21 Apr 2012


Blogger staff meeting :
"implementing these changes won't be easy !
We're pretty set in doing things the wrong way "

Help ! I was forced to switch to the new IMPROVED ????? Blogger version. Can only say, why make it easy when you can do it in a complicated way ! So please if there is something wrong in my settings, please tell me !

What do I have to do to be able to type the names "UNDER" the pictures ??? 

I just discovered that I am not the only one getting older, but some celebrities really let themselves go  ! 

Mickey Rourke

Nick Nolte

Sylvester Stone

Brigitte Bardot

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kirstie Alley

20 Apr 2012


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1. Normal life returned to Belgium, because when there are school holidays, everything changes even the bus timetables ! I am forced to have holidays too for all of my weekly activities. No Acqua Gym, no Yoga and no Painting ! I am also an unemployed grandma, because we don't live in the same country.

After our Acqua gym we had a long "tea time" chatting and one of my classmates who had to go home breastfeeding her little 3 month old boy, told us that she was 45 and the baby had arrived completely unexpected ! The first boy was born with the help of "in vitro" 9 years ago because they couldn't get a child !First she thought she started her menopause, and nearly fainted when her gynecologist told her that she was pregnant and this time in the normal way ! Isn't that surprising?

2. My feet started to ache in my shoes, no surprise my footnails looked like my cat's claws ! I went to the pedicure and now I feel better. She is a young woman of 34 and we were talking about the groups or singers still in fashion who are dead meanwhile like Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson whom she likes especially.

3.We also had our yoga classes again and I learned to do "gymastic" with my eyes. Now I am specialist to peer on people discretely !


The weather couldn't be more bad, it rains and storms and it's cold so finally I managed to put a new curtain on the shelf in the guestroom's bathroom. I fixed it with two cute hairclips.

I also got this cute cat for my cat collection from my cleaning lady which she had brought me from Poland. Soon I need to built a second house !

5. Bad weather or not, Ilona, Chantal and I decided to have lunch together in our favorite Asian restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch and after that we returned to my home and had coffee there and chatted until 5 pm ! Now the world is better !

19 Apr 2012


Jenny Matlock
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Our cat Arthur loves everybody unless it is proved that the person in question is not worthwhile to be attended. But in our street he likes everybody and everybody likes him.

He loves to sit on cars and watch the street and leaving his velvet paw prints on the cars very much to the owners delight.

One day he saw our neighbour cleaning his car armed with a bucket and a sponge. Arthur immediately ran over to see if he did everything right. First he checked the water in the bucket by putting one of his delicate velvet paw inside, then he shook it vigorously, stating that water was wet.

He then slit elegantly tail up through and around the neigbour's legs and was surprised that the poor man almost fell over the bucket. I heard him shouting "go away Arthur, you are in my way" but as usual Arthur sometimes has serious hearing problems.

So he stayed there and sat on the little wall besides the car. With his huge yellow eyes he followed every movement of the sponge, turning his head into the same directions.

Then he tried to start a conversation. But on his "Meow" questions, he got the answer "What do you want ?" Arthur thought the man is crazy he didn't want anything just a little chat.

As he didn't get an answer he started to clean his velvet paws, which should normally be white but were a little grey.

Finally the car was finished and sparkled in the sunshine. Arthur happy that the car was finally clean, left his velvet paws like they were and jumped on the car roof, leaving cute little velvet paw prints all over from the hood to the trunk to embellish it. I won't repeat here what the neighbor said to Arthur ! I risk to be censured by Blogger !

Arthur very much offended returned home !

18 Apr 2012


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What do you want ? let me read my book !

(Grandson Toby in the car)

17 Apr 2012

MY WORLD - Volendam, The Netherlands

We had spent Easter with our son an family in Amsterdam. On Easter Sunday as the sun was shining we made an excursion to Volendam.

Volendam is a fishermen village in North Holland, 20 kilometres north of Amsterdam. Sometimes called "the pearl of the Zuiderzee". It is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands, well-known for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. Read more here

16 Apr 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of April 14, 2012.

On Saturday I did some shopping, and the afternoon I was busy with some blog stuff and cleaning.

But I had an excellent and very funny evening. Dominique's son François whom I know since years had created a new band together with some friends. They were noticed by the local Radio and now sponsored by them.

Dominique had gotten 4 cards and had invited me, Ilona and a friend of hers. There were lots of people waiting at the door to be opened. It brought me 50 (!!) years back when I started to attend concerts and watch private bands. So many memories !

and for the first time I got a stamp on my hand, when I was 18 or 19 we didn't need to be "stamped".

I made a collage of the event. François is in the middle and in the last range you can see the proud mom Dominique, Ilona, me and Dominique dancing and enjoying. I had decided once and for all that I wouldn't dance anymore because I don't want to look like the mummy Mike Jagger, who looks so ridiculous to jump around at his age like an old flea (we have the same age, both born in 1943) but the music was so infectuous, that finally I followed my friends ! It was really a great evening and we felt like teenagers again.

I went very close to the stage and made this little video. Of course the sound is not so good as the
professional record of Cheeky Jack here. François was happy to see his mother and her friends. Later on came his brother and a load full of cousins and friends. All generations were there from the youngst maybe 12 to the oldest like Ilona and I with our 69 wise years of age !

Despite my dancing, nothing hurt the next day, apparently my bones are still fit. The weather was lousy grey, windy and cold so I just went to the market to buy our supper as on Sundays we are both on strike for preparing food.

I bought green beans with bacon, mushrums in garlic and little roasted potatoes. It was impossible to take a picture of the roasted chicken, because Arthur started to meow his operas and wanted to jump on the plate ! Nothing can hold him back when it smells "chicken" !

I spent a lazy afternoon and in the evening we watched "Ladykillers" with Tom Hanks. Dominique came over and I showed her the pictures I had taken and the little videos, she was very happy with the result and I too, when I think that I only have this little Sony Cyber Shot camera.

After the film we chatted about the concert, she can be really proud of her son. He started this as a leisure group and they became successful. In "real" life he is a sound engineer.

15 Apr 2012


On a Belgian webside for children, the children were asked to send in what silly things they had done last week. It was very interesting so I translated it for you so that you can read this to your children or grandchildren :

- I put a screwdriver in the plug of our living room and blow all fuses of the building

- We picked up dog poops and put them at a witches front door and waited that she steps in

- I put glue on the chair of my teacher

- I invited a friend and we painted my room, I don't know why my parents went beserk

- I put a little firework in our open fireplace for New Year's eve and it exploded when dad lighted the wood.

- I dropped a jerrycan of oil in the garage and dad slipped out and felt on his bottom

- I laughed loud in religion, because my neighbor had photos of naked women

- I put the fish bowl on the plate warmer because the water was so cold, I don't know what happened, but all 3 of them died.

- I wanted to ride the car of my dad and suddenly it went off in our garage door

- We put the skeleton in our English teachers wardrobe. She got histerical when it fell on her

- When we were at the beach I shot on topless women with my waterpistol, it was so funny when they turned around and I could see their boobs.

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