20 Nov 2010


Just make a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

And of course there also is

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I became a grandma on wednesday, so I thought these cartoons came on purpose !

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19 Nov 2010


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1. Because of the flooding in whole Belgium I couldn't go very far and it rained so much it was terrible. Fortunately in Waterloo, there was no flooding at all, but all towns around were under water. It had never happened before.

2. Tuesday I could do some shopping and also buy new black Jeans for me, on the once I had some red painting had dropped on my leg during my painting class and of course when I tried to rub it away there was a white spot. I have a store where I buy all my trousers, they fit perfectly and nothing has to be changed.

3. Wednesday 17. was an important day for both of us because we became grandparents of a little Toby, a rather big baby, 3.700 kg (8 lbs). It was quiet a special day I didn't know what a was feeling neither did Mr. G !

4. The next day we went to Amsterdam which is only 230 km from Brussels, and went to the hospital to visit our new family member.

5. As all newborn babies he had a worried little face and made grimaces which made us laugh. He is a healthy cute little boy and had already changed when we saw him the second day. Our son is staying the whole day with his wife and little treasure and had already given him a bath. I find it so nice that dads are now allowed to participate right from the beginning. He even was present during the cesarean.

We didn't stay longer because they all were in hospital and there were only limited visitor hours. Next time I hope we will see little Toby a little more.

18 Nov 2010


Jenny Matlock
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Alphabet Wednesday : I

Mr. G has a friend named Giorgio. Giorgio is a heart of a man and the only thing in his life he really hates are problems. Problems are solved by mostly saying yes to everything or ask his wife to handle them.

But this time it was different, a catastrophe had happened ! It concerned his mamma ! You have to know that for an Italian his Mamma is the most important person in his life. Especially when he is grown up. Even in Mafia circles men always listened to Mamma (see the "Godfather").

The Italian Mamma is respected by everybody in the family and although everybody thinks that Italian man are machos in front of Mamma they are like a new born baby.

Giorgio's Mamma in the respectable age of 94 had to be hospitalized, at least that's what she had decided. The whole family was duly informed like a queen's disease is announced in public by the media.

Therefore Giorgio rushed over in a hurry like a headless chicken, he thought his Mamma was already half dead.

He immediately wanted to call an ambulance but the half dead Mamma had first to dress up in a very elegant dress, comb her heavy silver hair better than a hairdresser, put make up on and all her jewelry and only then she was ready to suffer and receive the men with the ambulance.

Giorgio had to lay her down on the stretcher, not the men from the ambulance, although he suffers badly from his back. Now Mamma could be the star of the whole street ! She is not the type of suffering in silence, so while the ambulance guys carried her out on the stretcher, she was complaining, moaning, groaning, and gesticulating with her hands, while looking around to see if the whole street really could have a good view on her suffering.

They all, Giorgio, his father, aunts, uncles, nephews and grandchildren followed the stretcher, talking loud and louder, fighting and discussing about who cares for her the best while Mamma suffered loud. The nurses who saw the whole cortege coming, almost fainted and threw them all out. Mamma screamed for her son.

A nurse shut the door of Mamma's room and looked at the elegantly dressed up mamma, took everything off and put her to bed. Mamma shouted her protests so loud, that almost the whole hospital could hear her. Finally she calmed down and put herself decoratively with her new silk nightgown she had especially bought for this occasion, on the bed.

Next day when poor Giorgio arrived to visit her she complained so loud half in Italian and half in French so that even the deafs in the hospital could hear her, that the bed was too hard, the TV had no Italian channels, the nurses came not fast enough, the doctors are all stupid and and don't know their job, the room was too warm, she was freezing at night and of course she couldn't close an an eye. The poor women who shared the room with Mamma had almost gotten a nervous breakedown and hadn't closed an eye, because Mamma was moaning the whole night like an old tomcat in love.

Of course she didn't eat, the hospital food was just rotten and she asked Giorgio, her son and not the husband to bring her food everyday otherwise she would starve. Of course it had to be Italian food and nothing else all other kitchens are bad. So poor Giorgio every day went to an Italian catering service and bought Italian food.

Mamma was an easy patient, she rang the bell every five minutes for the nurse, to open the window, to close the window, to bring fresh water, to bring her a mirror, to give her a cover, to take off the cover etc. Finally doctors and nurses had enough of Mamma and asked Giorgio, to take her home. Giorgio of course called again the ambulance and when Mamma was all dressed up and had checked her looks several times in a mirror, he went with Mamma home. Papa was always behind. In front of their house, Mamma, laying on her stretcher waved to everybody like a queen to her subjects. Of course she complained that Giorgio had forgotten to buy her some flowers for her homecoming.

