26 Apr 2008


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"Sign" pictures are here

It wasn't easy for me to find photos for the Photo Hunter's word this week. If there are funny signs around me, they all would be in french and I don't know if they still would be funny after a translation.

These are a few quite funny I found on Internet. My "sign" photos are on my photo blog

Keep off grass


  1. OK,
    I'm going back towards my behinds. LOL

  2. I don't want to get anywhere near my behind.

  3. Hi Gattina,
    I think ill go back, Behind

  4. LOL! Okay. We will ALLOW you to be a CHEATER just this ONE time!!! Now... I'm going back to my behind!

  5. LOL, you had better luck than me finding funny signs! I really like the first one. I did a regular blog post because I didn't know of any funny signs around here! :)

  6. Oh these are very funny! I loved the dog one...woof! lol.My hunt is up, please come and visit

  7. As usual, you come up with a collection of funny signs. I'm glad I'm not illiterate. :)


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