18 Nov 2010


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Alphabet Wednesday : I

Mr. G has a friend named Giorgio. Giorgio is a heart of a man and the only thing in his life he really hates are problems. Problems are solved by mostly saying yes to everything or ask his wife to handle them.

But this time it was different, a catastrophe had happened ! It concerned his mamma ! You have to know that for an Italian his Mamma is the most important person in his life. Especially when he is grown up. Even in Mafia circles men always listened to Mamma (see the "Godfather").

The Italian Mamma is respected by everybody in the family and although everybody thinks that Italian man are machos in front of Mamma they are like a new born baby.

Giorgio's Mamma in the respectable age of 94 had to be hospitalized, at least that's what she had decided. The whole family was duly informed like a queen's disease is announced in public by the media.

Therefore Giorgio rushed over in a hurry like a headless chicken, he thought his Mamma was already half dead.

He immediately wanted to call an ambulance but the half dead Mamma had first to dress up in a very elegant dress, comb her heavy silver hair better than a hairdresser, put make up on and all her jewelry and only then she was ready to suffer and receive the men with the ambulance.

Giorgio had to lay her down on the stretcher, not the men from the ambulance, although he suffers badly from his back. Now Mamma could be the star of the whole street ! She is not the type of suffering in silence, so while the ambulance guys carried her out on the stretcher, she was complaining, moaning, groaning, and gesticulating with her hands, while looking around to see if the whole street really could have a good view on her suffering.

They all, Giorgio, his father, aunts, uncles, nephews and grandchildren followed the stretcher, talking loud and louder, fighting and discussing about who cares for her the best while Mamma suffered loud. The nurses who saw the whole cortege coming, almost fainted and threw them all out. Mamma screamed for her son.

A nurse shut the door of Mamma's room and looked at the elegantly dressed up mamma, took everything off and put her to bed. Mamma shouted her protests so loud, that almost the whole hospital could hear her. Finally she calmed down and put herself decoratively with her new silk nightgown she had especially bought for this occasion, on the bed.

Next day when poor Giorgio arrived to visit her she complained so loud half in Italian and half in French so that even the deafs in the hospital could hear her, that the bed was too hard, the TV had no Italian channels, the nurses came not fast enough, the doctors are all stupid and and don't know their job, the room was too warm, she was freezing at night and of course she couldn't close an an eye. The poor women who shared the room with Mamma had almost gotten a nervous breakedown and hadn't closed an eye, because Mamma was moaning the whole night like an old tomcat in love.

Of course she didn't eat, the hospital food was just rotten and she asked Giorgio, her son and not the husband to bring her food everyday otherwise she would starve. Of course it had to be Italian food and nothing else all other kitchens are bad. So poor Giorgio every day went to an Italian catering service and bought Italian food.

Mamma was an easy patient, she rang the bell every five minutes for the nurse, to open the window, to close the window, to bring fresh water, to bring her a mirror, to give her a cover, to take off the cover etc. Finally doctors and nurses had enough of Mamma and asked Giorgio, to take her home. Giorgio of course called again the ambulance and when Mamma was all dressed up and had checked her looks several times in a mirror, he went with Mamma home. Papa was always behind. In front of their house, Mamma, laying on her stretcher waved to everybody like a queen to her subjects. Of course she complained that Giorgio had forgotten to buy her some flowers for her homecoming.

Now back home, poor Giorgio is not out of his troubles ! Mamma lets her husband call with preference at 3 am to inform him that she cannot sleep, and is too weak to speak, that she suffers worse than Jesus on his cross and that her end is near. Therefore every morning before going to work Giorgio has to bring her croissants from a special Italian bakery

The whole family observes poor Giorgio and he is strongly criticized when for once he dares to say that he is tired and just wants to rest for a day. No, they say, you only have one Mamma, and she is so ill, now you have to take care of her as she did when you were a baby.

The baby in between is 65 years old and has a family. But that doesn't matter to Mamma, she says she has already one foot in her grave, but even with that, she looks like a fresh rose compared to poor Giorgio with his mouse grey face.

This is a true story, it was the mother in law of my best friend Jeanine who also had married an Italian. I was more lucky with my Italian MIL !

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Mamma ready for the ambulance

Now you probably understand why the best actors in the world are of Italian origin ! (or almost)


a moderate life said...

Hi Gattina, Alex here again visiting from alphabet thursday. Your story, true as it was, was so well written! I love short stories! Oh, my granny was english and she perfected the swoon in later years that had my mum running in circles! Oh those attention queens! I wanted to use a different word! :) All the best, Alex

Rinkly Rimes said...

What a character! And how great that she kept her self-esteem to the end! At least she'll be remembered!

Jo said...

Oh my word, Gattina:) What a wonderful [true] story. You way with words has improved since you became a grandma! Have a great day, my friend. Your post cheered me up immensely today. Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

Tracy said...

I have really enjoyed reading his . My Mother in law ( soon to be ex) is a down to earth scouser ( from Liverpool)
no airs and graces just lovely

Nessa said...

I really enjoyed reading your story. True stories are so much fun.

Gracie said...

You cracked me up with this story.....she reminded me of someone I know..... mmmmm....

Maribeth said...

My mother in-law was much the same, but she would do somethings a little different. Hubby would go to her homed to assist her and she would complain about all she did before hand, alone. She was never happy with him or me or even his ex-wife. She hated her husband although they were married for over 50 years. What a grouch! She died four years after we married.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I have a friend with a m-i-l like that and she's Irish!

She calls her son when she can't find the remote!

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, what a story! I was chuckling and horrified at the same time!!

Thanks for sharing it today.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

She keeps everyone hopping. What a handful!

The Chair Speaks said...

Enjoyed reading this but what a character! Must be tough living with such a person or trying to make her happy.

Loree said...

That was hilarious. What a character!!

Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! What an amazing story!! Just put Anna Magnani on stage and you have it all... ;))

Blogtrotter Two has moved to a new country and actually to the most populated city in Africa. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Judie said...

One year our Mardi Gras krewe chose gangsters as our theme. I dressed as the mama of the Don. I got a lot of beads that year!! They were afraid that if they didn't give me any, I would curse them in Italian!

Marlee said...

Ha..there is going to be a special place in heaven for Georgio for taking such good care of his cantankerous Italian momma. Great story!

Ames said...

Gattina this was funny. All momma's should be treated with as much respect! Such an enjoyable read!Loved this!~Ames

H said...

Oh dear! My mother in law was lovely; the sun around which the whole family rotated. (We were one of the further flung satellites, which makes visits 'home' even better!)

Jo said...

oh my gosh that sounds like such fantastic drama ... she must have been quite the actor! This was such an enjoyable read ... thanks for sharing this with us!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh, hilarious!! You describe the scene so completely, I feel I'm there. simply a delicious character and scene (for a movie, that is, though, not, I suspect, in real life!)

Pondside said...

What a character! Poor Giorgio - he is stuck with a Queen for a mother.

Jenny said...

Hi Gattina, I know this is a true story but it read like a novella and I really liked it.

You told it soooo well that I can really see the characters quite clearly in my mind.

Thanks for an interesting and intriquing stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

I always love visiting here.