24 Apr 2008


13 places for my glasses

Yesterday I misplaced my glasses. That happens quite often because I have to take them off when I want to look on something close. I am very absent-minded, so I just take them off and put them on the next available place and then I forget where I have put them.

Mr. Gattino helped me to look after my glasses, because for watching TV I need them badly otherwise I am like a mole.

Here are 13 places where he looked for me (knowing his wife)

1. On all tables in the house

2. Under all tables in the house

3. All armchairs and sofas turning the cushions around

4. On all shelves and other furniture

5. On and under the beds

6. In the bathroom's washbasins

7. On and in the toilet (!)

8. In the Micro wave

9. In the bin

10. In the oven (no model wanted to go in the oven)

11. In the cupboard (to save my cups I restrained myself to put a cat in there)

12. In the dishwasher

13. In the fridge (that had already happened)

He finally found them in his office on the sofa. How did they arrive there ?? It remains a mistery to me.


  1. Im glad he finally found them;) Cute pics. Happy TT.

  2. Great pics lol Maybe one of your cats put them there LOL Happy T13!

  3. OHHHHHHHH...those are cute pics :D

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  4. That must have been the neighborhood's evil cat, lol. I have a fixed place for my glasses. But if I don't pay attention and leave them somewhere else I know it is going to take me a long time to find them again!
    Glad you had to look around, though (sorry about that) because we get to see your cats in different places. They are all over your home!!

  5. I love your feline models. With me, it's always "where did I put the keys?" Happy TT.

  6. Those are such lovely photos. I'll have to post a story I wrote once. They involved missing glasses.

  7. Dear Gattina ~ ~ Have you ever thought of wearing a chain around your neck to attach your glasses to?
    Thanks for your comment, about my late Mother with the birds.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  8. Rofl...

    Gattina, you always make me laugh.

    And regarding my Thirteen, you must not READ the WORDS as they are spelled but how they SOUND!!!

  9. Ohhhhhh Gattina! I used to have this VERY problem! Finally, I learned to put them on top of my HEAD - and I never lose them anymore! Sometimes I DO forget they are there - but as soon as I ask someone if they have SEEN them they LAUGH and tell me where they are!!! LOL! Glad you found yours - and you got to use all your pictures telling us about it!!!

  10. Wonderful!!! I am sitting here laughing!!!

  11. Your cats are incredible. If mine stay where I put them, it's because there's something worth eating around.

    Maybe we should get you a funky chain for your glasses? Not something old lady-ish. Something cool. What do you think?

  12. With 4 of us wearing glasses around here this can be a daily chore. We lose the TV remote and keys more often though.
    Great TT, made better with the pictures. Mine is up @ The Cafe.

  13. Arthur is a Prince! I should say a king! Pictures are beautiful. I lost my glasses at home and found them a month after! Now it's AnaƮs who lost them! Hoping she will find them again like us!

  14. Your cats are such good sports to be wiling models, but I'm not surprised none wanted to sit in the oven.

    Happy TT!

  15. Are you looking for glasses or cats?!

    I bet I'm more absent minded than you. I have to have at least a dozen pairs of reading glasses at one time. But I will NEVER have a real tattoo.

  16. Sounds like me and my keys! Great list!


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