29 Oct 2011


Today I got these pictures from a friend in the UK. They are so funny that I thought I share them with you ! I am preparing my trip to Egypt and ran out of ideas for a funny story !

28 Oct 2011


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1. After our exhibition and then acqua gym on Monday morning, I fell asleep during "Escape to the Country" which I watched after lunch. I had to rewind to escape again ! Later I took cat Arthur to the vet because he didn't eat again. This time I didn't wait (only 4 days) to go to the vet, I was afraid he would loose a lot of weight again. He got a shot through the grids of the carrier, as he becomes a furious mini tiger and refuses to let him take out of his cage. Last time to examine him the vet had to give him anesthesia ! Usually he is such a good cat !

2. On tuesday it rained cats and dogs fortunately I had an appointment with my friend who just had a succesful breast cancer operation and to celebrate this we went to our favorite Pub/restaurant "La Pomme" (the Apple) and had a Beef bourguignon Fajita with tortillas which was delicious.

3. After his visit to the vet, Arthur started to eat like a horse again and almost killed us !

I was sitting in the living room when suddenly I smelled something like an orange. I shouted to Mr. G. (I have to shout otherwise he doesn't hear) what he was doing in the kitchen and got the answer that he was in his office. But then he went and there was smoke all over the kitchen and in the whole house we could hardly see the furniture. Only the place where I was sitting was almost smoke free.

We opened all windows and doors and escaped into the garden where we caughed our lungs out ! It was terrible. Arthur in his eagerness to find some extra food had jumped on the vitro ceramic cooker and switched on one hot plate with his paw. Usually the oven is covered but this time it wasn't. On the hot plate stood a plastic cup with some medication in it and all this had melted to a pancake !

Fortunately we had been at home ! One thing is for sure, now the cooking plate is always covered ! What a work to scratch off the plastic pancake. With dissolvent used for nail varnish, I managed to get the worst off and the rest with a special scratcher.

Arthur at the vet, the had been plastic mug as a pancake and a happy cat, having set the house on fire (nearly) !

4. I finally got the flight tickets and hotel booking for my holidays in Egypt on November 3, and went to Chantal to check them and making plans for our holidays which means, reading, eating, swimming, sleeping and a lot of sunshine.

5. Our coffee break during painting class was even longer than usual, because we had to chat about our exhibition of course, the people who came, who sold a painting etc. I just had the time to paint half a sky.

27 Oct 2011


Jenny Matlock
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Jenny asked us to show "anything autumn". I am jalous of people who live in countries without autumn ! I would be happy with spring, summer and winter. 3 seasons are enough.

In autumn it's usually humid or rainy, and everything looks sad. The trees and bushes lost their green dress and the yellow or brown leaves are laying on the street or sidewalks which looks dirty and you risk to slip and break your neck ! In the woods it's not better.

The flowers are fading and the once blooming gardens look dull. On top of that we have two official holidays celebrating sad events, but which of course are interesting for working people because they have a day off. If it falls on a Saturday or Sunday the Monday is off which makes a long weekend.

On November 1st it's "All Saint's day" where all people use to go to the cemetary, once a year. They clean and flower the graves. If it's not possible to go, because of laziness or health reasons, there is a special service who cleans the graves and puts flowers on it. Of course you have to pay for that, but meanwhile you can spend your long weekend at the sea or in the Ardennes or in your cosy home. Cemetaries look rather grey and dull the whole year long except just before or after "All Saint's day", wjere it looks colorful.

The other holiday is "November 11". Only a few people know for what reason they don't have to work, it was the end of the First World War ! There are maybe one veteran left (he still was there last year) so veterans from WW II are there when the King puts a crown at the war memorial.

So honnestly autumn is not really a season I enjoy !

26 Oct 2011


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A cheerful Ganesh seen in an Indian shop in Waterloo

24 Oct 2011


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The weather is cool and sunny so I went with my friend to Spy which lays on the way to the Ardennes.

Here in 1886, in a cavern, two archeologists found two nearly perfect Neanderthal skeletons (man and woman) at the depth of 4.88 m (16 ft.), with numerous implements of the Mousterian type.

We thought we would walk through the beautiful woods, farmlands and then visit the cavern.

We had lunch in this nice restaurant which was called "Irish Pub"

saw nice farm houses

admired cows who smelled country air

followed the path leading to the cavern where our ancestor had lived but couldn't find it. (we were not the only once)

So we admired the still green trees despite the fact that it is almost end of october and then returned home.


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I spent the whole weekend at our yearly exhibition of my painting class. It's also important for the city to show that they have artists as inhabitants. An advertising was published in the local Newspaper and in the City hall and other public buildings hang a poster of the exhibition.

It started at 11 am on Saturday where the vernissage took place. The deputy mayor held a speech and a toast was made to the artists. We had a buffet with Champagne, orange juice and water and sweet and salty snacks. The responsible of our painting class, Ilona and I together with our teacher stayed the whole day to show the visitors around. My other classmates were "on duty" for 2 h during the two days.

The table decoration which I made together with Annie

The finished Exhibition and I presenting my paintings

An overview from our "masterpieces"

The deputy mayor, the first visitors and below my teacher Maggie.

We had quiet a lot of visitors on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon even more

Above left is Chantal with her paintings and below Ilona

At the end we were all quiet tired but very happy with the result of our exhibition which ended Sunday late afternoon.

In the evening I was so tired and my feet on fire ! Mr. G. served me Chinese noodles with chicken which was very good and at 9.30 I fell in my bed !

23 Oct 2011


While decoration the tables with flowers when we prepared our painting exhibition, I was looking several times for my camera, because I deposed it somewhere, was interrupted and then couldn't find it anymore. That's why suddenly we started to talk about being distracted.

After some hilarious stories of looking for car keys and finally found them in the basement amongst the potatoes, and slippers put into the fridge, the best one was of my classmate Michèle. She had to go to the vet with her dog, had thoroughly looked for all the papers, the leash, her purse and off she went with dog Toulouse to the vet. When she arrived she assembled her things, took the leash, opened the back door and asked Toulouse to get out. There was no Toulouse, she had left him alone and stand there feeling stupid with the leash in her hand and no dog attached to it ! She informed the vet, drove home, picked up already waiting Toulouse who probably wondered why the leash went without him and returned to the vet.