9 Mar 2018


View from my sofa

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It was a little warmer this week which started with our usual Scrabble game. This time we were again only four because Ilona had to wait for a new parquet to be delivered and was stuck at home. Nevertheless I lost as usual and our half blind friend won ! But we had a lot of fun and talked about our holidays.

My freezer is an old one and has to be emptied at least once a year and defrost. Despite the fact that I had put towels on the floor so much water came out that I almost had a flooding ! What was left in the freezer I had given to my neighbor and when it was done she came and brought me the whole stuff, so kind of her.

Now the freezer nearly empty I had to fill it in and went food shopping. That's not my favorite task honestly, but if we don't want to starve I have to do it. Mr. G. loves more to go for shopping so for little things I ask him to go, because if I give him a shopping list he buys all kind of stuff except that what is on the list.

I had bought some tea in Egypt for Ilona and went over to bring it to her and when I arrived I realized that I had left it on the kitchen table. She wanted me to show her how to book a flight online, but at the end we chatted and I didn't show nothing. Will be for the next time.

Our painting class was reduced, because a mobile theatre was installed for the residents of the retirement home, unfortunately I didn't see the whole stage when it was finished because they kindly asked us to leave shortly before noon. We were not many in our group, there are several of my classmates who are sick with flew or bronchitis. We all thought it would be over but apparently it started again.

After class we Nicole, another friend I went for lunch near the Waterloo lion. It was really delicious

I had a delicious salad "called crazy salad" and then salmon with a sauce mousseline

The restaurant is modern but cozy and Nicole studies the wine card

But then opted for a beer. Another week has gone by. 

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  1. Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Total failure. Your forgot the tea and didn't show your friend how to book a flight online. But it did not matter. Manana.

  3. Oh yes, love the photos from your sofa.

  4. You're a busy gal! I love the view from your sofa.

  5. The food looks good! I love salmon!
    I would like to play Scrabble, but no one else wants to play. I play Dominoes with cousins on Sunday afternoons, and I go to a seniors group for Bingo games (free) once a month. In February I won a bottle of very good shampoo for my hair!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sounds like a great week. That restaurant looks great and love the views from your sofa!

  7. Interesting the stage the acting group was putting up. Sorry there weren't many in the painting group that day. Looks like a delicious salad. I fixed a wonderful salmon dinner last night. Except for having to clean out and defrost that freezer it sounds like you had a good week.

  8. What a beautiful sky! And I love your large windows. Our windows are all very small.
    I wonder what will be played at mobile theater :-)

    Have a great weekend! xo

  9. The restaurant looks great but what is the food served on? I like plates. Friend and I went out for lunch once and our food was served on what looked like a bread board, we asked for plates as we didn't want our food sliding onto the floor. But I admit I live in a very unsophisticated part of the world.

  10. As the saying goes "I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!". It is good to have some warmer weather after all that snow and ice

  11. That food looks delicious!

  12. Such a beautiful sky. The meal looks delicious and it is always nice to have a treat out.

  13. Our freezer has to be defrosted regularly and I hate having to do it. I love salmon so that meal would have suited me. Shame about the art group but hopefully the residents enjoyed the theatre show.

  14. It's nice to have friends you can rely on. I don't like to shop, either. Hubby doesn't seem to mind so he picks up 'forgotten' stuff on his way home from work.

  15. Lunch out with a friend is always nice. You sound like me with leaving things at home on the table. I always seem to be doing that.

  16. I am very late visiting for FFF this week! It is almost time for the next. Some grocery stores here have the option to shop online, and then you just drive to the store and someone brings your groceries out to your car. I just tried it for the first time this morning and loved it! I pick up my first order later today, so we'll see if they got everything right. My son uses it for another store and is greatly pleased with it.

    Lunch out with a friend is a favorite.


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