look out of the parking

And this is the "new" Gallery. All in blue and icy.

the ceiling

escalator and steps to the parking