29 Oct 2012


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It is unbelievable how the temperature went down ! Last weekend we could sit in the garden and had around 20°C (68 F) and more, while this Saturday morning it had frozen for the first time this year and the thermometer showed - 3°C (26 F) !! When I looked out of the window the cars in the street had all a white roof. I digged out my winter pullovers and jacket and went out shopping as if I would go to the northpole !

When I left the house in the evening to go with Dominique and Nicole to the theatre I left this still life behind me ! They all prefered to stay inside in the warmth.

The theatre is located in an old little town and is a converted farm. The lobby were drinks are served is here inside.

It looks very cosy. After the theater this place was full !

Before we went to see the play we had supper in the Theatre's restaurant.

It was full and the food delicious we had a "Tajine" and then a coffee. By then it was already time to cross the courtyard and to go inside the Theatre for which the barn had been converted. The seats and the stage were inside this barn which still had the old walls and the beams at the ceiling.

The piece was excellent it was a comedy from Sacha Guitry and we all had a lot of fun. The actors (only four) were really very good !

After the theatre we drove home, and I had to scratch off the ice on my windshield for fifteen minutes ! It was really very cold. Fortunately the streets weren't icy and we arrived safely home.

On Sunday morning the sun was shining again and the sky was deep blue. Nicole and I decided to take the bus and go to the Brussels' Midi Market. It was freezing cold, but in the sunshine we could even sit outside and have a coffee on the terrace of my usual little café where I meet my cigarette supplier ! Nicole bought fabric for curtains to an unbelievable cheap price, we also bought appels, peaches, oranges and grapes. The fruits are very fresh, they mostly come directly from Morocco. That's real bio or organic !

I also bought warm stockings, and a cute very warm pyjama and then loaded like donkies we took the bus home.

Later in the afternoon I went over to Dominique to wish her a happy birthday and we had a little chat together.

The market was crowded !


Jo said...

Brrr I don't like the cold ! I would be still life with three cats keeping me warm like your Mr G! That theater production in the old converted barn looks so enjoyable. It reminded me of local "plays" we used to attend in our youth - my mother in law was always the leading lady: petite, blonde and feisty! A very good actress in her day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dominique! May she have a wonderful year ahead. (((Hugs))) To you all Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. what a dear little theatre - and am so pleased you all enjoyed yourselves. The Tajine looks good too .. Ice, yes we had it here .. but I'm too near the sea so avoided it thankfully! The market in Brussels I'd love to see - the European Christmas markets are always great ..

Cheers have a good week - Hilary

Cezar and Léia said...

You have such an intense social life! :D
Glad that you enjoy the night with your friends, I love your pictures and the food looks delicious!
*** Since yesterday Luna is sneezing a lot , maybe it's because the temperature? Il fait froid! brrrr


Maribeth said...

it is cool and rainy and the wind is just starting.

Maribeth said...

it is cool and rainy and the wind is just starting.

Loree said...

Yes it's getting cold. I can;t believe you had frost during the night. But then, it's almost November. I forget that sometimes because it was mostly sunny until last weekend.

A Lady's Life said...

We had an earthquake in BC but we did not feel anything and now are watching the horrible mess on the East Coast of the US.
The weather sure is making havoc with peoples' lives these days.

Andrea said...

Hi Gattina, thanks for dropping by my site, i also smiled when you said here that you're like going to the North Pole. In my case, that condition you have now is already North Pole for me, as ours seldom gets below 30C, happening only as spillover winds from Siberia, haha! I wonder too if you will be the one to experience our climate, you will feel you are going to the sun! haha!

Jientje said...

What a difference a week made! You had a wonderful weekend! So did I, I even blogged about it, isn't that something? http://heavenisinbelgium.blogspot.be/2012/10/my-weekend-in-pictures-im-baaaack.html