Now back home, poor Giorgio is not out of his troubles ! Mamma lets her husband call with preference at 3 am to inform him that she cannot sleep, and is too weak to speak, that she suffers worse than Jesus on his cross and that her end is near. Therefore every morning before going to work Giorgio has to bring her croissants from a special Italian bakery

The whole family observes poor Giorgio and he is strongly criticized when for once he dares to say that he is tired and just wants to rest for a day. No, they say, you only have one Mamma, and she is so ill, now you have to take care of her as she did when you were a baby.

The baby in between is 65 years old and has a family. But that doesn't matter to Mamma, she says she has already one foot in her grave, but even with that, she looks like a fresh rose compared to poor Giorgio with his mouse grey face.

This is a true story, it was the mother in law of my best friend Jeanine who also had married an Italian. I was more lucky with my Italian MIL !

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Mamma ready for the ambulance

Now you probably understand why the best actors in the world are of Italian origin ! (or almost)

17 Nov 2010


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Not my grandson ! I'll see him tomorrow

16 Nov 2010

MY WORLD - Brussels Midi Market

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Many of you know that I love to go to the Brussels "Midi Market" on Sunday mornings when the weather is nice. (I wrote more about this market 2 years ago here

The market is around the South Railway Station of Brussels, which is also the main Station for all international trains.

There is a very special atmosphere on this market, it's colorful and mixed with people from everywhere. The majority of imigrants in Belgium are Moroccans so you hear their music and also their language. But you also hear speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish and the Eastern country languages.

and you find everything your heart wants, for very cheap

clothes, shoes, spices, fruits etc

I love these kaftans ! I have several for winter and summer, they are so comfy to wear when you are at home instead of a boring bathrobe. There are very beautiful once from 5 to 20 €.

Fresh baked bread is also present of course

Embroidered handbags from Morocco, very chic for an evening and only 5 € !

and for those who like to sew, there are plenty of fabrics of all colors and materials.

15 Nov 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of November 6. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

This weekend I wouldn't have a valid alibi, because I didn't put my nose out of the house or only two times, so there is only Mr. G. and the cats who can confirm where I was.

The reason is that Belgium is under water, since Friday it had rained non stop first a strong steady rain but then real buckets. Fortunately we live on the heights of Waterloo and had no flooding problems but all little towns around Waterloo and even Brussels were affected.

I spent Saturday mostly at my computer and watching TV where I saw terrible pictures of people standing in their flooded homes and looked desperately on the damages. I saw the firemen helping all around the country, people had to be evacuated, it was just very sad.

flooding in the red zones

I can't remember that such a flooding ever happened in the whole country.

I only went out because I had no book to read anymore and went to a second hand shop where you can find books for 1 or 2 € and they even have a big choice in English books. I bought one from James Patterson, if he says something to you, I like his crime stories. And this bad and rainy weather is just the right time to read such books.

The other part of the day I spent with drying my cat Arthur who enjoyed the rain and went always out again when I had just dried him. Silly cat !

What a weather !

On Sunday it was very much the same, except that I went to Dominique in the afternoon to explain some computer things and also the use of Picasa. While we were busy her son called to inform her that her DIL was just going to the hospital to give birth to her baby girl, so she had to leave to babysit her little grandson.

I returned home and to my TV !

14 Nov 2010


Since I came back from Egypt it has rained every single day, although there were little changes, because sometimes it rained in the morning and not in the afternoon, or the other way around or sometimes it rained non stop for 24 h.

I know it, because I have my personal weatherman who is cat Arthur. Arthur loves to go out when it rains and comes back wet like a sponge. During the day it doesn't bother me that much, because I take a towl and dry him, which he doesn't like and he growls at me, this unthankful cat.

Lately I woke up in the middle of the night because my bed shaked and I had the impression that an elephant had jumped on it, but when I stretched out my hand I touched something cold and wet like a soaked fury piece of fabric which had settled down on my belly and caused me nightmares. Of course I didn't agree, switched the light on dried Arthur with a tissue and pushed him from the bed.

The next morning when I opened my wardrobe I saw this :

From that day on he sleeps in the wardrobe ! So it once happened that I put my chair against the door and he rumbled in the wardrobe to get out, while I was wondering what kind of noise this was, when I finally opened the door I saw a white flash disappearing probably for urgent needs.

Fortunately I have no heart problems !