30 Oct 2010


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Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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I was in the elevator together with a girl from the reception. She said to me : The weather is bad today ! I was surprised, it was warm 30°C and the sky was blue. I said, no, the weather was wonderful today ! yesterday there was too much wind and last week it was far too hot.

Yes, she sighed, the weather here changes all the time ...

I wished I could say the same at home !

Weather report : from Monday to Sunday and from Sunday to Monday etc ......

Tomorrow I fly home !

29 Oct 2010


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1. When you are on holidays one day looks like the other like pearls in a necklace. Each morning a little blogging, then breakfast then laying on the beach and swimming twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

2. Our beach beds are just standing in front of the shower . A very interesting place to watch people from S to XXXXXXXL and the beach boys cleaning

as usual, one is working the other admires the work.


I work too instead of building sand castles I draw cats in the sand for the kids. They love it !


after swimming I walk a little around to get dry and watched a surfboard competition organized by the Animation team, and took pictures of my friend Domi.


In the evening we go to the Oriental Restaurant for supper.The food is absolutely delicious there and the decoration beautiful.

After supper we always watch a show and then when we return into our room we find

each evening another swan sitting on our bed !

28 Oct 2010


Jenny Matlock
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Alphabet Wednesday : F

There are a lot of flies here at the beach and billions in town. On the beach to protect the tourist from these annoying visitors they have put fly catchers a little everywhere in the plants with some special treats which the flies adore and therefore go inside and this is then the bitter end of a beach fly in Egypt. (don't send flowers !)

Some flies however manage to survive and play with the guests on the beach. So don't wonder if a handsome young man waves to you but in reality he just chases a fly away.
You wonder why so many people suffer Parkinson and shake arms and hands, but this too is only the work of loving flies.

Don't be surprised when you see people slapping themselves in their faces, it's not a gesture of masochism, it's only the Egyptian fly. You admire the fitness of some elderly people who suddenly are able to throw their legs in the air, all thanks to the fly who takes care of your daily fitness.

An Egyptian told me that flies are not of Egyptian origin ! They immigrated to Egypt probably in the luggage of an European archeologist and therefore nobody knows if the fly is English, German or Italian. Maybe two of them met during the trip to Egypt and started their love story which ended with some hundreds of fly babies.

The procreation worked so well in the sunshine and heat that today the country is full of flies. Flies fortunately are only bothering and nagging you but don't hurt like their competitors, the mosquitos.

Unfortunately flies are no racists and don't have any preferences for a nationality, skin or hair color and go on everybody's body parts. I too am a victim and feel sometimes like a cow in a stable.

I am sorry not to be able to show you a picture of an Egyptian fly, but they refused to pose for me !

27 Oct 2010

26 Oct 2010


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In my world I am still on holidays enjoying the sunshine and the beach

hanging over a door leading to the beach

self speaking

must be nice to have a house up there

late afternoon, view from my window

25 Oct 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of October 23. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

My weekend is like all the days in last week and will be the next week too, until I fly back on next Sunday.

Observing people is a big work when you are at the beach.

I saw some very touching scenes, like this very old lady who sat in a wheelchair, but with the help of her nurse could sit in the warm salty water and enjoy the waves. Besides the little children building sandcastles and having fun too.

I did a lot of swimming and of course ate a lot too, the food is delicious and it is not the moment to do any diet.

Each evening we have a show at the swimming pool or in the Disco, and on Saturday night it was an Egyptian show with wonderful costumes and dances.

Dina looking for new clients on the beach

On Sunday it was the same whole day, watching people and chatting with Dina and her friend, they are both working in the beauty shop and do massages. They are such nice girls and are always coming to say hello and to chat.

The Belly Dancer

and the little boys

Sunday evening was a Belly Dancing show which was very nice, so funny to see the little boys yawning and keeping their hands on the ears, they didn't appreciate the round shapes of the lady yet.

After the Belly Dance came a whirling Dervich.

It was really crazy to see him whirling around without getting dizzy ! But then came his 8 year old son and danced exactly like him and then they danced together !

it was just amazing. I was speechless to see this little guy turning and turning. I made a video and I will show it when I am at home again.

The 8 year old Whirling Dervish

24 Oct 2010


Each morning I go with my little notebook on a terrace at the beach where I have Internet connection.

Yesterday morning I sat there and had put on the table a big ashtray which usually stands in a metal support, because there were no others and I didn't want to spoil the environment. I know that smoking is bad for the health so it is useless to leave me a comment in this regard.

A waiter went by, saw the enormous ashtray and asked if I needed such a big thing, I said no, but there is nothing else. No problem he said, I bring you a smaller one in a minute.
I continued my work.

15 min later came another waiter, looked on my table, pointed on the monster ashtray and asked if I needed such a big one, I said, no, but there is no smaller one. No problem he said I will bring you one in a minute.

I continued my typing. Half an hour later arrived the first waiter, looked at the big ashtray and said "Gosh ! I forgot ! Wait a minute I bring you one in a minute ! And he disappeared.

I continued my comments, looked on my watch. An hour has passed by and I still was sitting there with my big ashtray.

I got up, gathered my things and went for breakfast with Domi who meanwhile had joined me.
I ignore if the two waiters brought or brought not a little ashtray I will see it tomorrow morning.

Still waiting for a smaller one !