20 Jan 2023


What a week ! Raining every day, grey skies a real blue Monday week ! I stayed home on Monday and did such an interesting thing like pushing on the button of the washing machine. Then I dealt with old pictures from 1974 which I updated a bit and now they are nicer than the originals.

This brought me back to the past, when we were just young parents of a one year old little boy. At that time we used to dress the same and here you can see that we were both wearing flower printed jeans ! Instead of a hat, I wore a wig, which was so fashionable at the time. I remembered this picture well because 2 minutes later little Dario pulled my wig over my nose! Such funny memories ! 

I was so busy that I forgot the laundry in the machine, and only took it out the next day ! As distraction I had to go shopping which I did in no time, bought for at least 3 weeks, because snow was announced.

and for once the weatherman was right, it really snowed. Not very much compared to other countries but still enough that the whole traffic broke down and there were many accidents. 

Toby's Dad sent me these two pictures, showing Toby with his new and very sophisticated computer for which he had saved money for 3 years, that thing costs a lot. But since he is very talented in computer things, the purchase was worth it.

He was very proud when he told me on the phone that he had a 10/10 in German, I didn't even know that he had chosen German as a foreign language, since he already knows French, and English is spoken at school, so he thought of German as second language. Soon we will be able to speak German to each other ! 

In the afternoons Adeline and I visited each other, to see something else then the same walls all the time. I also selected interesting posts to keep for a book which took me some time, and memories came back again. 

Meanwhile I also had booked our cruise on the Danube filled in all the documents and sent them back, everything by email, that's much faster. Because of all this, I had forgotten my laundry again, that had been in the laundry basket now for 3 days. The laundry was nearly dry but a little wrinkled, I stretched everything and now it looks as if it was ironed. 

Rosie had the same week as me and as activity put her tail from left to right, moved an ear and even yawned once. Here is her resume of the week, during the day she sleeps in her basket but in the evening on my lap to watch my Miss Marple like crime stories.

Rosie's favorite fives !

What is that white stuff ?


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18 Jan 2023


 Rick is visiting our neighbor and his body guard is waiting to walk him back home ! 

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16 Jan 2023








Saturday waking up I thought I stay in bed whole day ! The wind whistled around the building and the rain knocked at the windows. Although my apartment is very silent, there suddenly was a lot of noise.

After a cup of coffee I thought I just will watch some sunny places in the world, when suddenly I realized that my friend Dominique would come after lunch ! I quickly prepared Rick's room for her and checked my fridge for eatable things, fortunately she is an easy uncomplicated girl and I just didn't have to make any special arrangements. 

She arrived at 2.30 pm, and told me that the driving had been awful because of the strong wind and the rain, and she almost cancelled our appointment. But once arrived, we studied all travel agencies which offered River cruises on the Danube. 

Finally we found the ideal one, a wonderful cruise on the river, with everything included from Brussels to Bucarest and return, and on Monday I will see if there are still a cabin available.

We both felt better immediately and I looked on YouTube to see if anyone had filmed this cruise. And then we saw our journey and could already start dreaming about it. Suddenly we didn't see the awful weather outside anymore. 

For supper I had gnocchi with mozzarella cheese, spinach and cherry tomatoes. Dominique had never eaten this Italian dish and liked it very much.  After supper we watched a funny movie and went then to bed. 

Rosie was so pleased about this visit that she sang out loud all night and raced around the apartment distributing her mice. Poor Dominique woke up several times! I didn't hear anything as I had my earplugs. 

On Sunday morning we had agreed that she doesn't have to wait for breakfast for me or the other way around so she slept until she woke up and I did the same and then we met in the living room, both in our bathrobes and I had my coffee. Then we dreamed again about our cruise and chatted until suddenly it was noon, and maybe time to get dressed. Which we did. Outside it was the same weather as the day before and we were happy to stay in the warmth and had lunch in front of the TV, cheese, rice biscuits, grapes and tangerines while watching "Johnny English" and laughing terribly, which was good for us. 

Before heading home, Dominique lay down for half an hour, she gets tired quickly with her Parkinson's. Since she is the ideal guest who doesn't do any work at all and eats what's on the table, I didn't have to clean anything up and wrote this post.