3 Nov 2012


My mood falls too :

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2 Nov 2012


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1. The week was rather boring, not to speak about the weather and my cold loves me so much that it doesn't want to leave me. The only possibility to go outside was going inside somewhere. To cheer me up I went to a very big toy store

which is really a dreamland for kids ! From baby age til teenagers they really have everything. As Toby's birthday approaches, I updated myself on the last toy fashion and finally found something very nice. It's only for November 17th, so it's a secret.

2. My friend Nicole asked me to help her with her curtains to hang them up because they are very large, of course we combined this "work" with a long chat coffee and cake.

Her dog Charly was happy about the company but even more when he shared the cake with us !

3.The beautiful bouquet my son brought me three weeks ago started to striptease slowly, slowly

which doesn't bother Arthur who collects the leaves on his back.

4. Since more than three years this house was built and is still empty. Nobody knows exactly why ! The other day I heard a terrible noise and when I looked out of the window I saw a big metal arm collecting something, fortunately it was still daylight otherwise it would have been quiet spooky !

There is never a move in this house, although somebody sometimes opens and closes the windows.


Since I started this blog 6 years ago, this was the first year , that I couldn't make any Halloween pictures. There was simply nothing. Not in the shop windows, no Halloween party in the Waterloo park and in our street only one house was "decorated" and that was the first time ! My other neighbor who always had such a nice Halloween decoration,  had done nothing, probably because their son is now too "old" ! I went to Ilona, because in her area there was always Halloween decorations in the street, but there too, nothing. So we we decided to be witches who take a cup of tea together and I went home without pictures.

5. There was "All Saints" day which is a holiday in Belgium, and the use is that the whole population visits graveyards to clean the graves and put flowers on them. The whole year the graveyards look rather dull, but on this one day it's full of crysanths which are used as grave decorations. There is even a big reportage in the News about the graveyard visits all over Belgium.

I love this plant because it even blooms in November and bought two for our frontyard, despite the fact that there is no grave there (at least not to my knowledge), but it rained so much that I couldn't plant them yet. I wanted to go on the old Waterloo cimetary, with beautiful statues and take some pictures, but with my faithful cold,  I decided to stay inside and not risk to find myself at the place of crysanths !

Rosie celebrated perfectly "All Saints" Day.

1 Nov 2012


Jenny Matlock
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When I was raking my brain to find a word starting with an X, I had x ideas, which could mean that I had a lot or no ideas. Not very clear. As usual I asked my dear friend Wikipedia and I learned a lot about X !

Its use in maths, X is often used to represent unknowns in other circumstances (e.g. Person X, Place X, etc.; see also Malcolm X). What I don't understand is why a person, a place or even dear Malcom has to do with maths ??

X-rays are so called because their discoverer did not know what they were. That happens often with me when I discover something which I don't know ! Very logical explanation indeed.

X has been used as a namesake for a generation of humans: Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X. It is the generation born after the baby boom ended, ranging from 1961 to 1981.  I wonder if this generation has problems with sizes up to XXXXL only because they belong to the Generation X ?

X is also used for referring to 'the end of conversation'. Of course I ignore this meaning, because there is never an X in my converations.

X is used by the illiterate in lieu of a signature and indicates a signature line on forms. As I am not illiterated I use three X to sign anonymous letters.

In cartoons, Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character
. Didn't know that, probably I haven't read cartoons with dead characters.

X is commonly used as a generic mark (selecting an item on a form, indicating a location on a map, etc.). That's true, when I see an X on a map, I don't know where I am ! Although even without X,  I don't know where I am.

What Wikipedia has forgotten that X can be the nightmare of a woman when it comes to sizes ! "XS" is rather nice but when it cames to XL or more Xs combined with an L it could become a tragedy !

Of course there is also another X section which I don't dare to mention here for the simple reason that Google considers my blog as "family friendly" and I don't want to attract thousands of spammers too, who would think they could find here some beautiful naked women in rather acrobatic poses. I suppose that you are old enough to know what I mean ! If not some male around you will know !

