11 Aug 2023



Somehow it seems to me as if all weeks are the same. Anyway, nothing special happened outside my comfort zone. 

We now know that it is raining since 3 weeks, although it has gotten better at the end of the week. Oh wonder I even saw the sun. 

I didn't tolerate the new medication,  which the pneumologist had  prescribed. Every day I felt worse. So I red the side effects and found that apart from a headache, I had them all! It's a miracle that I am still alive ! You know this list is usually kms long. Even pain inside the left side. That must be the heart I thought and é&১% the doctor. 

So I sat in front of the TV for 4 days and suffered  in silence. When Rick was still there,  I never had anything and now I have something every 5 minutes. With the last of my strength I forced myself to go shopping because Dominique is coming over the weekend. Fortunately I did,  because tonight I woke up with a fever of 39°C, more dead than alive. Now I've had enough. I looked for the medication I had been given for my bronchitis last time and since I went on the river cruise my doctor prescribed me the medication twice, just in case.  That's what I started tonight. At least I seem to be doing better writing this post.


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9 Aug 2023


1. August 8th is National Cat Day. Do you own a cat? Are you a 'cat person'? Your favorite 'famous' cat? 

People who know me would burst out in laughter. With a cat collection of over 900 cats in all sizes an materials et until 6 years ago I was owned by 4 cats. They all died one after the other when they were almost 20 years old. Now I still have my Rosie 17 years old, who shows the first signs of getting old. She eats like a horse, and is so skinny. She sleeps 23 h per day and for one hour she shows her love for me and gets on my "nerves" ! I also have started painting cats from 1989 on so there are many lefts... So what do you think ? Am I a cat lover ?  

This is Arthur the white cat, the most intelligent cat I ever met ! He climbed in all cars when the doors were open, put himself under a Golden Retriever not to get wet, slept in all beds in the street ! I think I could write a book about him. Rosie and Arthur were a real couple.

2. Cat nap-copycat-scaredy cat-curiosity killed the cat-cat got your tongue-like herding cats...which cat phrase applies to your life in some way currently? Explain. 

3. What's your favorite or most- often-made one pot meal? 

As I don't cook anymore,  won't eat a one pot meal in a restaurant ! 

4. What do you wish you'd placed in a time capsule fifteen years ago? 

In none, we traveled a lot our son was an adult now and we enjoyed life. We were a couple again.

5. Your favorite hour of the day? Tell us why. 

Certainly not at 6 or 7 am there I am still a sleepwalker. Around 12 am I getting hungry,  and then sleepy. And then it all depends what is going on, an interesting Exhibition, a show or just a one day excursion. Otherwise I would work on my computer, So I don't really have a favorite hour. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

On Sunday I didn't feel well, took a pill and went to bed with the chickens. (That's a German expression when you go very early to bed)

Despite the inhaler my pneumologist  had prescribed me  and which I dutifully used in the morning and evening, I was furious that I felt so lousy. Yes, and then I was sitting there in the huge apartment with Rosie sleeping and I was bored to death. My friends were still away and I thought about who could do my shopping and go to the post office. I only needed a bit of cheese and fruits. The ladies here cannot drive a car, the family brings the drinks, that are the hardest to carry. 

Otherwise they go shopping every day. I would go mad. The most important was the post office I had to post my registred notice for the landlord, but finally I decided it was better to rest another day, I felt already better.

Then I thought my son or grandson could ask from time to time how I am, but they don't even think of it. My father with different, when I didn't call, he died, and once he even called at 3 am to ask me if I have a black dress for his funerals. Rick only rolled his eyes when I returned to bed and told him he has to choose which black dress I should wear. So we had something to laugh. Today I wouldn't laugh anymore, he was a widow also alone (but only during the night) during the day he had a woman who watched over him, as I refused to move in with him and leave my men alone ! Some man are really egoists, and he was !! 

I started to look at my furniture, which I would take with me to "my" castle. When I am better I will ask if I can measure the room.




In May 2010 I made a round trip through the south of Morocco. We stopped in Zagora, where the Sahara starts. In the evening we went in the desert with our camels to watch the sunset. Unfortunately my camera didn't like sunsets and the photos were not good. Berbers are living in this area and served as guides. I love camels and I was the only one whose bottom didn't hurt in the evening.

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8 Aug 2023



Besides a dog, MANNEKEN PIS also has a "little sister"? Jeanneke Pis... Jeanneke, also known as Vrouwke (little Miss Pis), was “born” in 1987 from an idea of ​​Denis Adrien Debouvrie, businessman and owner of several restaurants on the Ilot Sacré (secret Island). 

The Ilot Sacré is a lively district in the center of Brussels. The figurine of Jeanneke, crouching, urinating has been placed in the impasse of Loyalty. It is a side street of the busy street near the Grand Place in Brussels. 

At the foot of Jeanneke is a fountain into which passing by people throw coins. Traditionally, they do this to "wish mutual fidelity to the people they love". 

It's rather difficult to find Jeanneke, I had to ask 3 times, she is hidden in a corner between two restaurants and rather far from her brother. Never mind, that's Brussels' folklore, it has his Mannaken Pis, his dog ZINNEKE PIS and also his sister who compared to him is rather young !  


7 Aug 2023


It's difficult to be a white cat ! I can't do what I want. Rolling in the grass I become green. On the red gravel I am rose, so I have a lot of work to keep my fur white !

It's done !
I miss him, nobody plays with me anymore



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It's a shame ! what a summer, in July it rained 21 days, and now we are beginning August and we still take our daily shower, and the wind makes sure that you get wet everywhere. An umbrella is completely   useless.

My two neighbors came in the afternoon and looked at the pictures of my castle. Both wanted to return to Brussels into a Retirement Home, and not stay in Waterloo, because their children all live in Brussels. I wonder why they don't do it now, one is 85 and the other 80, that's the right moment. They complained that they would not see them often enough although nearly every day one shows up, they both have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, apparently that's not enough. 

When I worked whole day and had the baby, I didn't have time to visit my parents each day neither.

I have not this problem my son lives 250 km away and it would never come into my mind to move to Amsterdam ! I love my Waterloo. In fact, he relatively comes quite often, when I think of my parents who visited my grandma only to leave me there. And when I was grown up, and wanted to go elsewhere, they saw her once a year when they came back from Austria. Not even at Christmas she was invited. I never realized that before, until the day when my son was adult, worked, and married, we always spent Christmas together.

Then the neighbors left, one to wait with the husband of her granddaughter whose wife was busy giving birth to the second child ! and the other with a cousin to see the new house of another relative, sitting in the mud. I hope she hasn't caught a cold ! 

I continued my writing and think of my projects to entertain my "inmates" with for example painting pebbles that's easy and doesn't make too much dirt.

My pneumonologist had prescribed me an inhalator and on Sunday morning I tried it out. In fact it was very easy to put the different pieces together, but I have a problem when I read a notice, I read it but I can't put the different parts together. I need to see it. For that YouTube is good. Finally I made it

The result was very sexy and little Rosie made big eyes, as the device made quite a noise !

Of course it continued to rain the whole Sunday and lots of festivals, fleamarkets, and other open air activities were cancelled.  

Waterloo "singing in the rain" pictures stolen from the local Newspaper. There is even a man taking a shower ! And the poor Napoleon soldiers, supposed to do a show today, return into their tents.

I start to believe that too !