26 Apr 2008


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It wasn't easy for me to find photos for the Photo Hunter's word this week. If there are funny signs around me, they all would be in french and I don't know if they still would be funny after a translation.

These are a few quite funny I found on Internet. My "sign" photos are on my photo blog

Keep off grass

25 Apr 2008



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The last days we really had spring weather. It was quite warm, 19 ° C (66 F) and the sun also came out from time to time. So I did like everybody, I bought stuff for the garden !

Some flowers for these pots, there are 3. Rosie helped a lot because it is her first year where she discovers the outside world !

This tile covers an access to the canalisation, so I bought a ceramic cat as decoration.

We also had to buy a new sun tent, the one from the years before was rotten.

I also bought this "Bistro" table with two seats and put them in front of the kitchen door, to sit there and have coffee in the morning or a drink during the day.

These two ceramic cats are sitting on our little cimetary where all our animals are burried. There is still some cleaning to do as you can see !


Name something you would categorize as weird.
The questions in this meme since a few months !

What color was the last piece of food you ate?
Unfortunately I don't know, I swallowed a fly. Maybe brilliant green/black ?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?

Main Course
Fill in the blank: I will _________ for vote ___________ in _______.
What's that ??? translated chinese ??

Describe your sleeping habits.
Boooom (sound of my head falling on the pillow) .....

24 Apr 2008


13 places for my glasses

Yesterday I misplaced my glasses. That happens quite often because I have to take them off when I want to look on something close. I am very absent-minded, so I just take them off and put them on the next available place and then I forget where I have put them.

Mr. Gattino helped me to look after my glasses, because for watching TV I need them badly otherwise I am like a mole.

Here are 13 places where he looked for me (knowing his wife)

1. On all tables in the house

2. Under all tables in the house

3. All armchairs and sofas turning the cushions around

4. On all shelves and other furniture

5. On and under the beds

6. In the bathroom's washbasins

7. On and in the toilet (!)

8. In the Micro wave

9. In the bin

10. In the oven (no model wanted to go in the oven)

11. In the cupboard (to save my cups I restrained myself to put a cat in there)

12. In the dishwasher

13. In the fridge (that had already happened)

He finally found them in his office on the sofa. How did they arrive there ?? It remains a mistery to me.

22 Apr 2008




There are not a lot of news today except that the pope visited the USA and apparently had a lot of success. That's good for the poor guy because in Europe even catholics think he should retire !

Bond car plunges into Lake Garda
A stunt driver has crashed the car used by movie secret agent James Bond into Italy's Lake Garda during filming of 007's latest movie, Quantum of Solace.The driver was delivering the iconic Aston Martin DBS to the film scene in heavy rain when he lost control around one of the lake's narrow curves. The driver was quickly rescued and taken to hospital with minor injuries. Ha ! That even a stuntman had an accident there ! I know these curves very well, they are vicious ! Mr. Gattino used to drive there a lot when he was a young man.

Sex hormones 'hit smoke success'
Nicotine in cigarettes is powerfully addictive

A successful attempt to quit smoking may depend on where women are in their monthly cycle, say scientists. Those trying before ovulation were more likely to reach for a cigarette again than those trying at other times, US scientists claimed. Writing in the journal Addiction, the researchers said differing levels of female sex hormones were to blame. Now I know ! But I don't have a monthly cycle anymore ! I stopped anyway and now what about men ?

A new Princess for Belgium
The birth of Princess Eléonore is a late birthday present for Crown Prince Filip, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. Eléonore is King Albert and Queen Paola's twelfth grandchild. She is fifth in line for the throne.
Eléonore's aunt, Princess Claire and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will serve as the child's godmothers. Count Sébastien of Westphalia is baby Eléonore's godfather. Now they have 4 ! but with enough Nannies to take care of them that shouldn't be a problem ! I wrote about this here

If you wish to read my private cat not so compiled news it is

21 Apr 2008


The Southern Doll wants to know the moments in our life that we hope will be the ones to pass through our mind when our time comes !

As I don't know how my bitter end will be, I can hardly imagine what I will think at the very moment when I am overran by a car, pushed out of a window, be the victim of a serial killer or just die in front of my TV while I am watching the Desperate Housewives or fallen asleep while looking at a documentary about mites. Would I think about something at these moments or just pass away ? That's the question. Besides the important happenings such as marriage or birth what else could I think about ??

So I come to the conclusion that I won't think at all and not prepare a list of what I should think when the devil is knocking at my door. I prefer to enjoy life and discover new things every day. There are lots of wonderful events that could happen in the future and of which I don't know yet.

I could win in the lotto although I never buy a ticket

or become a grandma, for the moment my son only has this godchild called Camille.

etc. etc. etc. .................

20 Apr 2008


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I was laying on the beach, the sun was shining, it was warm and I felt so good ! I heard the sound of the waves and became very sleepy. Suddenly something heavy dropped on my belly and the ground under me started to quake. Fear came over me I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't ! I hardly could breath, I panicked and sat up.

It was dark around me, and I shivered. Suddenly I realized that I wasn't laying on a beach, but I was sitting on my bed in my room ! I switched on the light and saw cat Arthur sitting on my belly and scratching himself vigorously ! He had jumped on my belly so that I thought a rock hit me and his scratching made my bed shaking like with an earthquake ! That at least was what I imagined because I never experienced one.

Very relieved I fell back on my pillows and pushed my nearly 7 kg (15 lbs) heavy cat from my belly. The earthquake stopped immediately and a very offended cat disappeared through the door !

My private earthquake


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Sometimes it happens that you know all parcs in other towns but forget completely about the one which is very close to your home. I rediscovered this little parc in Waterloo, after at least 28 years when last sunday we were looking for one to have a little walk. Of course I didn't recognize it anymore.

Through a little wood

you arrive at a lake. I didn't even remember that there were swans and geese swimming around !

A lot of people walked their dogs around the lake and this one apparently loved the water

and swam around !

Here on the right side my son and his girlfriend are walking around the lake

There was even a couple of black swans ! I think I have never seen black once !

Now for the next time if ever I have to get rid of old bread, I know where to go ! It's only 5 min by car from our home.