30 Mar 2019


When I lived with my parents I was never allowed to cook. My mother was so much afraid that I could mess up her kitchen.

Once living of my own I wanted to show that I am able to bake a cake and choose one with yeast dough. I don't remember what cake it was exactly because it never came to an end.

Proudly I spread all ingredients on the table and the cookbook and prepared the dough. It went perfectly and I was very satisfied. Somebody had told me to cover the dough with a towel and put it in a warm place so that it could rise and unfold like a flower. I had made a small one at least I thought so. When everything was ready I put the bowl with the dough and towel close to the radiator and left for work. I thought now it has time to fully develop and nobody bothers it.

When I came back from my office the whole entrance smelled delicious yeast dough ! I opened the door to my apartment and saw the catastrophe. The bowl had disappeared under a thick layer of dough that stretched to the carpet! It was just awful. It looked like a witch's kitchen.

I cleaned everything and swore that I would never bake a cake again in my life and kept my word until today !  Now I let the others bake, I prefer to test if it's good.

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mamasmercantile said...

Oh my goodness, quite the catastrophe! Glad you must be feeling a little better if you are making cakes.

Mara said...

I never have had that happen to me. The only thing that always goes wrong is when I make scones. They look like cookies and taste like bricks!

William Kendall said...

That would no doubt happen to me too.

Tamago said...

Hahaha sorry but I laughed with the image of “witch’s kitchen” :-)
But if I handle dough, probably the same or similar thing would happen!

Andrew said...

What some people do to get out of cooking. It must have been a funny sight.

Loree said...

I hope that you and Mr G are feeling better now. I made a cake today. A chocolate cake. It took just 10 minutes and it very good. There's no yeast in it though:)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So funny! I had a good time catching up on all your posts I missed, but of course only this one made me smile. I'm so sorry you had such a flu and at such a bad time. I was sick for two weeks and am still not feeling totally up to par. I thought it was just a bad bad head/chest cold, but now I think maybe I also had the flu because I was so tired and had body aches. But I am better.