25 Nov 2016


1. My sprained ankle feeling much better, I went to aqua gym and it went very well. In the water anyway you feel so light like a feather and getting out like an elephant. Our teacher announced us that she is pregnant so from next year on we will have another one, a young man, who was also there to know us. I regret a bit, because the girl was real good. The best one I had in the 8 years I am doing aqua gym.

2. My holidays to Egypt are approaching, and I made the last shopping, it's a bit funny to buy sun cream when it's grey and cold. The afternoon I spent with Nicole. Her dishwasher didn't work in her new kitchen and she was very upset. She had spent a fortune with this kitchen and there was always little things which didn't work.

3. I wanted to send the St. Nicolas gift for grandson Toby to Amsterdam but our mail service is a real catastrophe ! I had to pay half of the value of the Globe and calender which was inside ! Crazy ! So I tried the Ups service, which so I had been told would work very well only 7.50 € for a parcel up to 15 kgs. Mine was not even 2. I subscribed filled in the form and was rejected. I tried it again, this time I should pay 20 € ! I thought they are crazy and tried again, and it didn't work, after 2 h I was so angry and exasperated that I gave up.

4. I started to pack all my accessoires for camera, tablet and computer, the different chargers, etc. I wonder when all companies finally come to an agreement to have just one model for the chargers !
I hope I have everything now.

5. When I arrived at my painting class, I noticed that I had forgotten all my stuff for painting ! Now I had the choice to return home which would have taken time or ask Mr. G. to bring me the things. As he had to go out anyway it seemed to be no problem. But of course each time I ask something I have a theatre play for free. First discussion which color had the little suitcase in which I transport my pastels and tubes and where it is. I explained in the garage behind the door. Which door he asked, (we only have one) I said behind the door to the basement. Which color has the suitcase as if I had a color range of suitcases behind the door. I said "blue". And the bag, where is the bag; I said, look it's normally on the suitcase. What is in it ? I said there is only one bag with one painting wrapped in a Newspaper.  He grunted something and hang on. When he arrived he had brought me the suitcase, but not the red bag, he had chosen another one with all my paintings from the exhibition in it ! I pushed I big sigh and send him to a place where it is very warm and the devil with a fork is waiting. And then I draw a cat on a paper just to spend the time, anyway there was a lot to chat about our trip to Egypt.

After painting class we went for lunch to the "Lunch Garden" with our body guard who is permanently starving (like my cats)

He ate everything what "fell" from the table even a Brussels' sprout. Charlie loves vegetables !

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23 Nov 2016


When kids are growing .... (mother behind)

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1. What's something you might say runs in your family?
Big ears ! at least on my side, very tall on Mr. G's side !

2. I read here a list of ten things you should do before 2017 arrives (in less than six weeks!)...which tasks on the list might you do? What would you add to your own 'before the year ends' list?

visit your Dr. or dentist, deep clean your home, donate unwanted items to charity, look someone in the eye and tell them you love them, write an honest letter to yourself, clean up your inbox-desktop-photos, travel to a place you haven't been, compliment a stranger, watch the sunrise, think ahead to your goals/plans for the new year

Donate clothes to charity, travel to a place I haven't been, make travel plans for next year

3. What's something other generations (not your own) misunderstand about your generation?
That's a good question because each generation misunderstood or criticizes the next one. My parents didn't understand their parents, I didn't understand my parents, our son doesn't understand us and probably his son will not understand his father's generation ! 

4. Sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread dressing-which would you miss the most if it weren't on the holiday dinner menu?

Nothing ! that's not my kind of taste !!

5. What are you overthinking right now?
I have to send a parcel with a globe to Amsterdam ! This is the Santa Claus gift for my grandson, and I am raking my brain how to pack it  ! 

6. Your favorite slang word lately?
lately ? rather since a long time it's "merde" this word has moved into the French language like "Hello" .

7. Write an acrostic for the word grateful.
Can't find out what "acrostic" means exactly so I give up. Anyway I am not grateful, for what ??

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I wished my suitcase was already packed and everything ready for my holidays to Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt. Next week if I have time I will write you from there in the heat and sunshine ! 

PS : "Merde" means "shit" for those who don't know !

22 Nov 2016


To change a bit from landscapes or cities to another subject for "my world" I thought I should show you my painting class, where each Thursday about 15 vintage girls paint together ! Of course we also have a teacher who helps us when we are stuck.

and here we are all together working on our unfinished paintings

The syndrome of a white canvas

Mother and child at the sea

something abstract, my classmate is half blind but paints the most beautiful paintings ! She has a lot of success.

trying to copy

a city

Venice unfinished

my cat perhaps finished

I started a new one

Here we are in the space world

I don't know yet what it will become

some holiday memories

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21 Nov 2016


We should have gone to Amsterdam on Saturday to celebrate our grandson's 6th birthday, but unfortunately I am still handicapped with my sprained ankle. I can walk although not too long but climbing stairs are painful and in my son's house there are 3 floors with stairs !

Arthur isn't very impressed, as long as he gets fed.

For his birthday he got a bike from us, but chosen by my son, and unfortunately it was a little too big, so Toby has to wait a bit until he can use it. He is already very tall for his 6 years but not enough for the new bike. Apparently he has celebrated in the morning with his school class and the afternoon with the family.

I didn't go out the whole day because we had a stormy weather and rain. But at 5 pm we had a theater play organized by the city for the seniors. I went with Nicole, but she had a problem. There was a reconstitution of the Waterloo battle with canon shots and Charlie got hysterical. He is so afraid of shooting and thunderstorms that he demolishes carpets, cartons, he scratches as if he wants to dig a hole in the floor and he trembles like a leave in the wind. Impossible to leave him alone, because he could get an epileptic attack. Nicole called and asked Mr. G. if he could babysitter or rather doggysitter Charlie, because we live farer away from the battle field and can't hear the shooting ! Mr. G. agreed of course and Nicole came and left him here.

The cats disappeared except Pookie, she remained on the sofa and slept. Mr. G. and Charlie watched TV and ate Grisinis. When we came back from our play which had been very funny, they were peacefully sitting together and enjoyed each others company. When Nicole wanted to go home, Charlie sat down and refused to go with her, he wanted to stay a bit longer ! Finally we managed to get him out of the house !

I had missed when the Christmas tree was put up on the Grand'Place in Brussels on Thursday 17. It had travelled 1400 km and is a gift from Slovenia. It is 22 m high. Above you can see the departure from Slovenia and the arrival at the Grand'Place.

As I haven't seen it life, I took a print screen of the webcam which is installed on the Grand'Place.

The whole weekend there was a very strong wind which caused a lot of damages, fortunately we had nothing not even a blown away flower pot !