30 Mar 2019


When I lived with my parents I was never allowed to cook. My mother was so much afraid that I could mess up her kitchen.

Once living of my own I wanted to show that I am able to bake a cake and choose one with yeast dough. I don't remember what cake it was exactly because it never came to an end.

Proudly I spread all ingredients on the table and the cookbook and prepared the dough. It went perfectly and I was very satisfied. Somebody had told me to cover the dough with a towel and put it in a warm place so that it could rise and unfold like a flower. I had made a small one at least I thought so. When everything was ready I put the bowl with the dough and towel close to the radiator and left for work. I thought now it has time to fully develop and nobody bothers it.

When I came back from my office the whole entrance smelled delicious yeast dough ! I opened the door to my apartment and saw the catastrophe. The bowl had disappeared under a thick layer of dough that stretched to the carpet! It was just awful. It looked like a witch's kitchen.

I cleaned everything and swore that I would never bake a cake again in my life and kept my word until today !  Now I let the others bake, I prefer to test if it's good.

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29 Mar 2019


This week seemed to me just like one very long day. Since Monday I am carrying myself from sofa to bed and the other way around. I had fever and felt so weak. On top of that Mr. G. had fallen out of his bed (again) but this time had broken his hip and was in hospital. No way to talk to him on Monday they must have given him medicine to knock out a bull he didn't answer the phone.

The nurses told me that he had spent an agitated night and had twaddled all night. But he does that also often even if he is "normal". This time it came from a very high fever. We could only wait for the fever to go down so they could fix his hip.

Each day I called first the nurses to get his news as I couldn't go there in my state then I called him, when he answered he thought we were in a train and wondered if it was the right on. I left him in his train and hoped for the best. My neighbor brought him things he needed and did the shopping for me. She is such an adorable girl and a nurse too. Yesterday and today when I called him he was his old self and I was so relieved. Having a crazy husband is the worst which can happen. So it seems that I don't have to follow him into the train or do some shopping in the supermarket.

As a united family my son had caught the flu too and had to stay home. Only the cats seem to have escaped !

Today he was finally operated and I got the first news in the afternoon. Everything was OK, there were no problems and he is now in a room to wake up completely. My "nurse" was there and did everything for me and now we have to wait until the Weekend is over  when he will be transferred into a rehabilitation center. The worst is over !! I hope that my flu will be gone by then. 

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26 Mar 2019


Nothing to add ....

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It doesn't happen very often that I have a writing blockage and my head is completely empty. I am stuck at home with a flu, a real one and there is nothing to do but taking paracetamol and drink a lot of water. The fever is gone fortunately, but I feel very weak. Mr. G. is now in isolation ward the fever has gone down but by falling out of his bed he has broken one hip ! It was not the first time that he fell out of his bed and I had fixed a barrier so that he couldn't fall out, but of course after a while he had taken it off, pretending that now he wouldn't fall out again !

Unfortunately I didn't listen and insist that he keeps the barrier, and now it's too late ! I don't know yet when he will be operated because there are some check ups to be done. The worst is that I can't go to the hospital because I am sick myself. Fortunately we have lot of good friends and everybody offers his help. For the moment we can't do anything but wait. My son calls everyday the hospital too. The poor guy has also flu hopefully it's only a cold !  That he stayed home he must feel very bad.

25 Mar 2019


I protect myself  against microbes !


Our city had organized a concert with an imitator of Johnny Hallyday, the French (poor) version of Elvis Presley of whom he had been a big fan. He died in December 2017 and a million of Frenchs stood along the Champs Elysees where his coffin was carried to the church St. Madeleine, where the coffin was received by the French president and his wife. Johnny Halliday was only known in French speaking countries. Now he was 74 years old  and had been the idol of my generation.

Therefore the public was all retired people who loved to hear his songs, reminding them their youth. Not me, because I didn't like his French copying of Elvis and preferred to listen to the original !

Anyway the oldies had a lot of fun and were swinging to the music, despite back aches, arthritis etc. Of course I wanted to see that. The only thing the imitator had in commun with the original was the voice, otherwise nothing, he didn't even wear a fancy costume. So everybody was a bit disappointed.
But we spent a nice afternoon and went for a glass together in a nearby Brasserie.

My son and Toby had arrived and we went to a restaurant together. Mr. G.  was ill, he had a big cold and had to stay home. The parents of Toby's little friend  had gone to a Birthday and my son "babysitted".

We had a real nice time together.

The next morning I heard strange noises and Mr. G talking and talking and when I looked into his room he had fallen out of his bed and talked nonsense. He thought he was in a supermarket ! I couldn't lift him up, fortunately our son was here and immediate came to help, but he had all difficulties to put his father into bed, as he couldn't stand. I called the ambulance, and now he is in hospital in intensive care. What a weekend ! And started a cold !

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