9 Mar 2018


View from my sofa

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It was a little warmer this week which started with our usual Scrabble game. This time we were again only four because Ilona had to wait for a new parquet to be delivered and was stuck at home. Nevertheless I lost as usual and our half blind friend won ! But we had a lot of fun and talked about our holidays.

My freezer is an old one and has to be emptied at least once a year and defrost. Despite the fact that I had put towels on the floor so much water came out that I almost had a flooding ! What was left in the freezer I had given to my neighbor and when it was done she came and brought me the whole stuff, so kind of her.

Now the freezer nearly empty I had to fill it in and went food shopping. That's not my favorite task honestly, but if we don't want to starve I have to do it. Mr. G. loves more to go for shopping so for little things I ask him to go, because if I give him a shopping list he buys all kind of stuff except that what is on the list.

I had bought some tea in Egypt for Ilona and went over to bring it to her and when I arrived I realized that I had left it on the kitchen table. She wanted me to show her how to book a flight online, but at the end we chatted and I didn't show nothing. Will be for the next time.

Our painting class was reduced, because a mobile theatre was installed for the residents of the retirement home, unfortunately I didn't see the whole stage when it was finished because they kindly asked us to leave shortly before noon. We were not many in our group, there are several of my classmates who are sick with flew or bronchitis. We all thought it would be over but apparently it started again.

After class we Nicole, another friend I went for lunch near the Waterloo lion. It was really delicious

I had a delicious salad "called crazy salad" and then salmon with a sauce mousseline

The restaurant is modern but cozy and Nicole studies the wine card

But then opted for a beer. Another week has gone by. 

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7 Mar 2018


My bed decorated with figures made out of bath towels

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Some of you may remember the rather strange temporary internet connection which our provider had installed in November (post here) and which had been finally repaired on February 2, three months later !

A reporter of the Belgian TV had seen on Facebook my description of this rather crazy connection which crossed the street and led through our cat flap into the basement !  They made a movie out of it for a consumer program which is broadcasted each evening.

I tried to make some photos from the film, but they are not very good

here I show the cable which lied for 3 months across the street, cars driving over it.

and ended through the cat flap. We also had had to dig a hole for nothing in our garden because the company was wrong in their measures, the connection point was in the street and not on our ground.

At the end the manager of the internet provider came to check the work and discussed with Mr. G. He granted us "generously" 130 Euros, which doesn't even cover the costs to tidy up the garden. But as usual these companies have such small printed clauses that nobody reads them.

and here is the broadcasting of our adventure from the Belgian Television.

6 Mar 2018


Each week a fruit festival took place in our hotel in Egypt. As we stayed two weeks we were lucky to attend two fruit festivals one with strawberries and one week later with melons.

It started by a procession with cooks carrying the enormous tray with the strawberries on, followed by Egyptian musicians

It was very cheerful !

Then the tray was put on a huge table

and people were running to see the event listen to the music and then picked up the strawberry cakes, salads and skewers

I had never seen such a lot of strawberries in my whole life !

Everything was eaten up in no time and the strawberries were delicious, so juicy (but not with water) and tasted the sunshine and real strawberries, not what I find here in our supermarkets !

The following week was the turn of melons. I could watch the preparations from my beachbed

A table with different colored cocktails all with melon juice was dressed and then the tray arrived the same way as the strawberries.

The procession arrives

It really looked very beautiful and the melons were so tasty !! again no comparison to those who are sold labelled "organic" I think only the price is organic, same with the strawberries.

The leader of our animation team had a lot of fun with the musicians and danced, and again everything disappeared very quickly !

and for those who were a little late, there was nothing left !

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5 Mar 2018


Paillette from my camera case

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I still am not quite myself probably due to the temperature difference, it can't be a jet lag because there is only one hour difference and one hour had never bothered me. But I never experienced coming home from 30°C to minus 6 °.

Nevertheless it had been a nice weekend because my son and grandson came to visit us, but they stayed over night at my son's best friend's house because the two little boys wanted to play together of course. It also had snowed and they have a big property with a hill, where they could ride down with a sleigh.

After that they came over for lunch.

They played with dinosaur and built barns for them. From the slide ride they were quite hungry and had a real  good appetite

Mr G. had bought Easter eggs and Benji had never eaten a colored egg, it was really funny when they broke and pealed it.

Then they posed for Mr. G. with his Ferrari helmet and an Alpine hunter hat from the first world war from his uncle who was an Italian mountain soldier. I think Mr. G. had more fun then they had but they were very cooperative.

Then they returned to more interesting games letting fight the dinosaurs.

He also tried to make the same face as me

and we laughed because here he looks almost like me. When they were gone I played a little bit with this new appliance my son had found,

I made myself to a Hollywood star

and to a serial killer !

On Sunday the visit was quite short, my son slept a bit he was tired probably with too much chatting with his friend, not only women are chatterboxes.  Toby and I watched TV amongst others "Mr. Bean"

At 3.30 pm they returned home to Amsterdam and we to our TV !