18 Feb 2022


On Monday I felt like buying something else than just groceries. I also needed detergent and other cleaning supplies. Therefore I went to Action, a big store that sells just about everything from computer accessories to toilet paper.

The special thing about this shop is that it sells all branded items at unbelievably cheap prices. E.g.  Nivea day creme that normally costs 6 € you can get here for 3.50 €. The secret of this shop is that they buy everything like overproduction, shops which went bankrupt or which had bought too much stock. 

This business started in Holland and now there are several in Belgium too. I then walked through the store and found everything I wanted. Beautiful round table sets, a wooden cheese board, socks, towels, paper and detergent. On average everything for half  price even though it's the same brand. When I had everything I wanted, I returned home. 

I made myself a cup of coffee which I promptly knocked over and watered my sweater, the blanket and my sofa seat! My afternoon ended with the cleaning myself and the sofa. The blanket ended in the washing machine !

The next day we had a storm and it rained, I had to stay home not because of the Covid this time but because of the catastrophic weather. I had some computer work to do and payments to make, but then I had enough to stay alone and called my two neighbors if  they didn't want to come up and have a cup of coffee or tea ! They both were happy because they were in the same situation as me, sitting alone in front of the TV,  I with my murders, Louquette with the ballet on ice and Adeline with a love story. As you see we have different tastes. But that didn't matter we had a lot to chat and cat Rosie was happy to have the choice of 3 laps. 

Then came the day to visit Rick. When I arrived they were all sitting in a cercle and playing a game. One person got a paper with a word written on it for example "baker" and then had to mimic a baker. They had a lot of fun except Rick who was in a very bad mood, mixed up the words and it was nearly impossible to understand what he meant. The terrible thing is that he thinks he used the right word and that I don't understand. But when he says that I should change the channel on the telephone and means the remote control it becomes difficult. Sometimes it's even impossible to find out the right word. 

When I came home I was exhausted ! I put on my pajamas and a warm bathrobe and watched a movie to keep me away from thinking. 

Two girls from Facebook whom I know through our Facebook meetings called me and asked me if I didn't want to join them for lunch. I found that very kind that they tried to distract me and of course accepted ! It was again a stormy weather and it hailed a bit, so I had enough time to empty Rick's computer each time a bit, I want to take his, because it's quicker.

Rosie is surprised that little balls fall from the sky !

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17 Feb 2022


1. February 16th is National Almond day...are you a fan? If so what's your favorite food item or recipe that contains almonds?

I am not really an almond fan, I prefer nuts. I like  icecream with pieces of nuts or a cake. With almonds nothing comes into my mind. 

2. Something you are currently 'nuts' about? 

Oh yes I like travelling and visit countries, I also love to stay 2 weeks for real relaxing days in "my" hotel in Hurghada/Egypt. Before the Corona Circus I had been  there each year and I would have gotten a free week because it was 10 times I stayed there always in November. Now since two years I couldn't go nowhere not only because of Rick's disease but also because of the different lockdowns in countries or cities, this virus is really super intelligent as it knows exactly where to go and stay and when it wants to cross the street,  it can't get in because there is no lockdown, but we can go out ! No wonder that people are getting crazy.

3. Something currently driving you 'nuts'? 

Yes !! and very much so ! the contradictory instructions to handle the Virus, the war between vaccinated and unvaccinated people ! The processions "For freedom" what has freedom to do with vaccinations ? There are lots of countries where vaccines are obligatory because they can kill you, nobody and complains and gets vaccinated. The argument "it's too new and we don't know the side effects on a long term" is not justified ether. People my age remember when the Polyo killed or crippled children in the 50th, as soon as a vaccin came out in 1954 we all got vaccinated, I was 10 years old.  Nobody cared about "side effects" ! If somebody refuses the vaccines it's his problem and choice. In Belgium they are not allowed to go to a restaurant, to the cinema, theatre in short nowhere. But they can stay home and not in a camp !

4. Something you recently bought for 'peanuts'? 

Yes a wireless mouse for 5 € (5.50 $)

5. Share a favorite quote uttered by any U.S. President ( if you're not an American, a quote made by the leader of your own country). 

The worst ever happened was that the Belgian prime ministre sang the French anthem instead of the Belgian one ! A journalist had asked him to sing ! That was quite a scandal !  I don't think that they ever said something special, at least I don't know.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think that I am lucky to have learned years ago to handle and use a computer, because now you have to do everything yourself I wonder what the bank or administration employees are doing the whole day, as we have to fill in or sent money all by internet. The poor elderly people are completely lost !

 Rosie was ready to help me out with her mice ! 

16 Feb 2022


A couple of years ago I visited an international cat show in Brussels. Of course the last two years the cats were happy they could rest in their beds without seeing human faces close to them making awww and oooh sounds. They weren't mesured or weighted  and lifted up to see the spine and if the proportion of head and body are comforming to the breed ! Apparently the cats were so used to that they meowed anything !

and my Rosie an ordinary street cat !


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15 Feb 2022


Every year in February, carnival is celebrated in many towns or villages. It is always a big event and the most beautiful costumes are created. The people are singing and dancing and every year they wait for their carnival procession.

For two years now, the carnival has been canceled across the country due to the dammit Corona Virus. Much to the chagrin of all participants.


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14 Feb 2022





On Saturday I had the visit of my son, this time he came without Toby because he just made a return trip, he wanted to see his Dad. He had brought him a lot of bottles of sparkling water, because this is rather heavy for me to carry and wafels for a 10 kid's family ! He said so you don't have to bring him wafels next time ! I really had to laugh the whole shelf is full of wafels and big once ! Now I am curious how long they will last ! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures ! 

Then we sat together in the living room and after an hour I left leaving father and son alone for a little chat. My son wanted to do some shopping in Belgium, because in Holland it's still a nearly complete lockdown ! 

The schools too are a catastrophe, poor Toby's school has a lack of teachers, due to burn out and  Covid ! He just has finished primary school with excellent results and is ready now for the next step ! They have to find a good school he is very scientific and not like me I am more litteraly. I hate maths ! 

After supper and the News, Dario left to return home to Amsterdam. It was very nice to have him here, he did also all kind of things I can't do anymore or I don't know how to do them.

The resume of what I did on Sunday is quickly done ! I woke up because Miss Rosie meowed as if the whole apartment was on fire and she didn't stop which was very unusual. So I got up and let her on the terrace tto drink her rain water, she was very thirsty and had also emptied the whole waterbowl in the kitchen. Maybe she wasn't feeling well. When finally I wanted to drink my cup of coffee I kicked it over and my jogging, the sofa and the blanket was full of coffee ! I decided to remain home and don't do anything !  And that was my Sunday. Oh yes I did something very tireing, I pushed on the button of the washing machine !

  and Rosie recovered from her mad moments in the early morning the whole day !

13 Feb 2022


  I hope to see the flowers this year !!