3 Dec 2011


If you think you have seen it all ....

Practical for shopping !

Water Closet for sure

Good prices for a safe flight

Comfortable boat

Ecological bath heater

Modern Computer

Easy transport

Cheap and practical barbecue (just steal the caddy)

2 Dec 2011


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1. The week started with sunshine although it was quiet cold, which made me creative and I started with the Christmas decoration. I emptied my "seasonal" basket, taking out its autumn decoration, put it in a plastic bag for next year and created our Christmas basket.

The result is here. It took me quiet some time until I was satisfied with the result. Now if you ring the door, the first thing you see (besides myself) is this basket.

2. Unfortunately I had to return with cat Rosie to the vet, because she walked again on 3 paws. I have to give her 4 more shots, but it is already better. After the vet I had lunch with a friend and we chatted about the forthcoming year's end holidays.

3. On Wednesday I asked Mr. G. to bring up the suitcase in which I had put all Christmas decorations. It's a big suitcase which we don't use anymore so at least it is useful for something. Then it stood there and I waited for some inspiration.

4. Which finally came the next day and I spent the whole afternoon with decorating and loved it !

on the dining table

the open fire

on a cupboard

The crèche is on the side table. This year nothing is mising, last year a king had disappeared.

on the little table I had put the advent wreath, I have kept the German tradition 4 candles represent the 4 Sundays before Christmas and each Sunday you light one more. Next Sunday two candles will burn.

a closer look

I put balls and garlands in our plants

and angels and another crèche on the top of the TV set.

another plant

Now I am happy that my decoration is done ! Mr. G. still caughs that the walls tremble, and still feels lousy, he hasn't really appreciated my efforts yet. I am sure if I would have decorated the house with potatoes and persil he wouldn't even have realized.

Some decorations in details, Arthur doesn't care about angels ! Apparently they make him sleep.

5. After painting class I just went to buy food for my cats, there were so many people in the shops it was awful ! Fortunately I didn't have nothing special to buy. The Christmas gifts I have already ! I make a stock of gifts the whole year, so I don't have to run in the last minute, and I don't have to plunder our bank account in December I do it the whole year long !

1 Dec 2011


Jenny Matlock
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I don't know if I suffer from "Distraction disease" or if I am distracted. Anyway both are right for me. It isn't even due to my old age and diminishing brain, no, I have always been distracted.

Already in school when whatever class didn't interest me (which was mostly the case), I rather admired the cobweb on the ceiling or a dirty spot on the collar of a classmate. Once I had to break into my own car in the middle of the Grand'Place in Brussels, because I had left the key inside but locked the door. I used the metal end of my comb to lift up the lock while people were standing around to admire my work but nobody asked me if the car was mine. I think I was 23 at that time.

The worst thing which ever happens according to Mr. G. was when I was looking for my slippers. We were married for 2 or 3 years and he didn't know yet the severity of my "distraction disease". He finally found them in the fridge, I don't know how they landed up there, probably I wanted to put some food in, because I don't like cold slippers.

Sometimes I arrive in a room and stand there not remembering why I am standing here like a statue. Then I go back where I came from and then suddenly I know again why ... or not.

Looking for my glasses and car keys is normal. I always put them in the same place, and it's not my fault that the place changes all the time. Mr. G. with the time has become a kind of Sherlock Holmes he always find them.

The reason why I write this post is, because I had a pair of earrings in my hand, saw some pieces of dry cat food on the floor, picked them up, threw the earrings out of the window and wanted to put the pieces in my jewelry box.

I will keep you informed if I find them in the gravel in front of our house, because Mr. G. is out of work he has a cold.

30 Nov 2011


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Birthday party !

28 Nov 2011

OUR WORLD - Plancenoit

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My friend Dominique was born in a very historical place, in Placenoit which is a village in Walloon Brabant, near Waterloo. The village was a key strategic point during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 as it was the main focal point of the Prussians' flank attack on Napoleon's army. Taken and retaken several times by the French and the Prussians, it was the scene of fierce fighting and a terribly bloody battle took place in this today so peaceful area.

One day after having lunch together, she took me to show me the place of her childhood and the house she grew up. It's a very beautiful countryside to show you in our world. I had never been in this village, although I live in Waterloo since 36 years !

The St Catherine church in Plancenoit dates from 1857. The white stones of the old church were used to built the new one. The old church had been severely damaged during the battle in 1815 and had to be rebuilt.

The Church built on a hill overlooks the main place

with cafés and houses

The old houses look still the same and almost untouched

front and

back side

This was the house Dominique grew up

Her school way wasn't an easy one and hasn't changed ! In winter it was nice to go down there with a sleigh. I was quiet breathless when we finally arrived on the top of the hill !

Pieces of the property have been sold and I saw this modern house with two pinguins in the garden ! Tastes are debatable !

But the surroundings are unchanged

Some of the families she knows are still living here

a new kindergarten had been created in this old farmhouse

others are still working farmhouses

This was the one she used to play with the children

and her old school house is still standing, although it's written "Ecole des filles" (School for girls) today the school is mixed and there are also boys.

She showed me the window she had once climbed out, because she was fed up to be locked in probably because she had done something.

and a final view on this old historical village.

Plan of the battle and its history

It's unbelievable that so many men lost their lives in this beautiful place.


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I almost got a shock when I saw the date, and realized that I hadn't thought of Christmas so far at all ! And I have to buy some gifts !

Fortunately I found the most important one for grandson Toby, when I went shopping Saturday.

Apparently he loves to play in a kitchen, so I bought him this little kitchen set with microwave, oven and ceramic cooking plate and some pots and pans. As his Dad loves to cook too, they can now cook together.

In the afternoon I started to decorate the pots in front of our house because the flowers are gone by now.

I put some fir branches and fake flowers in the pots and it looks quiet nice. Maybe it's not the traditional Christmas look, but I like it.

On Sunday I had to go to the market to buy our favorite Thai plate for supper. It was very cold and windy and it also started to drizzle, the ideal weather for catching a cold !

That's what Mr. G. still has but he is in good company who tries to keep him warm.

I worked a little on my pictures for my Christmas headers for my blogs, as you can see here;

In the afternoon I escaped the microbes in our house and visited Ilona. We chatted the whole afternoon and she announced me that she will become Great-Great Grandma !!!! We have the same age, 68, my grandson just celebrated his first birthday and her granddaughter is 25 and expects her first child !

Isn't she looking great for a great great grandma ?? (of course the picture was taken in May and not yesterday !) Now we were sitting in front of the open fire with cardigans on !)

The evening was dedicated to the Midsomer murders of Inspector Barnaby and of course Dominique joined us, she loves these series too.