22 Nov 2008

PHOTO HUNTERS - Reflection and other holiday stuff

This is the ceiling of the reception hall

and it reflects in the little black tables there. They are out of a polished stone and very heavy


We went to the massage salon which at the same time is also a hair dresser and found this English girl there getting her hairs done in little pigtails like the African women do. We have 5 massages in total because we thought we have to spoil ourselves !

This guy thought he is very beautiful but everybody laughed at this strange "Cowboy" . There are all kind funny people to look at that so we don't have time to read a book at the beach ! We also saw Sean Connery but he spoke polish ! If I can I will take a picture of him, because he really looks like his twin brother (only a little younger).

Here I am sitting in front of our lunch, getting fat for Christmas. We only eat breakfast and supper in the Hotel. At noon we have a "little" snack.

Chantal on her way to the sea, she swims a lot every day. I am more lazy. If somebody wonders why she walks with crutches, she had polio when she was a little child.

When I got up this morning and went on our patio, I saw this beautiful sky !

21 Nov 2008

SHOW & TELL - Shopping in Egypt

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I don't have a lot to show yet, because we are too lazy to go shopping and so tired in the evening from all that fresh air at the beach.

We always think that we still have more than one week time. Unfortunately I catched a bronchitis and have to take antibiotics, which makes me tired too.

But here are a few items I bought as little gifts to make, and two lovely necklaces for me. Fortunately I like to haggle because usually I get then less than half of the price ! Egyptians love ito haggle and if you play the game you can do very good deals.

a keyholder with the godess Bastet

A pill box in turtle form

and the two necklaces in half precious stones.

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Happy Chantal at breakfast

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Skywatch Friday

I think next week will be also boring, (hehe) blue sky every day at the red Sea in Egypt !

20 Nov 2008


13 things about our hotel

1. It is located in the middle of a very busy and noisy town

2. As soon as you go through the entrance you are in another world

3. There is an army of gardeners who take care of the parc the whole day

4. It is amazing that in the middle of the dessert the grass is so green and the flowers so beautiful, as soon as they get water

5. The hotel is almost a little village. There is so much space so that they can built large and not high

6. Besides some rooms in the main building the guests are hosted in bungalows or flats with little patios.

7. There are two big swimming pools

8. The beach is sandy and the water very warm. The water is so salty that it carries you even when you are not swimming

9. Beautiful colorful little fishes are swimming around you

10. It gets dark very early at 4.30 pm and all of a sudden. It happened that I washed my hair and wanted to dry it in the sun, but the sun was gone

11. There are a lot of diving clubs.

12. People are extremely friendly, are funny and laugh all the time

13. 4 times a day the "Musim" calls for prayers, but so far I haven't seen anybody who would interrupt his work for that.

The hotel

Swimming pool



The sea, Chantal is trying the water

19 Nov 2008


I can't show you these pictures without any explanations. Since the Soviet Union has split appart and is now composed of different little countries, people are allowed to travel since the borders are open. Unfortunately nobody had told them how a civilized person should behave in a hotel. Because they had to line up for everything in their lives, and fight for food and clothes it still is so much ankered in them that they do it outside their country too.

Every morning and evening you can see a long line of more or less pushing people who almost jump in the plates and as nobody had told them that they can go several times to serve themselves they put everything on the same plate from starters over the main plate to the dessert or they put everything on the table from beginning til end and then they gobble down.

We the western people look at them with disgust and can't believe it ! When a group of "Eastern" people is in the hotel, you have to ask for little coffee spoons because otherwise they steal it and even for the butter because they take it too.

But money is money and Egypt lives mostly from tourists.

These are pictures "how to get your dessert" (some people took first the dessert and then lined up for the menu) or they put all together on one plate.

18 Nov 2008


This time I put, Ruby Tuesday, and My world Tuesday all together in this post. I am on holidays in Hurghada Egypt and of course I don't want to spent too much time behind my computer !

We (Chantal my friend and I) left a rainy and cold Brussels warmly dressed and found ourselves 4 h later in a beautiful sunshine with an unreal blue sky 30 °C (86 F) and palm trees !

After having haggled with the taxi man for a decent price, he drove us to a big hotel in the middle of the town located on the main street. I thought he had cheated us, because we should be in a hotel at the sea, and here we were in middle of a very busy town, with stinky cars which blow their hornes all the time. I asked the taxi driver if he was sure that this was the right hotel and he confirmed it.

I went in and found myself in another world. Silence after the noise of the very busy street palm trees and a beautiful garden in the frontboof me. We checked in and a servant guided us to our appartment. The hotel has only 2 floors and the rest is all bungalows or flats. We have a very nice one with a little patio and in the middle of this beautiful garden.
Now see by yourself :

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and this is my world today !

The entrance ... another world

The hotel patio

the way to our flat

entrance of our flat

an enormous garden, almost a parc

Yoga classes at the beach

the sea is warm

very blue

and very clear !

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and for Ruby Tuesday :

A beautiful red flower and a camel with a fancy red saddle

17 Nov 2008

FUN MONDAY - Favourite Jewelry

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The Misanthrope has the following assignment for us :

Do you have a piece of jewelry or other item that holds great personal significance for you, and that you wear or keep with you every day? Show us a photo of your talisman, and tell us why it is so important to you.

That is rather difficult for me because I don't have any piece of jewelry which has a great personal significance for me. All the jewlery I have I love the same way.

When I was younger I loved gold and real precious stones. Since a few years they are all in a safe because I don't wear them anymore. I switched over to silver and semi precious stones. I did the opposite of what women usually do, they wear silver when young and gold when old.

Zircon and moonstone

This ring I bought here (in Egypt) last year and wear it every day. There are 4 others but I have no picture of them.

During the 7 times I stayed in Egypt I bought these necklaces and armlets with turquoises, corals and mother of pearl stones. They have beautiful jewelery for all tastes and not expensive at all compared to Belgium, Italy, or Germany.

Hematite and turquoises

Agates and Malachite


Lapis Lazuli


On all these items my heart hangs on, but there is nothing special to tell about them. Usually they were Birthday or Christmas gifts (which I choose myself of course, hehe)