6 Oct 2023


Another week started and the trees are still green, no sign of autumn ! This year I don't pay attention to the color change of the nature I am busy the whole day with taking photos of my cat collection and other stuff, and then put it on the different sales sites. That takes time and suddenly it's already evening.

Very amusing are the scammers and I really enjoy their stupidity. One wanted me to sent a check, the double amount to reserve a cat figurine so I answered him to try cheating on another grandmother. Strange I didn't get an answer. One had put a profile picture of an old lady to look serious and asked me to sent the cat per mail. The cat was 50 cm high and I thought wrapping it, running to the post office he is crazy. Then he proposed another even stupider solution. He would pay with Payconic (??), and then the mail man would get the cat. I suggested that he go to a fraud school and learn how to cheat first. Strangely enough, I didn't get a response to thank me for the good advice!

My two neighbors invited my to say good bye, they had misunderstood and thought I would leave now in October. That was nice, the one who still owned a car, but didn't drive only on long straight streets to her daughter, sold finally her car and now she has to ask her daughter to do the shopping. I have to say I once drove with her and was thinking about what putting in my testament ! 

I fear the day when I have to sell my car, my car is my freedom ! Cannot imagine how to live without a car with the  catastrophic public transport we have here ! 

Of course as perfect housewife I can't sew and was raking my brain how to find one who could make my curtains shorter. 

To be made shorter

Those I knew couldn't sew anymore because they either couldn't see well or their hands were shaking. Then suddenly I saw a small shop which proposed all tailor work,  making everything long or short. A very friendly lady told me that she could of course make my curtains shorter and for a good price. I've walked past the store at least a thousand times without seeing it. It's right next to the entrance of my supermarket! Apparently for certain things I am blind.

The next day my friend Laura hired her son and we went to my "castle" ! He had to measure the length and found the place beautiful. His grandma had tried 4 homes and they were all not good. We met some people who know me already and they told them that there is nothing to complain, the personal is very friendly and helpful. We walked a bit around and then went home. 

I was relieved, another problem solved. 

 I also found a nice place for Rosie's "restroom" just besides the toilet. How romantic we can go together.. Of course her basket will be besides my bed.

They both suggested where to put the furniture and I was quite happy that there is room enough for my belongings.


I should hang this over my bed !

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5 Oct 2023


1. What's something that scares you? 

That's a difficult question, I am not quickly scared, at least in the very moment, when everything is over then maybe I am scared. Once 3 green haired punks, tatooed and with a rat on their shoulders thought they would scare me, but having a teenage boy at that time I was used to all kind of outfits and haircuts, so I gave them a big smile and admired the rats and petted them. You should have seen their faces, they were so disappointed !

2. Do you care where the food you eat comes from? To what degree?  

I was born in the middle of WWII and probably didn't think about from where it came, it came from where I lived. And so was it for all Europeans. Today I eat what I like if it's Indian, Chinese, Mexican or simply Belgian.

3. What's something you wish you'd spent more time doing when you were younger? 

I have always done what I wanted and took the time I needed, young or old

4. Let's play autumn this or that....pumpkin spice or apple cider? Corn maze or haunted house? Horror film or Hallmark movie? Blanket or sweatshirt? Watch football or watch the World Series? Foilage-red, yellow or orange? 

Halloween moved to Belgium rather late, I knew it because I had a son and they celebrated at school, but not like in the States. But each year it becomes more and you see more and more masks and horror things, like eyes which were marbles, or cut fingers etc.

5. This time last year where were you and what were you doing? 

Trying to fight against my grief, I was in a deep black hole, tried to be cheerful and "normal" but that was outside. Inside I was empty and didn't feel nothing. I laughed but I didn't laugh, my mouth made a grimace. Rick died just 6 month ago and it was the first Christmas without him.  Honestly I can't remember what we did. My son and family came that I remember.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My move to the boarding school for oldies approaches and on November 15, I am away. I am busy to think what I can sell and what goes with the moving company. The move goes in two steps, 1. they bring my belongings to my new home and 2. they empty my apartment completely. But I have one month time. Sometimes I think of my grandma who was 84 when she moved into a Retirement home. She did all alone, had put her furniture and all the rest on the street, her niece could safe some antiques, and then she moved into her new home, where she quickly became the mediator and accountant for the much younger. A pity that today nothing is allowed anymore, not even putting your stuff on the street 😉😉 !


Rosie's random thought

4 Oct 2023


A Tradition Born in 1549 Holy Roman Emperor King Charles V visited medieval Brussels in 1549 with hundreds from his Royal Court. To welcome the King, merchants, vendors, cooks, brewers, musicians, theater troupes, dancers and more lined up around the city walls and joined in a celebration as his entourage passed by.
This festival called "Ommegang" takes place each year in summer


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2 Oct 2023


Arthur loved accompanying Rick. Here he waits for him to come back from the neighbor's house to led him safely home across the street.







This Saturday I was quite busy, 

I waited for the lady who should pick up my paintings which I gave to the largest Belgian animal shelter for sale and the money raised is of course for the cats and dogs. There are so many, and money is always needed. Even small sums can make a piggy bank fat . So many people had adopted cats or dogs during the Covid period and now that they were free again, they had no time anymore for their "toy" and gave it back. Disgusting. I thought if I can help a bit then I do it with pleasure, what should I do with over 20 paintings which lay since 2000 in the basement and here in a chest.

Anyway I have them all on photos. Nobody from my family had ever asked for a picture, now they are gone and now they probably will complain that I hadn't asked them.    

The transport to her car went quite smooth, we put the biggest one on an Ikea carrier with wheels, fixed them with a cord and she put them in her trunk. She had to do that twice, the smaller once fitted in shopping bags.  We both were very happy and hoped that a lot of people will buy them.

Then came a man to pick up a book and then my friend who had lost her husband 5 month ago and was feeling like I did just after Rick's death. To chat a bit we went to the Lunch Garden and had mussels. They were very good and we had a nice time. In fact it's strange that we both feel exactly the same and even have the same aches and pains, like rashes, dizziness etc.

Sunday was a wonderful weather it seemed like summer.  So lung problems or not, I wanted to go to the market. Which I did. I had to sit down twice because I was breathless, but that was nice too, I watched the people bought a cardigan and then I returned home.


Unfortunately I felt as if I had done the F1 on foot. I dropped everything and waited until I could breathe normally again. I ate the Moroccan flatbread filled with cheese, watched a movie, and read the emails and the day was over.

I thought that less then one year ago, when Rick had gone already, I have been in Switzerland with the Patrick' club and had no problems at all. I walked and climbed and could follow the others. What a shock can do ! I hope next year it will be better !



1 Oct 2023


I had to dig in my archives, as for the moment I am  not allowed to move too much due to my sprained ribs, and found these :



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