15 Nov 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of November 6. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

This weekend I wouldn't have a valid alibi, because I didn't put my nose out of the house or only two times, so there is only Mr. G. and the cats who can confirm where I was.

The reason is that Belgium is under water, since Friday it had rained non stop first a strong steady rain but then real buckets. Fortunately we live on the heights of Waterloo and had no flooding problems but all little towns around Waterloo and even Brussels were affected.

I spent Saturday mostly at my computer and watching TV where I saw terrible pictures of people standing in their flooded homes and looked desperately on the damages. I saw the firemen helping all around the country, people had to be evacuated, it was just very sad.

flooding in the red zones

I can't remember that such a flooding ever happened in the whole country.

I only went out because I had no book to read anymore and went to a second hand shop where you can find books for 1 or 2 € and they even have a big choice in English books. I bought one from James Patterson, if he says something to you, I like his crime stories. And this bad and rainy weather is just the right time to read such books.

The other part of the day I spent with drying my cat Arthur who enjoyed the rain and went always out again when I had just dried him. Silly cat !

What a weather !

On Sunday it was very much the same, except that I went to Dominique in the afternoon to explain some computer things and also the use of Picasa. While we were busy her son called to inform her that her DIL was just going to the hospital to give birth to her baby girl, so she had to leave to babysit her little grandson.

I returned home and to my TV !


Mar said...

I feel so sorry for those people with flooded homes, how terrible!

Jo said...

Oh my, Gattina;) pity you cannot send that rain to Africa. It's always needed on this side of the world! I'm sorry for the people who's homes are flooded. What a cutie Arthur is... I'd love to have a second-hand bookshop in our town. We had a stationery shop with many shelves of used books and at the time I filled my book case with them. They have closed the shop so now no more "previously read" books! Are you getting excited about the up-coming event in your lives this week? I pray all will go well. (((hugs))) Jo

Gracie said...

Your bad weather is coming my way, and fast too! We're waiting for a very bad time this evening, damn!

Maribeth said...

New Hampshire has had some terrible flooding in the last few years, luckily we live on a great hill and all the water rushes by us, so we stay dry!

Auntie E said...

We didn't get any rain here. However that does look pretty bad there. Glad you got out some. I know it is book season. I will be bring my Hoilday ones out soon.

claudie said...

I saw some reports on TV!!! Terrible!! Luckely you weren't affected! The only one who like the rain is Arthur!!! I hope you will have a better weather this week! here it was rainy today! The pupils are like Arthur! They like playing in the water!!!

Loree said...

Send some rain over.It has hardly rained throughout November and i am still looking for the first signs of winter.

A Lady's Life said...

I watch the news and get a massive head ache. It all sounds so depressing.Every one is swimming in misery.
I cooked, washed dishes, watched tv,took the dogs out,and looked at my house thinking I have to begin to clean for Christmas. I have to pack boxes and put away all the clutter and once again I will then not find anything and have to buy things again lol
We are also waiting for the big earth quake here in BC. It is way overdue. But the news said we will not get it. Instead it will hit Cali and go all the way up to Oregon.What r we to do?
All we have left, facing the uncontrollable, is prayer and faith.
Yesterday we watched Sarah Palin in Alaska. She is so refreshing to watch. A nice Mom living, surrounded by such raw beauty.
Today I made meatballs and put them to bake with cheese and tomatoes. Later I will make the noodles.The days go by very quickly. Have a good one Gattina.

EastCoastLife said...

Terrible weather these days. It's upsetting to be cold and wet and have the streets all flooded.

It's been raining in Singapore too but fortunately there is no flood this time.

Nessa said...

My goodness so much water. My prayers go out to all of those poor people.