28 Nov 2009


During my holidays in Egypt, I had met a 76 year old German lady who comes here in this hotel since 2000 and always stays for 2 months, except in summer and at Christmas.

She is alone, and spending three times two months in this Hotel costs her less then living in Germany, she has no heating costs and doesn't have to cook or do her shopping, and the most important thing is, she always finds somebody to talk to, and meets new people from all over the world. The only problem with her was, she knew everything about everything and of course was always right.

One day I was the victim. Each day after the beach and my shower I was sitting on the Hotel's terrace and was "working" on my computer, when she sat down besides me to chat.

I told her, that I had difficulties with Internet connection.

Yes, she said, we had that already last year when the water pipes broke, it's due to the broken pipes.

Water pipes ??? I said, water works perfectly, I mean internet connection for my computer, that has nothing to do with water pipes it goes through satellite. (I thought it would be a simple explanation)

Yes, yes, she said, I know that, don't take me for an old stupid woman ! They already had water pipes on the satellite in the 60th !

I gave up and smiled at her and sincerely hoped that Internet would go through water pipes, at least they was no problem.

So please next time you have difficulties with your Internet connection call the plumber, he will fix it for you.

See you learn new things every day !

27 Nov 2009


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Today I will show you what I have brought back from Egypt. I did some Christmas shopping and also got some gifts for my friends.

There is a lot of junk souvenir articles to buy but I found these quite nice. Cups are usually very beautiful and little blocks in leather to put besides the phone very pratical. I also bought ballpens, address books, book signs out of papyrus, pencil boxes and two cats of course. The necklaces are made out of beautiful shells. I even bought some medication because they are exactly the same then ours, but the price is not even half of what it costs here !

For myself I bought these two necklaces which Rosie inspects with some doubts.

The other things I can't show, because they are a Christmas secret !

26 Nov 2009


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As you may have noticed I am back from Egypt

13. random tales

1. On the flight back, no problem with the wheelchair, I had complained. We were received by a friendly man with the wheelchair, conducted through check in and customs.

2. At the pass control, I pushed Chantal's wheelchair, unfortunately also over the feet of the policeman. It was his fault he didn't move a bit to make me some space !! He really got angry but a gave him my sweet "sorry" smile.

3. I noticed again, that as soon as a man wears an uniform he takes himself for very important. Especially cops. Without, and naked they all look the same I suppose, I didn't check.

4. A truck with an elevator picked us up and drove us to the plane.

5. Over Brussels the plane moved like a happy dog tail it was very windy

6. Mr. G for once found us immediately. Usually I have to call him and find him standing behind me because he hadn't seen me. But this time he couldn't miss us because of the wheelchair.

7. The cats noticed my coming back with different reactions.

8. Next morning I opened the shutters and wanted to close them again right away. Instead of blue sky, palm trees and a bright sunshine I saw all grey and wet and the wind whistled around the house.

9. I did like my cats, I refused to go out ! There was still some food in the fridge and Mr. G. had done some shopping.

10. I missed the fight to get a coffee spoon, cup and plate. Everything was there. Mr. G. refused to play a Russian.

11. Then normal life had me back ! I unpacked my suitcase and throw everything in the washing machine

12. I went shopping and didn't have to haggle (how boring)

13. I spent the morning at the phone informing everybody about my holiday adventures

you can biggify

The truck with the elevator drove us directly to the plane's door. I think it is wonderful what had been done to help handicapped people to travel



To all my American friends

25 Nov 2009

24 Nov 2009


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23 Nov 2009

FUN MONDAY - No Thanksgiving

Wendishness our host this week said :

I thought we could consider Thanksgiving Day which will be the following Thursday in the USA. Though I know a lot of us aren’t in the US so don’t celebrate this, it might be nice to share some of the things we are thankful for in our lives.

In Belgium and the rest of Europe we don't celebrate "Thanksgiving" for the simple reason that we stayed in the "old" world and didn't emigrate to the "new" one with the Mayflower pilgrims. The "first Thanksgiving" was the celebration at the site of Plymouth Plantation, in 1621. The Plymouth celebration occurred early in the history of what would become one of the original thirteen colonies that became the United States. The celebration became an important part of the American myth by the 1800s.

Being part of the once whose ancestors stayed here, I have other things to celebrate today for which I am thankful.

I just returned from my holidays in Egypt and arrived yesterday evening safe and sound at home, my head is still full of memories and I was very thankful for the most simplest things in the world :

- That my bed didn't break down again in my room
- That I found a cup to drink my coffee (finally I bought my own)
- That there was a plate to put food on
- That somebody had filled the coffee machine
- That we got a knife a fork and a spoon. The dream of a coffee spoon we gave up.
- That I didn't have to run behind 3 or 4 waiters to get a paper napkin
- That they only asked me once to empty my half full glass because they needed it to prepare a cocktail for another client and apparently that was the only cocktail glass they had in a 4* lol Hotel, and I only had an alcohol free beer in there.
- That we found a beach bed every morning
- That we got toilet paper and towels

And as we got this all and my bed didn't break down again, I am very thankful and decided not to go back to the Regina Beach Hotel again !

It looks so beautiful, but the service is lousy.

22 Nov 2009


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I take you on a walk through a typical souvenir shop in Egypt. It has a lot of success because the owner understood our mentality and has fixed prices so, you don't have to haggle. You will find Gods, pharaohs, kings and queens on all kind of things from a lighter through plates until toilet paper holders.

these should bring luck

and this is the God of Fertility, nice on your mantle piece or window sill

cats of course

mother of pearl boxes

When your read this I am sitting in the plane to fly home into the cold and grey Belgian weather.