To conclude this X post I wish you all that the day X comes when you win a million of dollars or euros ! 

When I googled : "cartoons" for this special section I got various pictures ! I was rather surprised that Snow White  and Donald Duck belong to the X category! It must have been Madame Google who made this choice.

31 Oct 2012

30 Oct 2012


As in some parts of our World, Halloween is approaching I thought I should show you a bar in Brussels, located in a little street near the Grand'Place. It's open the whole year and has nothing to do with Halloween.

It must be very old, because when I was 20, the bar existed already and I have been in there several times with a group of friends. It was very funny !

The window shows a skeleton in a coffin

which, to cheer you up wears a rose in its mouth !

This is the entrance to "Le Cercueil" which means "The coffin"

Some nice graffitis on both sides. I couldn't go inside because it was early afternoon and the bar only opens in the evenings.

But I found some pictures to show you how it looks inside

the lamps


and their various famous cocktails with very original names ! You can order :

Vampire blood
cadaver juice
Demon's sperm
Virgin's elixir
bat's hemoglobin etc.

The beer "Mort subite" (sudden death) is served in these chops.

It is the ideal place to cheer you up during the whole year !

29 Oct 2012


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It is unbelievable how the temperature went down ! Last weekend we could sit in the garden and had around 20°C (68 F) and more, while this Saturday morning it had frozen for the first time this year and the thermometer showed - 3°C (26 F) !! When I looked out of the window the cars in the street had all a white roof. I digged out my winter pullovers and jacket and went out shopping as if I would go to the northpole !

When I left the house in the evening to go with Dominique and Nicole to the theatre I left this still life behind me ! They all prefered to stay inside in the warmth.

The theatre is located in an old little town and is a converted farm. The lobby were drinks are served is here inside.

It looks very cosy. After the theater this place was full !

Before we went to see the play we had supper in the Theatre's restaurant.

It was full and the food delicious we had a "Tajine" and then a coffee. By then it was already time to cross the courtyard and to go inside the Theatre for which the barn had been converted. The seats and the stage were inside this barn which still had the old walls and the beams at the ceiling.

The piece was excellent it was a comedy from Sacha Guitry and we all had a lot of fun. The actors (only four) were really very good !

After the theatre we drove home, and I had to scratch off the ice on my windshield for fifteen minutes ! It was really very cold. Fortunately the streets weren't icy and we arrived safely home.

On Sunday morning the sun was shining again and the sky was deep blue. Nicole and I decided to take the bus and go to the Brussels' Midi Market. It was freezing cold, but in the sunshine we could even sit outside and have a coffee on the terrace of my usual little café where I meet my cigarette supplier ! Nicole bought fabric for curtains to an unbelievable cheap price, we also bought appels, peaches, oranges and grapes. The fruits are very fresh, they mostly come directly from Morocco. That's real bio or organic !

I also bought warm stockings, and a cute very warm pyjama and then loaded like donkies we took the bus home.

Later in the afternoon I went over to Dominique to wish her a happy birthday and we had a little chat together.

The market was crowded !

28 Oct 2012


This morning I had to sleep one hour longer ! What a shame ! Although I agree, I saved a little bit of electricity because when I woke up I had daylight and didn't have to use our electricity. I mean normally I shouldn't have used it, but as it was so grey outside I could hardly find my slippers and had to switch on the light anyway.

I had set my clock on the bedside table to winter time, checked my computer who had done it alone, Mr. G. had taken care of the rest, only he had forgotten the Microwave, but that didn't change anything in the warm up process.

The cats didn't care they don't have paw-watches, they want to eat when they are hungry which means at 6 am or during the whole night, but for that I have dry food.

Therefore we started our day as usual, and only realized the electricity saving at 5 pm, because it got dark and we had to switch on the light one hour earlier otherwise we would have to sit in the dark.

So honnestly why are we forced to change time if we have to use electric light one hour earlier ? I suspect that this is again the politician's way of saving money.