20 Apr 2008


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I was laying on the beach, the sun was shining, it was warm and I felt so good ! I heard the sound of the waves and became very sleepy. Suddenly something heavy dropped on my belly and the ground under me started to quake. Fear came over me I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't ! I hardly could breath, I panicked and sat up.

It was dark around me, and I shivered. Suddenly I realized that I wasn't laying on a beach, but I was sitting on my bed in my room ! I switched on the light and saw cat Arthur sitting on my belly and scratching himself vigorously ! He had jumped on my belly so that I thought a rock hit me and his scratching made my bed shaking like with an earthquake ! That at least was what I imagined because I never experienced one.

Very relieved I fell back on my pillows and pushed my nearly 7 kg (15 lbs) heavy cat from my belly. The earthquake stopped immediately and a very offended cat disappeared through the door !

My private earthquake


  1. Oh, Gattina, that is so funny. You have changed your wall paper again. Could you tell me again where you find these pictures?

  2. Beware of low flying cats. They can really shake up your surroundings.

  3. Oh SHOOT! I accidentally clicked the linky again! Dang! I think Cat Arthur is probably the cutest little earthquake I've EVER seen! But... I've never experienced one either. It's on my "to do" list! :)

  4. Fifteen pounds is a lot of cat. I can see why you thought it was an earthquake. Yikes. Have a great MM Gattina. :)

  5. I had my own private earthquake last night - then I sneezed and Chloe jumped away... I have a big claw mark from her back paw on my tummy now!

  6. LOL... Oh Gattina, I love this story!!

  7. Whoof!! I've never experienced an earthquake and it's NOT on my to do list. Bark!


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