27 Oct 2023


I can make a resume of a whole week in one day ! Nothing happens, now that my move approaches, I think that I have to rest. I had a good idea, at least I think so, I don't try to sell my cat collection on Internet, I will pack them in a carton and stock it in friend's attic or basement until spring or summer and then I will ask if I can sell them in the beautiful park of my retirement home.  I am sure they will agree, because it attracts people and the "inmates" will be amused.


This problem solved during the weekend I will pack the the remaining cats which I will take along in another carton and Momo  will bring it with all my stuff to my new home.

I also have brought my curtains to the tailor to have them shortened. They will be ready just before I move in. My son then will hang them up. He  wanted to come two weeks ago, but he had a problem with one foot, but he couldn't tell me what it was either in English or French. Only in Dutch. I wanted to know what it was, from the photo it looked like a corn or a wart. It had to be cut out.  It didn't hurt when he walked but it hurt to drive. The Google translation said "a hair in the foot" That made me laugh, usually men have hairs in the ears or in the nose, and he in his foot ! I still not understand. Anyway now he comes next weekend ! (I hope he doesn't get a wig on his foot) 

The days fly by, I met my two neighbors for a coffee and we exchanged the latest news of Waterloo.

For the moment I don't sleep so well and I dream ! I dreamed that somebody tried to take off my nose ! Fortunately it was still there when I checked, I saw cat Rosie's little face and she just stopped to wash my nose with her rough little tongue ! Another night I woke up because my face was full of cobwebs and I was disgusted and tried to clean my face !  But no Halloween witch was in my room it was Rosie  who took me for a highway and her tail went over my face ! I am being treated really badly

Dispite that I have to go shopping, this time for Rosie, I need a new litter box (I mean not I) with a cover. I never thought  that litter boxes have such different prices ! It goes from 6 to 600 € (self cleaning) 

As usual I visited Nicole while the priest hold his mass and I told her the last events. Am I happy that I didn't choose this home. It really looks like a hospital, and compared to their rooms mine is huge !

My terrorist


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 1. October 25th is International Artists Day...do you have a favorite artist? If so tell us who and why. 

My favorite artist is the painter van Gogh. Ever since I discovered him at school I was fascinated by his colors ! He was the first painter who painted outside and didn't use a studio. It's still my favorite, unfortunately I remarked that the colors over the years had faded, so that the photos or posters looked far better.

these are a few of my "masterpieces"

2. Would you describe yourself as artistic? Elaborate. 

That's for sure, I love art, I made pottery besides the painting, I went to art school where I learned drawing and painting and I also like to decorate rooms, etc.

3. What's a skill, task, hobby, or job you've done so often you now have it 'down to a fine art'? 

Everything I mentioned in nr. 2,  I don't do anymore, I have a black hole in my head ever since Rick passed away, my creativity passed away too, but I hope it will come back.

4. How often do you dine out? Fast food, fine dining, or somewhere in between? Tell us about a less than stellar restaurant experience you've had recently (or not so recently if that's easier).  

Since I live alone, I don't cook anymore and I go sometimes to the restaurant with some friends or when my son is here. I eat because  I have to, but it is no pleasure anymore. 

5. Do you celebrate Halloween? To what extent? Are there trick or treaters where you live? 

I personally don't celebrate Halloween but in the past we did a bit. It was not very well known in Belgium, but this year they all got crazy, I have never seen so many Halloween decoration and skulls, skeletons, and lots of restaurants celebrate, the shops are already; but there is very few trick or treaters underway. I think that's because of the Covid lock down, now everybody wants the time back which we lost and having fun was out of question.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am still busy to sort out what I will take with me and now I am looking for litter boxes for Miss Rosie. I didn't know that there were so many different models in litter boxes, and the most expensive was over 300 € ! It cleaned itself !! That's a bit too much. I have to think that I am not getting younger so it must be a practical litter box. It's crazy how much you have to think about, I also have to cancel water and electricity etc etc.

To comfort myself I was thinking about getting a facelift


I have tried by all means to leave a comment on your blog, it's just impossible. My settings are right, but impossible to comment. Sorry !

25 Oct 2023



 I did a little shopping in India (around the corner)


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24 Oct 2023


The American children probably learned that at school, but probably not the other countries. I didn't know, was no subject in my school.

23 Oct 2023


all these animals live now in another world and have a very happy life without wars, crimes, and abandoned animals.





This weekend Dominique had asked if she could spent the weekend with me and help me with the curtains, to take them of and other things. I was very happy that she could do this because tomorrow I will bring the curtains to the tailor to have them shortened.  Not very much and instead of 4, I only need three. The curtains in the room I didn't like and preferred the ones I had in my living room.

But first we went for lunch to eat our mussels and fries and  benefited from the fact that they still existed, were nice and big and tasted great. Afterwards we did our shopping and  then  drove home.


Dominique always has to sleep at least an hour after lunch because she has Parkinson's and otherwise can't get through the day. 

I was angry that Google had changed everything after an update and I even had problems with the TV. The browsers didn't "brouwse", the internet was on strike, on my phone and tablet and I wanted to throw everything out of the window. 

Dominique couldn't help me, she was busy with the curtains. Finally I lost my temper and called my provider. He gave me a few instructions and I pressed a button and suddenly the internet and the browser were back.

 While Dominique had decided to clean mymy silver cutlery to be sold (I had never thought of cleaning before selling black silver looks more real) that suddenly she wanted them for herself. We put 48 forks for meat, fish, cake and cream in different sizes plus the same for fish, cake knives etc  in a shoe carton which became very heavy. We were both happy with this solution, she had wanted that for so long. I have to admit that the silver was shining and it looked new despite the fact that they were over 50 years old. It was the use when a girl was 14 or 15 the family started to offer a knife a fork etc for birthdays and Christmas for an eventually later marriage. I preferred clothes or books Marriage never came in my mind !

We also had watched a very funny film and had a nice weekend despite the fact that it rained cats and dogs..