2 Oct 2023


Arthur loved accompanying Rick. Here he waits for him to come back from the neighbor's house to led him safely home across the street.







This Saturday I was quite busy, 

I waited for the lady who should pick up my paintings which I gave to the largest Belgian animal shelter for sale and the money raised is of course for the cats and dogs. There are so many, and money is always needed. Even small sums can make a piggy bank fat . So many people had adopted cats or dogs during the Covid period and now that they were free again, they had no time anymore for their "toy" and gave it back. Disgusting. I thought if I can help a bit then I do it with pleasure, what should I do with over 20 paintings which lay since 2000 in the basement and here in a chest.

Anyway I have them all on photos. Nobody from my family had ever asked for a picture, now they are gone and now they probably will complain that I hadn't asked them.    

The transport to her car went quite smooth, we put the biggest one on an Ikea carrier with wheels, fixed them with a cord and she put them in her trunk. She had to do that twice, the smaller once fitted in shopping bags.  We both were very happy and hoped that a lot of people will buy them.

Then came a man to pick up a book and then my friend who had lost her husband 5 month ago and was feeling like I did just after Rick's death. To chat a bit we went to the Lunch Garden and had mussels. They were very good and we had a nice time. In fact it's strange that we both feel exactly the same and even have the same aches and pains, like rashes, dizziness etc.

Sunday was a wonderful weather it seemed like summer.  So lung problems or not, I wanted to go to the market. Which I did. I had to sit down twice because I was breathless, but that was nice too, I watched the people bought a cardigan and then I returned home.


Unfortunately I felt as if I had done the F1 on foot. I dropped everything and waited until I could breathe normally again. I ate the Moroccan flatbread filled with cheese, watched a movie, and read the emails and the day was over.

I thought that less then one year ago, when Rick had gone already, I have been in Switzerland with the Patrick' club and had no problems at all. I walked and climbed and could follow the others. What a shock can do ! I hope next year it will be better !




  1. Try to stay positive, good mental health is a part of good physical health. You will be able to move to your new place and get a bit of a fresh start. Loss and grief are real and are very hard but you have to keep living your life. You are still here for a reason.

  2. Getting old is a slow process but it seems to come in steps where suddenly you realise you can no long do something. Taking breaks for just sitting is a good thing to do.
    Now I am hungry for mussels.

  3. I hope you're getting stronger each day. It's good you were able to go to the market on a lovely day, even if you were exhausted afterwards.

  4. Please check in with your doctor! Heart and lung problems can pop up anytime! I want you to be here next year! Just tell him what's happening to you...please.
    Glad you were there for your friend! Loss is so hard...

  5. You likely will feel better once you are settled. I am delighted to finally see your artwork, which is truly marvelous, and so thoughtful of you to donate these works to a good cause.

  6. What wonderful memories of Rick and Arthur. Precious.

    Bless you for helping out the animals. I can't imagine being done with a family member. Shame on them.

    I'm glad you got out and about, but sorry that you're having breathing issues. I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  7. Loved seeing how devoted Arthur was to your Rick...now both very precious memories.❤️🥰

    I sure hope that all the troubles you are having with your breathing will improve. Its so great that in your moving endeavors you can help out the animal shelter!

    Stay strong!

  8. Oh Gattina"! The pictures of Arthur "taking care" of Rick made me want to cry. We never know what tomorrow will bring do we . I feel hopeful for you that the move will help to make you stronger (eventually -- but what a lot of work in the meantime.)

  9. Do see a doctor if you haven't already.


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