25 Mar 2022


On Monday Nicole asked me to come and keep her company ! She was feeling quite well, she has no chimeo anymore, and now she has a nurse coming in the morning to wash and dress her and in the evening too, besides others helping her so that she can stay in her apartment.

The streets of Waterloo were full of blooming cherry trees which looked really beautiful in the sunshine

We could sit on her terrace it was warm and here she did some neighborwatch, as the neighbor had two workers there checking the swimming pool ! I have to admit I have binocles too, but more for watching the little squirrels and the fox which live in the garden and not so much the neighbors as I can see the houses only in winter. In summer they are hidden behind the trees. 

I had to go to the dermatologist becausee the permanent stress gave strange things on my skin and it itched. He prescribed me 3 pots of special made cream which I have to put on my skin in the evenings.

When I visited Rick, the whole group was busy with making cookies and when they were cooked the nurse distributed them to everybody me included and they tasted real good. 


The others sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and ate their cookies. It really was a wonderful spring day. Unfortunately Rick was not in his best shape and I think he was happy when I left and he could go back into his room !

Dominique my neighbor for 15 years just besides our house came and visited me and we also could sit on the terrace it was nice and warm. There is always a lot to chat. She also has Parkinson, but not like Rick, she trembles but has medication for it so that you can't see anything. She feels well, drives her car and leads a normal life. This Parkinson is really vicious that it has so many varieties.

I wished Rick would have more ups then downs but it seems to only get worse. The doctor called me and told me that she had changed his medication.  We will see.


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24 Mar 2022


1. What's something you never seem to have enough time for? 

I never had enough time to visit Rome ! I travelled through Italy from top to bottom and even have been in Sicily and often at the Lake of Garda because my husband has his family there but I never managed to visit Rome because I thought I can't do that in one day ! So Rome is still on my travel list ! 

2. If you could turn back time and relive just one day in your life, which day would you choose and why? 

The day the doctor found out that Rick had Parkinson's and would never be able to come home as he needs day and night care. This day changed my whole life 

3. Something you enjoy making that takes a long time to prepare/cook? 

During years colorful cats, now "Pouring" all acrylic paintings here in an exhibition of the City

I hate things which take a long time to prepare, so I avoid them, I had started with oil painting but it took to long to dry so I switched to acrylic because it dried very quickly and looks the same. Only specialists can see the difference.

4. A time recently where you needed/gave yourself a 'time out'? How do you do that? 

Each year since about 10 years I go to Hurghada/Egypt for 2 weeks stay in this nice hotel and do just relax, swimming, eating, chatting, laying on my beachbed and read, go early to bed and get up early ! This charges my batteries for the winter. Unfortunately the last 3 years I couldn't go, because of the Corona Virus and before a crisis in the travel agencies ! That's a long time !

5. Something you've done recently that you'd describe as a 'good time'?

It's sad to say, but I can't remember any "good time"  recently ! 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am fed up to watch the News ! For two years you saw statistics of the Corona virus death, nothing else besides the weather, nothing positive at all ! Since suddenly by miracle the virus has disappeared  the News are filled in now by the statistics of the dead Ukrainians and how many refugees ! 

Outside people have sour faces, now that you can see them without masks and the conversations are about the Ukrainian war ! Oil and flour has disappeared in the shops because people start to squirrel to be ready for the war ! Strangely no toilet paper ! I am afraid to become a sour old lady living with her cat and avoiding people !   


23 Mar 2022


This is Cookie the darling of my pet shop. He doesn't talk, but he listen to what I say and when I turned around and left he whistled behind me with admiration !! I was very flattered !

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22 Mar 2022


What the Eiffel tower is for Paris, the Atomium stands for Brussels. Both were "left overs" from World's Fairs, the Atomium stems from 1958 just a year before I was exported to Brussels by my parents.  Unfortunately they didn't have the idea to visit this exhibition as my father already lived in Brussels in 58.. Maybe he went there alone. Anyway later  I have visited the Atomium I don't know how many times, each time we had guests from abroad first with my parents, then with me and Rick the first thing they wanted to see was the Grand'Place and then the Atomium. 

The Atomium is a giant 165 billion times enlarged model representing an elementary iron crystal cell and it can be considered as a mixture between sculpture and architecture.

view from far

coming closer

The entrance

in the ball on the top is a restaurant where you have a wonderful view over Brussel

The emergency exit

Inside the tubes

The exit


You can read more about the ATOMIUM here on my travel Blog


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21 Mar 2022




Always hungry

Always busy 

Diner is served !






I spent a nice weekend this time ! The sun was shining and my son came to visit his Dad and brought me

 Tulips from Amsterdam !

In the afternoon we visited Rick. I am sure he was happy to see us together but he really has difficulties to express his feelings or even to laugh. We didn't stay too long because he is quickly tired and when he started to look on his watch all the time I suggested to leave. What we did. My son had visited him already in the morning to bring him water and ..... wafels and he was even allowed to have lunch with his Dad,  isn't that nice ? The whole first floor was decorated with flowers to welcome spring and on all tables were these little flower pots. 

My son had tried to connect my computer to the printer but both computers Rick's and mine are so slow that he lost patience and proposed to go together and buy a new one ! So we went computer hunting. The first shop had a lot of choice but I found them all too small. Since I had bought my last one 4 years ago the computers have shrunk and the screens were very small. Of course they were made to carry them around and if you need a big screen like me you rather connect a bigger one. But I don't want to carry around my computer, I have already one for travelling.  
There was one which I liked and which had all I needed, but it was the last model and the seller  didn't want to give a discount since it was an exhibition model, but rather talked me into an extra virus protection  he would give me  for free, he probably thought that oldie  anyway doesn't understand anything ! We thanked  and went home. After dinner he drove back to Amsterdam. It was good that we finally had the opportunity to talk about personal things which have to be settled. 

On Sunday I slept longer it was rather cold outside and so nice and warm in my bed. Cat Rosie never claims for food and we got up together. 

I started to prepare this post and answered some emails and then suddenly it was already noon ! After a quick lunch I saw a wonderful movie, which means I didn't see anything because I fell asleep ! After a strong coffee I went shopping, not outside but on  Internet ! I was looking for a suitable computer with a big screen wich had everything I needed and nothing special just the classical computer with enough memory and a good wifi connection.  Suddenly I realized that the afternoon was nearly gone.
Rosie still slept as if she is payed for.

 An other weekendwent by approaching us to April !

20 Mar 2022


What the doggie thinks of beer !


Neighbor watch ....

Strange sky

sunset from my terrace


Japonese Cherry tree


 These pictures I took during the week and choose them as my Sunday Sellection.